Cutts: Google Toolbar PageRank Will Continued To Be Supported

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Google PageRankYesterday's Matt Cutts video was about why the heck does Google still have toolbar PageRank data available to users.

As you know, every three months or so, Google spends the time and effort to push out PageRank values to the Google Toolbar. We cover those updates every time, like we did a few days ago. But as I say each time, SEOs should not focus on that number, but they still do - they however they do less.

First watch the video where Matt says they will continue to support it as long as users see it in their toolbars. But over time, he suspects as users upgrade browsers and toolbars are no longer supported, the feature may just fade away by itself. But how long will that take?

Well, we know Matt himself wanted to do away with it since 2007. They even removed the indicator from Webmaster Tools in 2009. And then in 2011 wrote a blog post about worthlessness of Toolbar PageRank.

That being said, watch the video:

Seriously Google? Which users use PageRank seriously to define the reputation of a web site?

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Josef Holm

02/08/2013 06:24 pm

PageRank is a funny little number to look at, nothing more and nothing less. Nobody knows it's relevant at all, still everyone pays attention when new updates are released. Kind of amusing.

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