Google Now Allowing Searches For Sex On Strict SafeSearch

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Recently, Google stopped blocking the search terms [sex] and [nudity] in Google Image search when the SafeSearch filter is set to the strict setting. In the past, if you searched for those terms with strict SafeSearch on, Google would return a response that read "The word "sex" has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active."

But now it returns results for those words. Here are pictures:

It still blocks the term [porn]:

SafeSearch Sex Allowed

But it does not block the term [sex]:

SafeSearch Sex Allowed

The internet provider for the schools said he supplies internet for 15,000 students and this is a major issue. He added:

We utilize Strict Safe Search Enforcement for our Consortium of Schools, which prevents a user from turning off Strict Safe Search. This works fine, however, just recently Google is now retuning image results that normally would have produced a warning screen that the results were filtered and that safe search settings would need to be changed in order to view. I assume this a 'keyword' list. My example is the search for 'nudity' or 'sex'. Sorry to bring up the 'B' word, but Bing and Yahoo both provide the warning page. Google now displays many images that are not desirable for our schools. What happened, and why the change?

Google has yet to reply to his concern, but I hope they now see it. (see below for an update)

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

Google sent me a statement:

We consistently fine-tune our algorithms to detect and remove adult content out of SafeSearch restricted search results. And to help ensure that our results remain clean, Google sometimes will take an additional step and filter out offending terms from a query. That said, if objectionable content does appear for any search query, please report the offensive image by using the 'Report offensive images' feature you can find in the SafeSearch dropdown at the top of the page. For more information on filtering search results for schools, please see this help article.

Google claims they haven't made any changes to this behavior and thus the information provided by the school official is likely inaccurate. Meaning, Google always showed pictures for the term sex and nudity even with the strict filter on.

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Michael Martinez

02/24/2012 05:58 pm

I wonder if this is somehow connected with their refusal to block child pornography in Public DNS.


06/15/2012 02:44 pm

more and more I am hating google with their lies and liberal stance


06/15/2012 02:48 pm

google doesn't care about our kids....they could block nudity and child porn if they wanted to....jerks...why not offer this option for those of us who are tired of nudity and porn dominating society and the cannot google something innocent without nudity or porn invading quality space...jerks....


07/14/2012 07:37 pm

There are many safe search engines based on Google safe search for kids. I found has filter for "sex" and "nudity" words.

Lee Keels

07/15/2012 07:58 pm

If you see anything harmful or pornographic in the search results you have posted as an example, YOU have a huge problem. The term 'sex' should NOT be blocked, should not be filtered, but your prudish opinion certainly should. I feel sorry for your children, if you have any.


01/13/2013 07:06 pm

Thank you Google for CENSORING the Internet! Deciding for every user what is morally correct without giving the individual a choice IS CENSORSHIP! No amount of 'creative/ explicit searching' will undo the crime you have committed against the Internet. Shame on you! When will people understand that there is nothing wrong with the human body and sexuality it's the most natural thing in the world it's how you and I were created. Google has single handled reverted the Internet back to the dark ages!!


04/19/2014 03:06 pm

If you use Bing it's a problem. Search "hoes" (as in the gardening tool) on bing with strict safe search and the first picture has a naked women on the right. Safe search has a problem.


04/19/2014 03:08 pm


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