How To Search Nearby In The New Google Maps

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Pegman Google MapsAs you know, Google Maps opened up the new Google Maps to all users who want to preview it. With that, comes confusion on how to use the new interface.

That being said, the truth is, I am frequently finding myself going back to the old version to accomplish specific mapping techniques and searches I was accustomed to on the old version.

One such example is causing a lot of discussion in the Google Maps Help forum. Specifically, the ability to search nearby a location.

I use this to find parking garages near a location in NYC, local food or even other places of businesses nearby. It is a popular feature in Google Maps.

In the old version, you simply plugged in the address or point of interest and there was a link to "search nearby." Here is a screen shot:

Search Nearby Google Maps

In the new version, there is no obvious link. Instead, you need to type in the search box [search nearby address]. Here is an example:

Search Nearby Google Maps

There are also complaints that the results of nearby businesses in the old and new method differ. I am not sure about that but the process is not like the old method.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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09/08/2013 09:36 pm

Try parking loc:900 Broadway New York, NY


09/12/2013 07:35 pm

very annoying indeed. disappointed google! search nearby disappeared and listings are fewer (guessing linked tight with yelp/rating apps only) grrr


10/10/2013 03:18 pm

I've been wondering what happened to that option! Driving me nuts. I actually started to look everything up on my smartphone (through Google Maps app) because of this. Thanks for the info.


12/05/2013 07:44 pm

Don't "fix" what ain't broke. Morons.


12/13/2013 05:58 pm

excellent review, I so pissed off my the new Google maps view, I run a trucking company and i'm frequently looking for tire/service shops, I had to read your post to figure this out...


12/20/2013 12:26 am

I have the exact complaint that is addressed here and find it unfortunate that there is no easy alternative other than entering it into the search bar. Not that doing so is that difficult, but I don't understand taking away the ease of something when the update is supposed to be improving function. Plus I'm lazy. :)


12/20/2013 07:38 pm

I hate it to, thanks for the info


02/07/2014 05:30 pm

I guess I'm not the only one. I use the Search Nearby many times a day for my work. Very frustrating to make such a neat feature more complicated. I also notice the new map is focused more on images. They keep showing these images associated or close by any place I search... another frustrating feature... who told you I want to look at images all the time. Does Google survey customers before they come up with new development? and if yes, how can I participate?


03/18/2014 08:29 am

And how do I get rid of the search bar AFTER pulling up results. It's always right where I need to see the results - grrr.


06/14/2014 03:58 pm


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