Googler Complains: Google Maps On Android A Drain

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Google Maps Android Battery Usage

Googlers are users of Google products, more so than the average person. But Googlers who have been at Google for 6 or so years often don't publicly complain about those products.

Erica Joy of Google, who has been with Google since 2006, noticed her battery on her Android device was being drained.

She posted a screen shot calling out the app that was to blame. Yes, it was the native Google Maps app running on Android.

Oh, Google+ wasn't far behind.

Erica said, "Srsly maps?"

It is refreshing to see this openness and honesty from a Googler.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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01/10/2013 04:43 pm

One of the reasons (of two important ones) I moved from Android to Apple was the constant drain of apps on battery life as the apps were called and then switched away from. Each iteration of switching between apps, like old Windows programs' inefficient memory management, seemed to take away both memory and battery life as they failed to release memory and CPU cycles effectively. I don't miss that.


04/13/2013 03:21 pm

I think the issue is also that now one ever has an explanation for changes in Google and Android. If Google explained why Maps is always on the top of the battery usage list, and ways to change that, it would help people to get accustomed to Maps using battery. I have heard things from "Latitude always locating your locations via GPS is the reason" to "Google Now accessing Maps to provide you with travel times and nearby events is the reason". People offer solutions such as "disable all location services" or "disable your gps", but there are many services and features that use location and GPS services, disabling it all takes away from the experience.

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