Google Manual Actions Report Back In Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster ToolsFriday we reported that Google launched manual actions within Webmaster Tools, which basically shows you in almost real time if you have any manual actions against your web site.

Shortly after, Google had to take down the tool because of some issue. Well, the feature is now back as of this morning.

Google's Matt Cutts wrote on Friday afternoon:

Unfortunately we've hit a snag during our feature deployment, so it will be another couple days before the feature is available to everyone. We will post another update once the feature is fully rolled out.

But like I said, now it is back, at least for me.

And it does indeed seem to work.

A client of mine had a manual penalty on or before Friday, submitted a reconsideration request and the request came back as a revocation of the penalty on Saturday. Today, the tool shows no manual action for this client.

Anyway, go ahead, check to see if you have a manual penalty.

Google Manual Actions

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08/12/2013 12:55 pm

This is a step in the right direction at least. Hopefully we'll get responses to reconsideration requests quicker now that they won't be getting any from people who don't have penalties (a colleague of mine said it's no longer possible to submit one if there is no penalty).


08/12/2013 04:49 pm

On Friday I checked my site on WMT and I had a manual penalty. I submitted a review request, and received a message that Google would reach back when they could. But then the feature went down...just seeing if you think I need to re-submit or not?

Matt Dimock

08/12/2013 09:05 pm

I'd recommend waiting. Google has your request within their database, as acknowledged by their response. If you do not hear back from them within a week, I think a follow up would be appropriate (make sure to state why you are following up, so they don't think you're just being impatient!).


08/13/2013 01:26 pm

very small step to better transparency, but not enough. We need to see all site penalties under gwt (including algorithmic).


08/13/2013 01:26 pm

Hi to All, I have a website which was rank in top 5 on many keywords but due to google algo changed now we are not ranking and keywords so far near about 225. Now we are not working on affected keywords last few months. We are not getting any manual spam message from google teamthen what can be the reason to down the ranking. we have also removed bad links but not get pre ranking. I am also trying to send reconsider mail but he send me on link to that you have no manual penalty. Could any body inform me about that how we can send reconsider mail to google spam team?


08/13/2013 01:29 pm

it mean you unable to send reconsideration request now. Reason for that "manual penalties viewer" is to make this button visible only for sites with manual penalty. It not possibly to contact google in other way. Even on their forum. Try to write to m. cutts blog/g+, may be him take a look if something very non-standard. But if it just about broken business because no traffic, google not care about it. (until it not their own business).

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