Searching For Hotel? Google Pushing Google Hotel Finder

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I dare you to search for a hotel in Google. Try searching for [hotels new york] or [seattle hotels] or [hotels in tel aviv] and I challenge you to not find a Google Hotel Finder "sponsored" listing right below the Google AdWords ads and right above the Google organic search results.

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There is a screen shot of me removing the 2 or 3 AdWords ads, just so I can clean up space here on this post. Note, you can click on the image to enlarge.

These started popping up in the Google search results last December but recently they have been coming up more and more often - virtually for all hotel travel based searches.

A WebmasterWorld thread has many SEOs and Webmasters not happy. Of course, those who are in the hotel aggregation business are not happy. But some searchers are not happy also.

As Tedster said:

My travel plans are too critical for me to trust them to sites that try to survive through SEO alone. Maybe I just know too much about the space. Travel is a space where I really want some kind of brand.

I currently agree, I cannot see myself booking a hotel room with Google. But I can see that changing - if Google keeps pushing it.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Cropper

11/23/2012 01:37 pm

It was only a matter of time. I have been watching Google closely over the past couple of years in the travel space and the writing has been on the wall for years. (lots of other info on how Google have been working with travel too - search around)

Gnosis Media Group

11/23/2012 06:25 pm

Are these coming from Product Listing Ads?

rigging search

11/24/2012 05:44 am

"right below the Google AdWords ads and right above the Google organic search results." They are nto organic listings either, on almost all commercial queries, advertisers only show up on top ten in "organic search." Google has rigged everything. Search for an item and you'll just see advertisers on ads and advertisers on "organic search."When is Barry going to speak about that, this is blatant.


11/24/2012 06:38 am

I wonder why google allow just about every else to get rated except google themselves. Google services are understaffed, badly managed and responses take forever.

Craig Crossland

11/24/2012 01:31 pm

I get the whole idea of expanding your business as that is only natural, but when do you draw the line between expansion and greed?


11/25/2012 05:53 am

Have you tried this Hotel Finder tool? It's pretty good, similar to Kayak since it let's you search by area, amenity, price, rating across sites to find what fits your budget & style, then directs you to the site to book - Google isn't who you "book with", they are still just a search tool.


11/25/2012 05:58 am

No, the program is called Google Hotel Price Ads and hotels can be listed as well to direct business to their own site.

Alistair Lattimore

11/26/2012 11:22 am

Gnosis, The Hotel Price Ads product is not available to every day businesses. Google are currently trialing it with large travel aggregation businesses like Expedia, and bigger hotel chains. Al.


11/26/2012 12:11 pm

People need to start DEGOOGLEING, ie removing Google from their computers and mobile devices.

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