Google Says Most Invalid Clicks Come From Publishers

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Invalid Clicks on GoogleGoogle AdWords representative, Laura, said in a Google AdWords Help thread that the main reason there are "invalid clicks" on ads is due to publishers.

Yes - Google said that "usually" invalid clicks come from AdSense publishers. Either the publishers are:

(1) Clicking on their own ads or;

(2) Telling their friends and users to click on their ads.

Google's Laura said:

I don't think there's any connection between AdWords suspensions and AdSense ones. AdSense "invalid clicks" suspensions are usually just that: publishers clicking on their own ads or encouraging their visitors to do so. If you think you didn't violate that policy, contact AdWords support.

So there you have it - usually those invalid clicks are AdSense publishers fault.

Forum discussion at Google AdWords Help.

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Mohamed Tair

02/02/2012 02:43 pm

Thanks for this interesting infos About G.Adsense :)

Andrew Whyman

02/02/2012 04:02 pm

Or they make it appear invalid so they don't have to pay out and keep it all for themselves. You can't fool us with that one.


02/02/2012 05:10 pm

Wow. Talk about BUYING your SERPs ! Oh wait ... just Google smoking the issue ...


02/14/2012 09:18 am

Adsense is one big con Google never pays up even when you earn it!!


04/05/2012 02:41 pm

They just killed my account!! Google is full of it, as long as you are not clicking on your own ads who cares!! I played by their rules and they killed my account and won't give me the details!! If they don't want friends and family clicking the ads they should tell you that up front.  Oh well, it was an experiment anyhow! I just will not support, click on any google ads anymore!! 

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