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Google Analytics LogoGoogle has released a new Chrome extension for in-page analytics. Daniel Waisberg of Google announced it on his blog and it is simply a quick way to see the in-page analytics of your web pages with the click of a button.

To add the new extension to your Chrome browse, click here and give it permissions.

Here is a screen shot:

click for full size

For more details on what you can do with this extension, see Daniel's blog.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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06/24/2014 01:49 pm

I installed this extension about a week or so back.... so far no luck in actually using it... Desptie being connected with Google analytics, it keeps showing this error "You don't have access to this site data."?! Is is because I have multiple sites in my Analytics reporting or some other error? I am sure time will tell.

bob the guest

06/24/2014 04:02 pm

Someone else mentioned it in the comments on Daniel's blog, but it apparently does not work well with multi-domain accounts. I tested it on an account of mine with access to a single domain and it worked.

James Dedon

06/24/2014 07:11 pm

It was working for me this morning when I started using it, but it stopped after a few hours with that error. I'm assuming that this is just a bug - or maybe unexpected traffic - that they weren't prepared for.


06/25/2014 10:16 am

Typos. I wonder How they are talking about quality content in terms of seo

Olga Pruska

06/25/2014 03:47 pm

Was the same for me - I had 2 domains in my acc, deleted one and it works now.

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