Google: Our Algorithms Picked Up On Your Keyword Stuffed Page

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stuffed teddy bearKeyword stuffing is as cute as a teddy bear that is losing their stuffing - don't do it.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has one site owner complaining his site suddenly dropped in the rankings.

Why? Well, Google's John Mueller said it doesn't help that your site's home page has over 300 mentions of the term "batteries" throughout the page, especially in the footer. I viewed the source code of just the home page and there are over 600 mentions of the word "batteries," not counting the alternatives of the word.

keyword stuffing

Google's John Mueller said:

I don't see any technical issue (eg with the robots.txt) here, the main thing I noticed was when looking at your homepage's source how frequently you're using some of those keywords (eg "batteries" which I see over 300 times there, especially in the footer where these are also hidden). In general, our algorithms might pick up issues like that (and our webmaster guidelines recommend not doing that), and in turn not know whether they can trust your site at all. Even if that content has been there longer, If you don't need it on your pages, and especially if it's just for search engines, I'd recommend cleaning that up, so that the algorithms are able to trust the content on there, and to give it its appropriate weight in the search results.

So don't be cute. :-)

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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04/09/2014 01:09 pm

It's not cute -- it's unreadable. Even for a human being. ^^''

Barry Schwartz

04/09/2014 01:11 pm

The teddy bear is cute.


04/09/2014 02:07 pm

Ah yes, the teddy bear is adorable. ;) Heheh.


04/09/2014 06:04 pm

Next up.. "is 684% keyword density OK?"


04/09/2014 10:05 pm

Yet my keyword stuffing competitors are all at the top of page one which is averaging 500+ matches per page. Bull!@#$ Google... please stop making false claims.


04/10/2014 04:35 am

As well as comment SPAM, keep it in mind.

Ben Guest

04/10/2014 11:43 am


Carol Riley

04/10/2014 01:59 pm

What density % is considered stuffing? I read once that 3% keyword density per page is the top limit to avoid a Google penalty. Thoughts?

Richard Els

04/11/2014 05:37 am

I actually know the owner of this website, and helped him with his seo a little when he set it up. I can assure you he has not 'deliberately' stuffed keywords on his home page. The keyword 'batteries' is mentioned a lot of time for two reasons. One, he is a specialist battery retailer, so many of his products and categories have the term 'battery' or 'batteries' in it (funny that!). Two, the BigCommerce skin he is using duplicated his entire main menu in the footer but only showed the top level category hiding the rest of the categories. As a small business owner, not an seo specialist, he had no idea this skin was doing this. His site has suffered a Google penalty of some description a week or two ago with most of his organic traffic drying up, and if it was partly or wholly due to this keyword stuffing then I think Google has this one wrong. Why? Because these types penalties should be applied to sites where deliberate manipulation of the SERPS has occurred not to sites where non seo types (Mom and Pop business owners in this case) have naturally used the word many times as a result of natural writing or inadvertently used a website skin / template with a little menu duplication. His business is losing money big time and for what good reason?

Syed Usama

04/11/2014 05:52 am

So please tell Me What keyword densities are Required for our Websites????

Gracious Store

04/14/2014 04:00 am

Will Google flag it on the webmaster tool if it finds keyword stuffing on a site?

Rohit Jain

04/16/2014 10:48 am

No, it does not. Only manual penalties are flagged.

Rohit Jain

04/16/2014 10:50 am

Keep it in the range of 5%-8%

Rohit Jain

04/16/2014 10:52 am

I have a site with around 8% keyword density and it is ranking on the first page, I believe 5% to 8% is good.

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