Google Panda 2.5 Update

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Google Panda 2.5Earlier last week, Google pushed out an update to the Google Panda algorithm.

I didn't see it before going offline for the holiday but Google confirmed the update based on a WebProNews story featuring DaniWeb getting hit again by the update.

In fact, Dani from DaniWeb posted in the Google Webmaster Help forums complaining:

However, we were hit again on Wednesday, September 28th, once again losing more than half of our traffic. I think this might even be a bigger hit than last time. I am still investigating whether or not this was another iteration of Panda that just went out or something different?

Wow, lost half their traffic again, after all that work to get back in!

SearchMetrics released their stats on who was hit the hardest by this update and Danny has a good summary of that at Search Engine Land.

Google said this update hit sometime on Tuesday and people started to take notice on Wednesday. Google confirmed it on Thursday.

Here is the update history:

For more on the Google Panda update, see our Google Panda category.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums, WebmasterWorld, Sphinn, and Google Webmaster Help.

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10/03/2011 02:02 pm

I think the whole panda thing relies very heavily on google organic traffic search metrics, hence if you have a low time on site or bounce rate or both from google referrals, it will destroy you.

Nick Stamoulis

10/03/2011 02:11 pm

Were other sites whacked again as well? It's a shame if DaniWeb put in the time and effort to make the site more "Panda approved" only to get hit by the new update.


10/03/2011 10:26 pm

Are there any larger lists of winners and losers that we can examine? Ideally I would like to see lists of the article / information sites only and not ecommerce or forums.

Dewaldt Huysamen

10/04/2011 11:46 am

September 28th was my birthday hahaha Thanks Google :-)


10/04/2011 12:24 pm

google upadte panda 2.5 welcome


10/04/2011 01:34 pm

You can see the top 100 losers using the Searchmetrics Essentials here:


10/04/2011 01:39 pm

Only by paying £76 a month. And still the list is not ordered by type of site. 


10/04/2011 04:09 pm

Wow. Panda is attacking once again. Regards

Jigar Pandya

10/14/2011 11:24 am

Nice.. but when will it comes..??? And another one is my site have lots of copied content from 1.5 years, but form Panda 1.0 to 2.4 not affected  by Google..  And doing more those type if right content now.. so will affect me now or later?

Tony Baker

11/02/2011 12:41 pm

It would be nice to see the October update on here. It was a doozy!

PS3 Games

12/03/2011 06:58 pm

well their was another update on the 29th of November, and i was fine until this one, i do not use any content or and kind of backlinking seo techniques but my site got moved from an average of top 5 for target keywords to about 80 i can;t afford to pay the server costs with the poor amount or traffic i'm now getting and will have to shut my site down which sucks as it's been open for 4 years and the traffic was gradually increasing over time


12/12/2011 09:47 am

My website was on constant improvement since panda 1.0 (Feb) but suddenly on 11th of Oct its traffic gone 40% then on 12th Oct after analyzing full report I found that I lost 92% of overall organic traffic. Since then I am in search for finding why it happened? No clues of what kind of changes where updated in Panda early in Oct. I was happy since Feb but finally panda hit me too. 


12/12/2011 09:52 am

K87, which of your sites has suffered? The moneyonline one? 


12/12/2011 11:19 am



12/12/2011 11:27 am

Have you always had the script to prevent mouse clicks? That may (or may not!) be something Google is tackling. I do not think that they like people using javascript to change the normal usability of a website. More a guess than anything, but as you were not affected in the first Panda updates I would look at that (i.e. I would remove that script from the site and see if it improves).


12/12/2011 11:33 am

 My site is one. Its a super tiny website with original contents and it is only information based. From Feb(panda 1.0) the traffic improved constantly till 11 Oct(Matt tweeted weather reports for panda related flux). The traffic decreased around 92% in 48hrs. My PrePanda traffic was much better than what it had today.  


12/12/2011 12:10 pm

Thanks Jon for your suggestion. Yes that script was from the very beginning. 1 more thing I want to tell you. Near 11th Oct. my website is completely removed from the SERP for the Competitive keywords(didn't goes gradually down, just completed erased from no.1 to nowhere). I ranked for those keywords from 1.5 yrs and always have my website under top three rankings. The valuable (high quality) backlinks for those keywords are exclusively from Squidoo. This makes me to think that either Google totally Ignored those backlinks coming from Squidoo(during reassessment of site) or it considered them as spam and penalized my website. Any suggestion? On 10th Dec I changed the anchor text of those backlinks from Squidoo to the keyword for which my website is currently on the top on SERP. If Google is considering those backlinks as spam then sure once again it will penalize me by  removing my website from the SERP. I think that one month is enough for Google to take action, isn't it? If this test fails then it means Google is not considering the links. After that I will check another thing. I always linked the backlinks from Squidoo without 'www' but my website(a sub-domain actually) is always on SERP with www. Is this can be another reason for Google to ignore backlinks from Squidoo? Thanks in advance.


12/12/2011 01:44 pm

Could be that, maybe the last Google update also looked at sites with few links from social media / user generated content sites. On each update there is is something new, so he javascript could be the problem, or it could be Squidoo links, or something else. However, Panda seems to mostly be about on-page factors, so my hunch is that it is not the links in.


12/12/2011 01:56 pm

Thanks once again. I noted your Point.

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