Matt Cutts Video Mashup: Highlighting Matt's Moves

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A large German based online marketing news site posted on Google+ a new Matt Cutts video mash up named Best of Matt Cutts: "It's party in here!"

You won't learn anything from this video but you will see some of Matt's best Google moves throughout his hundreds of videos.

Here is the video, again watching this video will not help your SEO in any way but it might make you laugh:

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Juggernart Games

08/14/2013 01:11 pm

I learnt that this dude likes polo shirts in Google colors, preferably in blue. Moreover he likes black, grey and olive.


08/14/2013 01:46 pm

...and that bald isn't his best look.

Stephane Brault

08/14/2013 05:30 pm

I want my 1:41 of life back.


08/14/2013 05:43 pm

It delivered what it promised. You're the only one to blame for hitting play.

Stephane Brault

08/14/2013 05:49 pm

Well Barry's Facebook post asked if the video is funny. I say it's a waste of time.

Stephane Brault

08/14/2013 06:23 pm

You know who bald Matt reminds me of?


08/15/2013 12:30 pm

anti-spam department need more money, to make more of such stupid videos. we need to help matt cutts, we not need him fired. who will tell us night time tales in this case? who can show us small dinosaurus like mr cutts?

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