Google Music Now Serious iTunes Competitor?

Nov 17, 2011 • 8:17 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Google Music LogoGoogle hosted a big music event yesterday to announce the new Google Music features.

In short they include:

  • Discover Music
  • Purchase Music
  • Share Music via Google +
  • Listen to Music

Prior, Google didn't have a good way of buying music and the sharing wasn't that great either.

There is also now an "Artist hub" where artists can distribute their music for the price they determine or for free.

For more on Google Music see

Google has tried many flavors of Google Music. In 2005 they had Google Music Search and in 2009 they displayed music results in the search results. But now none of that is in the search results. I assume it will come soon enough - I am not worried, it is a way for Google to monetize.

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Tad Chef

11/17/2011 02:27 pm

"We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States" after I log in. Same, same as with all older Google Music services. Why should someone from outside the US even try it more than once? There are plenty of better services out there and I don't mean Itunes.


11/17/2011 04:53 pm

Don't think Google's gonna get anywhere near iTunes without releasing an Android/PC app that high-jacks your machine and forces you to use an idiotic piece of software like iTunes. The only reason people like iTunes is because Apple won't let them try anything else. The tech-savvy people know they don't need iTunes to play music and transfer it to their iPhones, but lets face it, most Apple users are far from tech-savvy. So, to compete with a sneaky, conniving company, you have to sink down to their level and as sneaky as Google is, I just don't see them going down to Apples level when it comes to Music.


11/17/2011 06:30 pm

Google Music is too late in the game. If they launched (with all major labels on board) back with Android launch, maybe. Google doesn't have an ecosystem of complete user experience. Trying to go back and add support for some stuff like a music store is not going to work.  Why would you want your main user base to be super tech savvy? Very few consumers are. Making simple things that are straight forward is going to win. Last time I checked, Apple has been very good with pleasing consumers. How does itunes high jack your machine? It's just a music manager. 


11/18/2011 01:48 pm

I hate it when us non US citizens get left out - ever thought of releasing it only in Europe or South Korea, how would you feel then. I am definitely a Google Girl but lets try being a bit more fair in out Beta Testing  


11/18/2011 05:47 pm

This will be another failing attempt from Google .....every paid service or product with exception of Search that Google has launched has failed miserably so I dont understand why they keep polluting the web with their crap

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