Google PageRank Update: August 2012

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Google PageRank UpdateI am seeing reports in the various forums, including DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld that Google has updated their toolbar PageRank values for many many sites.

The last update we had to the Google Toolbar PageRank was in May 2012, about three months ago, which is typically how often Google will push out a toolbar PageRank update to the public.

I am very happy to see that I don't see as much concern and buzz about this in the forums. Maybe it too recently happened and SEOs in the forums still have not woken up and they will explode in fear and joy about the PageRank update or maybe SEOs have wised up.

I just checked this site and we continue our decline from once a PageRank 7 and now down to a PageRank of 3. Why? More on that over here.

That being said, I do hope your PageRank climbed and did not fall. It is a good ego boost when you reach a PR7 or higher.

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King Douche

08/02/2012 12:40 pm

I think what's even more shocking is the sites that are buying links on your right column don't seem to have taken any hit to their TBPR. Barry, perhaps it's time to nofollow those links and trust in the fact that your targeted traffic is the real benefit for your sponsors, not some "dwindling" TBPR juice. PR is all about trust and with that brazen and long-standing attitude, it's no wonder why Googz gets more and more upset with the site. Your content: awesome. Your reporting: awesome. Your value to the community: exemplary. Your stubborn ways: legendary. We get it. We get it. "No one tells Barry what to do with his site." Perhaps it's time to play ball. My take? I am still shocked that you would sell out your site's honor for a few thousand bucks per month. If I knew you in person, and didn't know of your site, I would bet a million dollars that 'there was no way Barry would engage in that practice'. Alas, I would be incorrect. Cheers.

Mrinali Sharmah

08/02/2012 12:43 pm

I think most sites have gone down in there PR.


08/02/2012 12:59 pm


King Douche

08/02/2012 01:00 pm


Andy Sheridan

08/02/2012 01:06 pm

Know that feel, bro

Abdelhafid Cherair

08/02/2012 01:13 pm

my blog's ( ) main page remained 4/10 but all post and internal pages got better, all of them are now 2 or 3 /10 and two are 4/10 ... that's awesome even thought i was expecting the main page to go high to 5 or 6 ...


08/02/2012 01:24 pm

Search columnist Barry, bow down to the mighty search dominator and obey all his rules! You will prosper, the web will be a better place and our CFO will send you a personal note of appreciation!

Chad K.

08/02/2012 01:26 pm

You plummeted from a PR7 to a PR3? sounds to me like you "removed some links yourself there pal? Read more about it here:

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 01:29 pm

Do you read?

Leslie Bass

08/02/2012 03:01 pm

Got my PR from my new blogs. from 0 to 2 and 0 to 1. It climbed.

Kevin Gerding

08/02/2012 03:08 pm

All the updates going on at Google are simply designed to distract webmasters from Google's takeover of organic search. Yup, you can't sell links or have too many ads above the fold but Google can do all of the above. It's a double standard that only a monopoly can get away with.


08/02/2012 03:16 pm

pr update yawn, when do we get a penguin refresh?


08/02/2012 03:20 pm

I donno Barry, going from PR7 to PR3 is a very big fall. Getting $350/month for your links below is a lot though, so I can see how you don't want to budge. When do you bow down to Google though? S


08/02/2012 03:37 pm

why do they bother making PR toolbar updates? the number must mean something, as I cannot see any misinformation value in publishing it. Out of curiosity Barry, have your rankings or organic traffic also dropped over that time?

Roi Alon

08/02/2012 04:35 pm

I wonder whats make Google home page PR 9 - and twitter Home page PR 10?

Blog Tricks PLUS

08/02/2012 04:52 pm

I too have got slight up ..... thanks google

Peter Gruchott

08/02/2012 05:49 pm

Some sites up - some down ...

chad k

08/02/2012 06:38 pm

There's nothing wrong with removing links! Google's guidelines, right?


08/02/2012 06:49 pm

I don't believe he does read. His writing isn't so hot either. Took about a 20 second look at his site and had to leave after I spotted confusion between loose and lose, since and sense, whose and who's; as well as a ton of grammar and spelling errors, and lots of typos. Sheesh! Nobody is perfect, especially not me. But a little proofreading goes a long way.

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 06:53 pm

"I just checked this site and we continue our decline from once a PageRank 7 and now down to a PageRank of 3. Why? More on that over here." Sorry, I just hate explaining the same thing over and over again. Crazy week.

Gregory Smith

08/02/2012 06:55 pm

I'm glad i'm not the only one with a clear view here. Thanks for your insight Mr. Douche It appears thought the obvious page rank loss, SERT has been very busy removing links as well, as the many others. While at the same time blogging about "how directories are charging to have them removed". He sure was quick on the drawl, keeping an eye on the PR update. I hate to see Webmasters practicing in this form of SEO. I'm not one who discourages anyone, i'm just upset to see this, as I have followed this site, for years.

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 06:57 pm

Guys read I am stubborn and that is the only reason I have these links there. I had them before it was against Google's TOS and I continue to have them after. Don't like it, too bad. My PR and rankings suffer from it and that is my choice. My site, my choice.

gregory smith

08/02/2012 06:58 pm

This is the natural flow, of how PR accumulates, when you build quality.

gregory smith

08/02/2012 07:02 pm

I'm wondering, what did the PR drop to during the previous update in May? A 7 to a 3 is not a drop, but......damn.

gregory smith

08/02/2012 07:07 pm

I really appreciate you pointing that out for me. At times my passion for the Search industry causes me to type "very quickly". Thanks!

gregory smith

08/02/2012 07:10 pm

The "Sponsored Links" looked awful spammy! omg...

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 07:12 pm

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 08:24 pm

I think I was a PR4 before August. So it dropped a bit more.

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 09:02 pm

Why am I selling out "my site's honor" by having "sponsored links" on my web site. I don't hide them, I clearly label them as paid links. Google decided that they want people to add the nofollow to these links years after I had this. Before that, Google asked you label them as paid, which I did. I am being stubborn and just living in the past. I probably should just grow up, I agree. But a lot of people think I am doing the honorable and brave thing by not 'bending over' to everything Google says. While others think I am a brown noser to Google. Bottom line, I can't win.


08/02/2012 09:55 pm

I have some new sites and they are about 9 months old. Do you think that Panda and Penquin and all the "wonderful" changes going on at google make the wait\sandbox longer ? All I want is a PR1 for 9 months hard work but still no joy .........

Josh Powell

08/02/2012 10:19 pm

hopefully never!

Josh Powell

08/02/2012 10:21 pm

I went from PR0 to PR1 on my new site. I've been linking like crazy with no effects but today in goog webmaster, all my keywords appeared in search queries. I think PR got things going for me.

gregory smith

08/02/2012 11:30 pm

I understand you're making a point here, barry, I understand that. That's fine. Like you said, that is your choice, not necessarily something that is 'wrong" so to speak. But...Now that your PR has plummeted, do you still expect $350 a month out of the sidebar links? At this point, wouldn't it be more wise to now convert the organic traffic, for a more respected income? Suppose that'll be left up to you, as your choice as well.

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 11:32 pm

I am not selling pr. Those are links of people who want to support the site financially.

gregory smith

08/02/2012 11:32 pm

Now that I've fully researched what you're doing, I respect what you're doing. Then again. Now that the pr3 has nose dived. I "think" you better fight fire, with fire.

King Douche

08/02/2012 11:34 pm

But Barry, using that rationale, that's like saying "I had my pages stuffed with keywords BEFORE google said not to therefore I should be grandfathered in," Or perhaps, "I had low quality content BEFORE Panda therefore I should be grandfathered in." You gotta roll with the punches. Just because you complied with something previously doesn't mean you should be exempted from future policies. Gentlemen's discourse aside, I actually side with you, honor-arguments aside, of course. You're not working day-to-day, researching and reporting top search news for your health or for the betterment of humanity, you're in this job to make money, pay bills, save for retirement, then feed worms in the ground. Trading in essentially a mortgage payment just so a little green bar says 7 instead of 3 is asinine. I'd take the cash, any day. That's why we all do what we do.

Barry Schwartz

08/02/2012 11:37 pm

Good thing this is just a hobby. It's not really a job.


08/03/2012 12:31 am

Can somebody please tell me what date Toolbar Page Ranks usually take data from? I mean if a couple of days ago I received a PR10 link off a page with no other backlinks on that page linking out, would this Toolbar Page Rank update give my site a PR9? Or would it look at data from let's say 2 months ago? I would have needed to receive that link 2 months ago for my sites toolbar page rank to be updated to a PR9?


08/03/2012 04:18 am

Our ESL Learning site: is now PR 3 from 2. While PR has almost no value when it comes to ranking, it is still good to see the numbers climbing.


08/03/2012 08:44 am

Barry, you had PR3 for this site before this update.

Barry Schwartz

08/03/2012 10:05 am

I thought it was a 4


08/03/2012 11:14 am

I have got PR 0 to 1 for my blog i am so happy with this update


08/03/2012 12:35 pm

Wow!! went from PR 2 now at PR 10, That happened Yesterday during the refresh, is this a Glitch, sometimes is Pr 2 sometimes it Pr 10. The site has only 114 backlinks. How could they get a Pr 10 >>


08/03/2012 12:39 pm

wow!! its amazing after many long time google update page ranks it really good and my site page rank also increased thanks google.

Effective Site

08/03/2012 01:04 pm

answer... it didn't... it's still a pr2 and you're lucky for that if this spam is any indication of your back linking tactics...

Effective Site

08/03/2012 01:15 pm

PR does transfer from one page to the next but you'd need quite a few PR10 and other links to get to a PR9 yourself since only a fraction of the value is passed on even with no other obl's. There's usually a PR update every few months. Not sure if that's up to the minute data or if Google puts a lag time on the data used though.

John Britsios

08/03/2012 03:45 pm

My web site got a PR 7. But the ego boost does not make me any money. LOL

Ben Guest

08/03/2012 04:00 pm

I'll take the latter... maybe SEOs have wised up

James W

08/03/2012 04:16 pm

Lol that's a good one John, congrats on a new PR, mine is still same old :)

John Britsios

08/03/2012 04:19 pm

Thanks James. The funny thing is that if you examine my link profile, I do not do anything for years. :) But I also only have 2,616 unique visitors a month.

James W

08/03/2012 04:25 pm

Yes I just noticed that, ,maybe there is something in that . Because as you maybe saw on my link, i do some work almost every day and no progress at all. Google is changing the game for sure, but how, it's still the mystery.

John Britsios

08/03/2012 04:28 pm

James there are no mysteries with Google. I call such mysteries, lack of know how. I forgot to mention that our site also went PR 6 from PR 5. But there we have some good traffic like 32,833 unique visitors per month.


08/03/2012 06:40 pm

LOL! I got PR2


08/03/2012 09:13 pm

I have a personal domain that I registered about May this year. I've done nothing with it. Zero work but its gone from PR 0 to PG 4 god only knows why.

Ahmad Awais

08/04/2012 01:38 am

I am very happy got PR4 this time :)

Webstats Art

08/04/2012 09:11 am

Barry, you have a quality site. I actually read the stuff here and find it interesting. I tend to fall asleep when I read other SEO blogs. Google is wrong to give you a page rank 3. For a great site like yours to be demoted to that level on non authority is ridiculous. The action is actually very disturbing because your website is about SEO. All I can say is that your website is losing it's intrinsic value according to a google metric which probably has nothing to do with you. Who cares if you have a few dofollow links? There are millions of sites selling dofollow links legitimately calling it advertising and I don't see them getting hurt! I remember working for someone and getting paid for good advertising/links way before Google Adwords/Adsense. The money was for PAID INCLUSiON on websites. We would only accept relevant links. Adwords destroyed that business by cutting out direct sales to client. They also make our websites more irrelevant. Our links were more relevant than any adwords campaign but that did not matter. We weren't offering dating services, weight loss programs, forex 400 to 1 leverage (which is actually gambling) and now for people over 40, these pesky health scare ads. Of course we are being tracked and ads are being tailored but not everyone wants to be reminded about how they can improve themselves by paying advertisters who apparently have the elixir of life. Google Adwords are very irrelevant and getting even more irrelevant day by day. If google advertising did not exist, the web would be a much better place. We would all be running our own advertising campaigns on our own sites. I long for the day that some brilliant company comes up with a good method to run our own ads and have them automated and managed better than adsense. A program that only charges for use of the software and that does not take a cut off of every click.


08/04/2012 10:27 am

hmm... i think i don't get it :D


08/04/2012 12:22 pm

My blog went to a PR3 in August of 2008, just 3 months after i started my blog. Except for a brief (3 weeks in July 2011) time at PR4, my blog has been a PR3 for 4 years....until Wednesday. I am now a PR2 for the first time in the 4+ years of my blog. I just don't get it. At one time, it would have really bothered me. But, I have resigned myself to the fact Google is arbitrary and without reason. So, I will continue my blog. I will continue to put out fresh content each week. As for Google...well, they can go straight to hell.

Jasjot Bains

08/04/2012 02:54 pm

My blog climbed from PR0 to PR1 too...but its funny how every single post has PR 1 too...I expected it to be atleast PR 2 then :D


08/05/2012 08:57 pm

You are kidding right ? you think people come here and put an Anchored link to "Support" you ? Just for fun,lets assume you are hit hard in the next penguin/panda or got de indexed think these peps will still come to "support" you ? NO,they will ask you to remove their link or no follow them ASAP,we all know that,don't we ? but hey-it's you site and you'd do as you like ! ...we get that..but trust me nothing to be proud on that mate...those people who buy links do it only coz they want to game their SERPS ...and that really bothers many


08/06/2012 09:18 am

Pr updates done, but my website Pr are same. no change at all.

App Tuck

08/06/2012 10:49 am

oh!!!!!! My god my Page Rank Thanks App Promotion

Ahmad Khoirul Azmee

08/06/2012 03:20 pm

Well, I do agree. Google Pagerank (toolbar) update is no more than a warn for webmasters to not beating Google's ads network (i.e Adsense)!

Heather Physioc SEO

08/06/2012 04:35 pm

Sorry, maybe I'm missing something here - PageRank update, or PageRank TOOLBAR update?


08/07/2012 09:58 am

My website PR Drop from 4 to 3 :( :( cry :(

Leslie Bass

08/09/2012 07:57 pm

Same thing happened to my blogs. Pages are also ranked like the homepage


08/10/2012 04:36 am

What is it with PR? Everybody is talking about it and running for it. Hardly does it help in ranking and irrelevant to traffic. I believe its just a deception from Google

Jasjot Bains

08/11/2012 05:53 am

But some of my pages have a PR homepage has a PR 1...

John Bertrand

08/24/2012 07:36 am

Up till now no changes with :-)


10/20/2012 06:57 am

got my pr same and never increased for 1 year.


10/23/2012 10:08 pm

Who cares, its not your blog; its Barry's :-)


10/23/2012 10:09 pm

Hoping to see a pagerank update in lets see what happens.

Mens Underwear

10/27/2012 01:25 pm

Does anyone know when the next update is for website?


10/29/2012 08:10 pm

Keep checking the pr these days hope something update soon.


10/31/2012 08:37 am

Im waitingfor google update pr now, so i hop my site can upgrade to pr 5


10/31/2012 04:03 pm

Wow!! went from PR 2 now at PR 10, That happened Yesterday during the refresh, is this a Glitch, sometimes is Pr 2 sometimes it Pr 10. The site has only 114 backlinks. How could they get a Pr 10 >>

consultor seo

11/02/2012 04:57 pm

betting on pagerank update later on today 02/11/2012

Makeup Mistress

12/04/2012 06:44 pm

sadly mine fell...but it was after i submitted to webmaster tools...and had a domain change...but still hosted on same blog...? just waiting to see what happens after next update.

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