Google Kills Google Health

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Google Health LogoOn Friday, Google announced the death of Google Health. Yes, Google Health which launched about three years ago is now being shut down.

Why? As Google said, it "is not having the broad impact that we hoped it would." Therefore they are shutting it down. I am not surprised, in fact, I expected it. I did not think when it launched Google would close it, but someone recently asked me about Google Health and I told them, I wouldn't be surprised if they closed it down within the year.

Why? You never hear anything about it. All the main Googlers in charge of the project either left the company or were migrated to new places. So it comes with no surprise that the announcement was made in 2011. Especially after the official FTC probe - I mean, it can't hurt to turn that off now.

The date it will go offline is January 1, 2012. If you are one of the few using it, you can download your data. To do that, see here.

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06/27/2011 08:47 pm

I have read on another site that one problem with Google health was that it was not social. In any case,  I find notable the ability of google to pursue several projects.

john lewis uk

06/28/2011 09:04 am

I never used Google Health.It was something that should be finished. Its a good move by Google to eliminate such things.


06/28/2011 08:11 pm

Well this kind of sucks... I just intended intended to enter the data from my pedometer... I guess i should choose MS Healvault instead. Pity, i don't think that this project did cost Google much (anything at all really)

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