Google's "Via This Intermediate Link" In Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster ToolsA WebmasterWorld help thread asks what is the message that reads "Via this intermediate link" mean when you see it in Google Webmaster Tools, link reports.

It basically means, Google is showing you where the link is coming from when there is a redirect involved. Google launched this feature back in December 2010 and SEOs may have forgotten about it. Here is a screen shot:

Google: Via This Intermediate Link

Google explains:

Links to your site now shows when a particular URL redirects. If there's a link to your site that links to URL1 which then redirects to URL2, we are now showing the link from URL1 to URL2 as an intermediate link. We also added a "Download all links" option to all the tables in the Links to your site feature.

So those notifications mean it is a URL redirect.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/24/2012 08:08 pm

My intermediate links seem to have nothing to do with the links they are below. They do not redirect to each other in any way. They are both the same domain, just completely different pages. Can you maybe explain this further, because I am definitely not understanding it. Thanks!


10/05/2012 02:16 pm

Same here, what's the deal? 2 different sites none of which have redirects. The only thing they have in common is both servers have the same file.


07/08/2013 08:13 pm

same here! two different sites with some of the same information. neither redirects or links to the other.

Jimmy Burton

10/10/2013 08:18 pm

im having the same issue. I think what google is doing here is penalizing people who own multiple sites selling the same genre. They are trying to prevent you from owning multiple sites and ranking in all of them. Basicly, its ok for them to monopolize the search game, but they are telling us we cant in our niche. Just a theory...

John Guenther

10/24/2013 08:36 am

Just a guess but I would think Intermediate link means it redirects from the site it is linked from. For example, if google shows me I have a link coming from, I can click on the wordpress link and it then shows me the 'intermediate link' which is a personal blog someone has set up, That's my take on it anyway. Cheers!

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