Google Maps Tries To Find Your Current Location

Jul 30, 2012 • 8:20 am | comments (8) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Maps

Google added a new feature to detect your current location on your desktop computer.

I tried it this morning and it was smart enough to tell me I am in the state of New York. :)

Google Maps Automatic Location

So I of course fixed it by telling it my exact address:

Google Maps Automatic Location

This differs from Google using your "default location" or from Google enabling you to pull the GPS location off your HTML5 browser and using that location.

The Google Maps team said:

We've recently made it much easier and faster for you to start your journey on Google Maps from your current location. Now, when you visit Google Maps you’ll be automatically zoomed into your city as the starting point for your search. You can dive right in and discover the local businesses, restaurants and attractions near you, without having to manually enter your location.

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Praveen Sharma

07/30/2012 01:03 pm

I am in India, but its showing my location as United States. Weird. Have attached the snapshot.

Nathaniel Bailey

07/30/2012 01:50 pm

I take it this is not working so well out side the US? Because when I go to it simply says I'm in the UK and does NOT pick up my exact location!

Webstats Art

07/30/2012 04:05 pm

It is not working very well. I am in the middle east right now and it says I am in the United States.


07/30/2012 04:35 pm

Works OK here in Germany and finds the correct city. How do they do it ? Just by looking at my IP ?

Tanya Wigmore

07/30/2012 08:50 pm

Working in Canada

Mark Melgie

07/30/2012 10:52 pm

Opps wrong post...


07/31/2012 12:02 pm

Working fine in India.

Beth Parker

07/31/2012 03:57 pm

I typed my address in with Street abbreviated to St. and it said, "Location not found." It found it no problem with it spelled out. You'd think Google would be smart enough to figure out that St. = Street. For that matter, you'd think they would be smart enough to figure out my address as many times as I've gotten driving directions from it.

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