Google: Here Are Some Inorganic Links Pointing To You

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GWT ChainWe know Google has seriously stepped up messaging webmasters this year, and one of the most common emails people are talking about recently is the unnatural links pointing to your site message.

Those have recently started to increase in frequency, not because people are doing it more or Google is penalizing sites more for it - but only because Google is now communicating about those cases more often.

That being said, if you respond to one of those messages via a reconsideration request, Google may give you specific examples of which URLs are pointing to your site that they find to be "inorganic" and "unnatural." Typically, the information is not included in the first message but on follow up a human Googler might give some specific examples if they feel it might help in this case.

A SEOmoz Q&A thread has one such SEO sharing part of a response Google has given him. In fact, this is something Google has been doing since November 2011, see this Google Webmaster Help thread.

Google will sometimes reply saying something like:

There are still many inorganic links pointing to your site. Here are some examples:

Again, this is Google being more transparent about things. And if you did get this message, it doesn't mean you were penalized that day, especially since Google has stepped up communicating on this topic. You could have been suffering from this for a while before. And don't confuse this with the BuildMyRank case.

Forum discussion at SEOmoz Q&A.

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Derek Edmond

04/12/2012 12:51 pm

Interesting (and fortunately have not seen this alert) - would love see the link profiles associated to this (in particular the ones that feel they were unfairly identified)

Alan Rabinowitz

04/12/2012 12:52 pm

Here's the problem: you cannot control who lonks to you.

Ingo Bousa

04/12/2012 01:44 pm

Serious case of Attack Lonking

Joe Youngblood

04/12/2012 04:23 pm

oh knows i got bad lonks from a competitor!

Coloring Page

04/12/2012 05:59 pm

I never saw that cind of message on any of my sites on webmastertools ...


04/12/2012 07:23 pm

More transparency is definitely helpful and not just the penalty. I also think it would be fair to give a clear opportunity to take steps to do as they want before you get penalised a first time. If you then keep doing it, the penalty may go up and so on.

Greenkey PR

04/12/2012 08:56 pm

I question just how useful this is! Dont get me wrong I think its a bad thing to get spammy links, but I just think this is so easy to manipulate and open to abuse, The next thing we will be hearing is competitors trash linking each other. How can you police that?

Bobby Gaglini

04/13/2012 01:11 pm

I like this a lot. Google has been slowly snaking away from caring about its users or customers. But small steps like this make me feel a little more like they actually care. Maybe it's a guise. Who knows.


04/13/2012 02:30 pm

Hey Barry, a little credit would have been nice mate...


04/13/2012 02:35 pm

Yes Barry, you should have given credit for this post as you did not figure it out on your own.


04/13/2012 02:42 pm

Barry, I took the liberty of posting the correct citation for your post:


04/14/2012 03:31 am

I never saw that cind of message on any of my sites on webmastertools ...

Tangguh Sanjaya™

04/14/2012 12:08 pm

i know i have penalized from google se


04/14/2012 04:15 pm

Thanks. I haven't actually seen the message but I'm against the idea. If people are doing something blackhat which is damaging their site then why is Google giving them tips to fix the problem. I suppose when people use SEO companies and third parties to carry out work that's when the message is most useful.

Barry Schwartz

04/15/2012 01:22 am

Link credit? I linked to SEOmoz.  Not sure what you mean?

Barry Schwartz

04/15/2012 01:23 am

This IS OLD NEWS. I linked to a thread back in 2011.!category-topic/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking/DIm-XF5ihoE Did you read this? "In fact, this is something Google has been doing since November 2011…"

Courtney Cox

04/16/2012 07:10 pm

Not everyone will. Only people with serious unnatural linking problems will see this message on their site - if they get caught.

Roger Weavers

04/17/2012 02:56 pm

I think Google has gone nuts with this.  They obviously think that getting spammy links to a website is easier than getting natural links so they must be expecting the black hats to start building spammy links to their competitors.  The targets of this exercise will they get the email from Google and then have to work out which links have been placed by an unscrupulous competitor and try and explain this to Google.  What a waste of time. Why can't Google simply ignore any links they think are spammy, this would make a lot more sense.


04/19/2012 08:00 am

A million dollar comment :)


05/10/2012 12:06 am

If Google really wants to be transparent, they should let website owners or webmasters know all the backlinks causing problems, so they can work on removing them in order to be in compliance.


11/12/2012 03:30 pm

I believe the correct citation was to someone who lives on a big farm with more than a 100 animals. I'm not supposed to mention him here but I know you'll probably know this one quickly through my description. Cheers, Jey PS Keep covering the industry news, you are doing a great job.*no sarcasm intended. I read your news first thing every morning on the way to work.


08/25/2013 03:49 am

cant understand anything from this article. if my site have bad links, google will message me on webmaster tools?

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