"No Data Available" In Google's Links To Your Site Bug

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Google Webmaster ToolsIt seems there are many webmasters complaining that the "Links To Your Site" section within Google Webmaster Tools is showing the error message, "No data available."

I personally do not get this and I believe there were no changes to the number of links shown in my report but there are dozens of complaints in the Google Webmaster Help forums with complaints about the issue.

Some even posted screen shots, here is a screen shot that I cropped a bit:

No Data Available Google Links

Google has not yet responded to the complaints in the forums.

Google Webmaster Tools is known to have reporting issues from time to time, so I would not worry if you are affected.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Agência MACAN

07/30/2013 12:30 pm

This is the second time that this happens. If this message is appearing, just wait that within a few days back to normal.

Paddy Displays

07/30/2013 01:07 pm

Happened me to. It was working fine then a few mins later ""No data available."

Menachem Rosenbaum

07/30/2013 01:52 pm

I've seen this on many sites pretty frustrating especially if you what to do backlink analysis


07/30/2013 03:52 pm

Sure this will come back later. Ive also noticed it on a couple of sites.


07/30/2013 05:32 pm

"your links not available in webmaster tools, our indian team checking it manually."


07/31/2013 04:43 am

it's not what it seems it's worse


07/31/2013 08:42 am

Today have checked it and our 3-4 sites related data come back....but yesterday it was found - No data available. yes it is issue or bug in Google webmaster tools


08/01/2013 05:24 pm

that is my case and i have it linked a lot, my site is www.tendercarehomeforadults.com


09/15/2013 11:43 am

I still have the same problem with my website http://www.entube.net

Gaurang Trivedi

10/18/2013 02:56 pm

I have just received message in my webmaster tools that "No data available" Is it really issue or bug. Is Google launching new algorithm??

Deepak Kumar Das

10/19/2013 07:31 pm

3 days ahead I have the links information but now it's missing. Not sure whether this is a bug or what or Google thinking of not showing backlinks information from now on.


10/31/2013 10:26 am

I can't see anything http://eclipx.weebly.com


01/11/2014 11:40 pm

Yes, we are having same problem for one of our sites (scootersparts.net). Its been more than TWO months as of Jan 10, 2014. If anyone lost the links (data) this long?


01/14/2014 09:07 am

Sometimes this is a canonical issue. We have had clients with Google Webmasters accounts that have the www version of their site added, for example www.chromeseo.co.uk/ but could not see any links to site data. When we added the site as chromeseo.co.uk/ they could see their links. You can have both versions set up in Google Webmasters.


02/09/2014 12:12 pm

same problem for my clients site australianchristianstore.com I added it without the "www."

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