Google Panda 2.4 Hit? Is It Rolling? No

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Google Panda 2.4 Update?A WebmasterWorld thread has some early reports that Google has done yet another Panda update.

Google Panda 2.4 would be the next update. We already had a 2.3 update just about July 22nd.

Some are suspecting this is a rolling update.

A senior member said:

I'm quite sure since two sites have completely recovered. One last week on Friday and the second one today which means +400% for each site.

Another person also noticed changes, but did you?

Is Google now rolling the Panda update? I am not sure, but I will try to find out if (1) there was a true update and (2) if it is rolling now.

Past Google Panda Updates:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: Google has told me there is no update taking place for the Panda algorithm currently.

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Black Seo Guy

08/10/2011 03:59 pm

The panda is really going after those low quality sites that server no purpose. I'm happy they are getting all this low content offline. "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"


08/10/2011 04:15 pm

Hi Barry, this is Joanna, I have seen great results since the last Google Panda Update for my rankings for  a new site and I even wrote an article about it from my excitement. I am curious and looking forward to new developments and updates on that matter.

Perfect Search Media

08/10/2011 05:29 pm

There were a few issues with 2.3 that we noticed when analyzing age factors.  For example, when looking for answers to questions, Google is still displaying outdated information at the top of the SERP due to it having history.  This obviously isn't a good user experience when searching for "best seo strategies" and seeing posts from 2008 in the top 5

Dewaldt Huysamen

08/10/2011 05:33 pm

All I know is that 200 of our informative directory websites listing business and their information for free similar to all went splat. I did apply all post panda steps needed. My last suspicion is because of the initial panda updates it can not recover due to the fact it was all sharing the same IP address then.  I have also assigned new separate class c ip addresses to each domain.I believe sub domains will help, but the best plugin for wordpress that makes this possible for your categories with cpanel sub domains settings as well is not compatible with the latest wordpress so yah hey.


08/10/2011 06:59 pm

Hy Barry, Do you have any idea - those "panda update may affect in site indexing in webmaster tool??" I have seen actually the date you pointing the update, my site is getting low in indexing in google webmaster tool. but there is not much + or - in traffic just about max 50 + to min 50 - in total daily traffic.

Barry Schwartz

08/10/2011 08:10 pm

Just a heads up, Panda 2.4 is not a reality.  Google said there was no update for Panda.

SEO Catalysts

08/11/2011 10:19 am

I don't think so that Google will launch a new update in this short time.I didn't see any blog regarding to Panda Update... ----------------------- online marketing

Kaloyan Banev

08/11/2011 01:19 pm

Yeah, the last one is 2.3, this was officially announced by Google spokesperson. I am not sure and I don't recall that I've heard anything about 2.4. However there were 2 PR updates last month which is very strange.

zagg folio

08/11/2011 03:58 pm

I have noticed improvements on hubpages which got huge strike before. I have a few hundred articles there and traffic seems to be rising a lot nowadays


08/11/2011 05:17 pm

I've seen the improvements too on the hubpages.  It seems to be a little more populated but I don't think the difference is that noticeable. 

Tauseef Muhammad

08/12/2011 06:52 pm

I can see traffic increase on my both sites yesterday. Not sure if it's update or something else. 

DYNAMIND Marketing

08/16/2011 09:03 am

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