Google's Happy Holidays Doodle More Christian Friendly This Year?

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As you know, Google's Happy Holidays logos are up today, but for Christmas Eve here and Christmas Day (in Australia now).

Last year, there was huge firestorm about the logo being hurtful to Christians. Why? Because it led to a page that said "Happy Holidays." This year, we have the same thing:

Google Happy Holidays 2013 Logo

When you hover your mouse over the Doodle, it says "Happy Holidays from Google" and when you click through, it takes you to a search for "Happy Holidays."

The question is why doesn't Google say "Merry Christmas"? There is no other holiday today or tomorrow, not Kwanzaa or Chanukah. It is Christmas, so why not say "Merry Christmas"?

This year, at least under the search box is a "Ho ho ho! Follow Santa's journey around the world with Google Maps" and the logo shows Santa (I believe) on a sled? So it is a bit more Christmas focused than last year.

In fact, the Christmas day logo is even more Christmasy with a Christmas tree and all.

Here is the Christmas eve logo from Google:

Google's Happy Holidays - Christmas 2013

Here is the Christmas day logo from Google:

Google's Happy Holidays - Christmas 2013

There is currently one complaint in the Google Web Search Help forum but I expect many more. The complaint reads, "Why not wish us a Happy CHRISTMAS not holidays...?"

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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12/24/2013 02:01 pm

I for one have given up complaining because Google clearly doesn't want to say Merry Christmas. They will say Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy New Year, Happy Random Guy's 159th Birthday, but what amounts to the biggest holiday of the year for most people is a no go. Yes, I realize there are other holidays, and I'm not even a Christian — but Hanukkah ended almost a month ago, and very few people if any celebrate Kwanzaa, which doesn't occur until the 26th anyway. Besides, on holidays like Halloween no one spends time worrying that they excluded various random minority holidays when they say Happy Halloween. Plenty of religious Christians for example are against celebrating Halloween, but Google doesn't care about that. Ah well, Merry Dubious National Holiday everyone.


12/24/2013 02:12 pm

Ack ack ack!


12/24/2013 03:25 pm

Couldn't have said it better. That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.


12/24/2013 03:53 pm

"very few people if any celebrate Kwanzaa" Wow...


12/24/2013 05:02 pm

Tons of people in other countries celebrate Kwanzaa. Wow.


12/24/2013 05:21 pm

See here:


12/24/2013 05:23 pm

Hahaha. Are you serious? Kwanzaa is an American holiday. I dare you to show me one example of non-Americans celebrating it in any way. As per the video below, even African-Americans are hostile to being associated with Kwanzaa:


12/24/2013 05:34 pm

" but I expect many more " Yeah, there are three of them now !


12/25/2013 12:02 am

I never even heard of "Kwanzaa" so I must be one of those"tons of people"


12/25/2013 01:12 am

my sentiments exactly. it is what it is, christmas is christmas. if anything, in the mad rush to religious correctness there exists now a prejudice against christmas. go figure.


12/25/2013 02:24 am

The whole winter solstice time period had been a major holiday period for various tribes, peoples, cultures and religions for literally thousands of years. It was blatantly co-opted by Christianity (even though Christ could not have been born this time of year if you read the Bible carefully) in an effort to cover up all those other winter solstice celebrations. I find it very telling that so many so called christians think they are somehow being persecuted by the fact that other people have Holiday celebrations of their own. Screams insecurity to me, and insecurity is born of lack of Faith.


12/25/2013 03:32 am

Let's not throw Christians under the bus because of belief, I am a proud Christian, Anglican if you want to get specific and Sparks13 you can persecute all you want but all I learn from your criticism is the subtle hints to your religious insecurity., Are you atheist? Hindu? Muslim? no matter what we are we celebrate some time in some way. For you to blame with lack of faith due to the controversy over the common saying for ages is a little absurd, maybe somebody's not having such a merry christmas? It is widely known throughout the Christian faith that Jesus was not born on December 25th and most likely was born in mid springtime. The holy roman church merged the celebration of the birth of Jesus with the ancient roman tradition of celebrating Saturnalia near the solstice. Christmas isn't a cultural cover up, it is a cultural expansion making it easier for Roman Christians (just about all Romans) to celebrate. Kwanzaa doesn't begin to the 26th, Hanukkah is over. the only fitting phase for the 24th and 25th of December is Happy, Merry, Jolly or anything else (Christmas). these are two of the most important dates in the Christian faith, thank you class is adjourned you've learned your lesson. anyways who cares be happy it's not a big deal to argue over Merry Christmas


12/25/2013 04:15 am

Totally agree...except I love Pumpkin :)


12/25/2013 05:01 am

Actually, tonight is Modraniht or Mother's Night, as well as Christmas. Mother's Night falls on the 25 as well, and is an important celebration for Anglo-Saxon heathens. So now you've learned a lesson about another holiday you didn't know existed. :)

America's New Path

12/25/2013 05:02 am

OMG...who gives a shit?!? Google not wishing you a Merry Christmas doesn't make it any more or less Christmas unless you're so insecure about your religion that you have to have the religious emphasis constantly reinforced at every turn. Seriously, go to church, spend the day with your family or people you care about. Focus on being together, being thankful, and leave Google and all the other Happy Holidayers alone. Want to put the "Christ" back in Christmas? Volunteer at a food kitchen. Collect canned food for food banks. Donate your old coats to homeless shelters. Seriously, do something other than annoying the fuck out of everyone else with your self-absorbed, fake-victim bellyaching. This is so much a non-issue that it's painful. Anyway, in the immortal words of Clark Griswold: "Hallelujah! Holy shit!"

Marsha Wright

12/25/2013 05:06 am

I'll only say one simple phrase...MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

Steve Kovach

12/25/2013 05:10 am


Steve Kovach

12/25/2013 05:11 am



12/25/2013 05:15 am

WOW! Who gives a flying fuck?! When did everyone in the whole wide world get so damn sensitive? Are you people really that bored that you want to get mad at a picture? GET A HOBBY! OR SOMETHING! YOU PEOPLE ARE BACKED UP YOU HAVE TOO MUCH RICE IN YOUR DIETS


12/25/2013 05:15 am

Was there a Happy Solstice message by Google on December 21? For many of us, that is the festival of the season.


12/25/2013 05:20 am

Do we still have to fight the war on Christmas and not just celebrate it?Who cares what Google does.Instead of worrying about whether Google says Merry Christmas, I suggest you say it to people. Say it to everyone you meet. Merry Christmas to everyone! Joyeux Noel! Feliz Navidad! Frohe Weihnachten! Vrolijk Kerstfeest! God Jul!


12/25/2013 05:21 am

Yes, there was:

kirk czuhai

12/25/2013 05:33 am yes, Merry Christmas to you everyday!!!!!!! peace on earth, goodwill to men !!!!!!! love and peace, and, peace and love, kirk !!!!!!!


12/25/2013 05:33 am

They had a Hannukah doodle, and an Eid doodle, and a divali doodle. It's almost like they went out of their way to exclude Christmas.


12/25/2013 05:36 am

People just need to get use to Happy Holidays and 'Tis The Season, Happy Kwanza, and everything else BUT Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas. Welcome to the new generation, where people in South Korea, Russia, most of Europe, most of Asia, and Australia are saying Merry Christmas to each other but over here we're saying Happy Holidays to pacify the angry atheist or bored Grinchs who are the minority and just get off on making a scene because they're miserable inside.......yay! rofl.

kirk czuhai

12/25/2013 05:47 am

oh, and have you already forgotten===>

Steven H

12/25/2013 06:45 am

You weren't kidding.... the Google Korea and Google Japan pages greet with "Merry Christmas", while in English-speaking Western countries it's happy holidays:

Steven H

12/25/2013 06:47 am

Yet you're the only one angry here... it seems like you give the most of a flying fuck.

john lincs

12/25/2013 12:58 pm

What is all this "Happy Holiday" crap? today is Christmas and to those that want to celebrate then it's Merry Christmas, I am yet to see one single other religion call their celebration by another name just to satisfy brain dead PC brigade idiots, each religion has its own celebration and each religion is respected as such for the name they celebrate so why this never ending attack on MY religion? To be honest I do not believe in any religion as it's all made up from men who found a way of controlling others and getting money from them as well as power, however I DO believe in a god no matter what name you may put on him but I will still say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and if that upsets you, then HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL.


12/25/2013 01:03 pm

" people in South Korea, Russia, most of Europe, most of Asia, and Australia are saying Merry Christmas " The reason people are saying Merry Christmas is not religious. American pop-culture domination is the reason.


12/25/2013 01:31 pm's pretty crazy how PC things have gotten here. Most atheist and agnostic don't recoil at the words "Merry Christmas", neither do most Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and so on.......however we're changing the way we do everything to pacify the few who do. -Sigh-


12/25/2013 02:34 pm

It's funny Google had no problem talking about hanukkah all over the Google Market a month ago but now that it's Christmas they call it "holiday". No mention of Christmas. Not shocking though as all three Google executives are Jews. Oh and I was raised Catholic but no longer practice so this is not really something that gets under my skin other than they will celebrate a Jew holiday by NAME but not a Catholic one, which is pretty screwed up considering there are only 0.2% Jewish people in the world and 31.5% Catholic.


12/25/2013 02:40 pm is the next one, and if you type Merry Christmas in the search bar, you should see Santa and some snow


12/26/2013 12:07 am

Honestly. Who really cares about this.


12/26/2013 03:16 am

Mordraniht was celebrated on Christmas Eve actually. Not December 25th. So you've learnt a lesson too. :)


12/26/2013 03:20 am

The solstice occurred days ago not on the 25th and there were pagan holidays on every month. So don't even bother with that argument. The fact Google is ready to wish Nietzsche (an atheist philosopher who also went mad as a result of his atheism) a happy birthday but won't extend the same courtesy to someone's whose birthday has been celebrated on the 25th for over 1,600 years screams atheistic bias to me. "We don't even know that Jesus was real!!" Oh please. Need I bring up the extra-biblical accounts of him from Tacitus, Josephus, Pliny The Younger and others which, without a doubt, prove his historicity?


12/26/2013 03:22 am

And you wonder why people hate you atheists when you whine louder than street cats? How about we take Charles Darwin off of the £10 note in the UK? Oh wait we did that already and you atheists screamed oppression and sent death threats to the woman responsible. Hypocrite. Look upon your own religion before you judge others. "Atheism is not a religion!!" Then why are you here attempting to advance its cause?


12/26/2013 03:24 am

GOD BLESS YOU TOO! GOD! GOD! CHRIST!! JESUS! RELIGION! GOD! (And I'm aware this post will irk the atheists who typically get offended by anything religious)


12/26/2013 03:29 am

You mean Solstice? As in the festival practiced by pagans in one country thousands of years ago as opposed to Christmas which has been celebrated as the birth of Christ for over 1,700 years which started in the Holy Roman Empire which eventually spread out across most of Europe bringing Christmas with it. The origin of Christmas is irrelevant. It was more wide-spread. It has been practiced for longer. There's really no argument to be had here. We don't see pagans bringing up the autumn solstice when it's Diwali. Suddenly Christmas comes and atheists and pagans jump upon the "oh it's actually the winter solstice and we're practicing that!" bandwagon as an excuse.

America's New Path

12/26/2013 05:05 am

I'm not an atheist asshole. I'm agnostic. Before that I was Southern Baptist. I don't care who's on the ten pound note in the UK. Charles Darwin, Mother doesn't bother me because I'm American, but mostly I don't care. Now, if you fundies want to try to stick Jesus on money...well, then we'll probably have a problem, but then the same goes for Mohammed, Ganesh, or Abraham. As for atheism, it's not a religion any more than the Labour party is a religion or believing that capitalism is religious. Why are people like me trying to advance its cause? Because we look back at history (and around the current world) and see a plethora of reasons justifying a legitimate and reasonable fear of religion and its negative influences in this world. And if its a choice between supporting atheism or supporting the Christian religion, I'll take atheism. Oh..and don't give me bullshit about Stalin, Hitler, or Pol Pot. And. honestly, atheists don't whine around Christmas. They don't care whether Google says Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Do you really think that atheists got Google and other major players in the market economy to start saying "happy holidays"? I know a lot of atheists that wish that they were that influential. It's simple market forces and an interest in not alienating a more religiously diversified public that drove the change. And as for death, you really want to dive into whether atheists or Christians are more likely to send death threats? Fine. You psychos even threatened J.K. Rowling? I mean, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people? And as for atheists sending death threats to the woman responsible for getting Jane Austen on the 10 pound note...yeah, that was a single individual: I imagine most atheists didn't care. Anyway, the world is changing and, for the first time in history, theists are having to deal with those who reject religion and it's influence on politics, laws, and daily life. It's only going to get worse for people like you as time goes on, so you better get used to it.


12/26/2013 06:19 am

Technically, it extended into the twenty-fifth, due to the celebration of both the ancestral dis and the female spirits. So you were both right. :-)

MaMa LeIn

12/26/2013 09:22 am

Nice simple Google Doodles

MaMa LeIn

12/26/2013 09:23 am

1st and 2nd Google Doodles from this season


12/26/2013 01:13 pm

I need to laugh at the proud display of ignorance David is displaying here. All current-day, manufactured outrage over how people greet each other aside: "You mean Solstice? As in the festival practiced by pagans in one country thousands of years ago" Congratulations, that is one of the most mind blowingly ignorant things I have read in these 'but it's christmas!' posts. The movement of the sun and moon have been closely observed for thousands of years. The annual marking of when the day-to-night ratio begins to swing in the suns favor has been an important 'holiday' for as long we have been marking the days. These things have been observed by man in basically every civilization (neolithic to modern) to some degree. You could not be wrong when you go on to say: "It was more wide-spread. It has been practiced for longer. There's really no argument to be had here." Really, some basic understanding of our species' history, that of a middle schooler, should have made you aware of this. I am amazed at the historical and cultural blinders you must be wearing. And maybe you don't see pagans bringing up Samhain (or other solstice observances) because you are as blind to the beliefs/traditions of others today as you are historically. And why do you lump atheists and pagans into the same lot? Are you not aware that there is a difference?


12/26/2013 01:27 pm

And if we are getting picky, the pagans have three 'autumn' holidays that you are gladly ignoring. Samhain comes easiest to mind, but let's not forget the autumnal equinox (Mabon) and Lammas. Note: not all 'pagans' would denote themselves as such or observe any or all three of these holidays. Cultural Differences: Being ignored in favor of what makes people feel better about their own since forever.


12/26/2013 05:32 pm

Mine is just an ugly little house.. not even the sleigh.. Google are communists anyway so what do you expect?

Black Jewish Guy

12/26/2013 06:21 pm

Well, at least you have doodles for Christmas. There are no doodles for Hanukkah or Kawanzaa!


12/26/2013 10:11 pm

Bullshit. They'll do some crap for Kwanza,'s politically correct to do so.


12/27/2013 12:23 am

because politically fucking correct i dont celebrate christmass thank you very much siri already told me merry christmas im happy to see google do this and its not even santa you dumbass its 2 people on a sliegh with a horse!


12/27/2013 01:05 am

You're not an atheist? You're still an asshole then regardless and you might want to watch who you're calling an "fundamentalist" considering you changed the topic and made this a subject about the crimes of religion. Oh and yes atheism is not perfect. Yes I will bring up Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot as they killed religious people and actively persecuted religion. So no, don't bring up any atheist bullshit about them not being inspired by their militant atheism. So get your facts straight. Atheists and atheist-agnostics such as yourself are hated in Christian states because of your stupidity. Religious people are killed in atheist states because atheists are the most intolerant and bigoted people on the planet. The world is changing but not for the better you psycho. Atheism however still remains a very small minority and you actually wonder why that is? It's because everyone sees that atheism is a pile of bullshit. Go back to r/atheism.

why change christmas

12/27/2013 01:09 am

Core I don't celebrate Hanukkah but I do not ignorantly change its name to just a holiday. Why change the name of the holiday just because you don't celebrate it. If you don't celebrate it you just don't. people shouldn't try to change the name of a specific holiday or there won't be point of any holidays but a free don't have to go to work pass. With people's politically right argument I say why the hack are you celebrating it if you are not even going to celebrate what the Christmas is all about? If you can do this to Christmas why don't we just reduce every other religion's special day to a mere meaningless holiday so we could all celebrate it?


12/27/2013 01:13 am

Atheists make me laugh with their fallacies. Atheistic communism has killed more than any religion. Let's look at the crimes of atheism and how they've persecuted religious people in their so-called "rational" countries: Not to mention the so-called "rational" free-thinking community and their rape and death threats to that woman who got rid of Darwin from the £10. And all the atheist/agnostic murderers in prison:

why change christmas

12/27/2013 01:13 am

Some people really have to draw a line for this politically correct nonsense. Just don't get involved if you don't like Christmas instead of trying to change it. Who the f@#k is more politically correct? One trying to practice their religious holiday or one trying to change that religious holiday because they don't find it 'politically correct' in this free, religion diverse country.

why change christmas

12/27/2013 01:15 am

beware sir. If this politically correct nonsense continues, we never know when they are going to change other religious holidays.


12/27/2013 01:20 am

Such a long post ehalon considering you entirely missed the point, the context and responded in what I can only describe as an emotional outrage rather than rational thought. The Solstice is mainly celebrated by pagans and the Solstice as a *festival* is mainly attributed to the pagans. That festival was replaced long ago as the popular one by Christmas. The "movement of the sun and moon" and the Solstice is not even celebrated on December 25th and falls on a date earlier and is celebrated at different times for other cultures just like New Year's so I can only think that you yourself are ignorant of culture and history. I think it was fair of David to clamp pagans and atheists in the same category considering they're the only people moaning about Christmas being Christmas and not the Solstice (which had its Google Doodle on the 21st so I don't know why you're having such a sissy fit).


12/27/2013 01:43 am

I've got to agree with David. "The fact Google is ready to wish Nietzsche (an atheist philosopher who also went mad as a result of his atheism) a happy birthday but won't extend the same courtesy to someone's whose birthday has been celebrated on the 25th for over 1,600 years screams atheistic bias to me. "We don't even know that Jesus was real!!" Oh please. Need I bring up the extra-biblical accounts of him from Tacitus, Josephus, Pliny The Younger and others which, without a doubt, prove his historicity?" And all of this is because some atheist grinches get offended over the word "Christ" and over crucifixes as well as other religious things.

Jim Baden

12/27/2013 01:58 am

Well, may we wish Google a Happy December Recreation Leave then. Over at Bing, it's Christmas! There's an easy way to tell Google what ya'll think about it. Tell everyone, and use Bing.


12/27/2013 02:14 am

I've got to agree with David. "The fact Google is ready to wish Nietzsche (an atheist philosopher who also went mad as a result of his atheism) a happy birthday but won't extend the same courtesy to someone's whose birthday has been celebrated on the 25th for over 1,600 years screams atheistic bias to me. "We don't even know that Jesus was real!!" Oh please. Need I bring up the extra-biblical accounts of him from Tacitus, Josephus, Pliny The Younger and others which, without a doubt, prove his historicity?" And all of this is because some atheist grinches get offended over the word "Christ" and over crucifixes as well as other religious things.


12/27/2013 02:30 am

The OP is the reason why I hate atheists. It's clear he had a bad experience with religion and that's the motivation behind his closet-atheism. His words betray him as someone who would prefer to be called an "atheist" but won't accept the title and instead calls himself agnostic because he knows the majority of people know atheism for the nonsense that it is and he cares what people think. It's like with Dawkins: Atheist when selling a book to atheists. Agnostic suddenly when debating. It's hilarious.


12/27/2013 01:12 pm I was responding to the factual errors about where it (read: a variety of different solstice celebrations both ancient and modern; some of which incorporate the 25th) was celebrated, which is not just one country thousands of years David had stated. I also responded to the "it [Christmas] was more wide-spread and practiced longer...and that there was no argument to be had there". This is also not true. Yes, some celebrations last to the 23rd, some are one day in early December, some are in January, some are on or include Christmas Eve and Christmas...there is no 'one' solstice celebration. If that is how it sounded, it wasn't what I was attempting to say. You can go to a lot of these celebrations if you want to poke around; not really my belief structure, but I have enjoyed every one that I have been to (mothers side of the family has been practicing one form of paganism or another for as far back as we can suss out)...even the one that seems to keep happening on Christmas Eve into Christmas...even though it's not even supposed to happen that way according to your post. I really don't care what people use to greet each other this time of year, or even on Christmas itself. They could throw their hands up and say "Barhg Gobble" as long as they are cheerful about it and it wouldn't mean any more or less than 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Holidays' or 'Hey, nice to see you'. And no, it isn't fair to lump pagan and atheist together...they aren't even remotely similar.


12/31/2013 10:32 am

The 2014 new year thing is ugly and the way it moves is irritating, feels like it's going to give me an epileptic tics. I try not to look at it now when I open google page.


04/20/2014 08:00 pm

It doesn't mean they're atheist. They just don't want to piss off liberals. Or they're liberals themselves. Liberals are the ones who have turned us into a society where we can't promote our own religion, race, or nation without being "racist."

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