Google's Happy Holidays Logo Hurtful To Christians?

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On Google today is a special Google logo for the holiday season. The logo looks very cheerful and Christmas like. Here it is:

Google's Happy Holidays Logo - Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas and some Christians are hurt by the fact that when you hover your mouse over the logo or click on the logo, all it says is "Happy Holidays" as opposed to Merry Christmas.

Google's Happy Holidays Logo

Now, Google typically does this every year. Last year's post has 50 comments and the year before has 55, mostly with complaints about the language Google used for their logo.

Why not say Merry Christmas? The only holiday that I am aware tomorrow, December 25th, is Christmas. Chanukah was a couple weeks earlier, Kwanzaa is the day later and even Festivus is the 23rd. So why not make a logo specific to each holiday so all religious groups are happy?

Google responded to one complaint in the Google Web Search Help forums, where Jessica from Google was also hurt and sad but for other reasons:

Thanks for the feedback. The Google Doodles are intended to make people smile and I'm sad to hear that this is severely upsetting the folks on this thread, even to the point of believing that this is "destroying the Christmas spirit." We're happy to pass along the feedback to the Doodlers.

What is interesting is that other countries to mention Merry Christmas. For example, Google Norway says :"God Jul fra Google!" which means Merry Christmas from Google:

God Jul fra Google

I should note, it is already Christmas day in Australia and Google Australia doesn't have a Doodle live for Christmas day, which is incredibly unlike Google.

Update: Google finally posted a Christmas Day Doodle on Google Australia several hours into the day. Here it is:

Christmas Day Google Doodle

Should Google be more explicit with the Google logo, especially when other holidays don't overlap with them?

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help and Google+.

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Martin Oxby

12/24/2012 01:43 pm

I think that it doesn't destroy the Christmas Spirit, but 'Happy Holidays' definitely erodes the origin and meaning of Christmas. Google is not the only organisation to do this. By not specifying 'Christ' in order not to offend people of other faiths, they in fact offend some Christians. I'm pretty sure people of other faiths are not offended by the fact that we celebrate Christmas any more than I, as a Christian, am offended that Muslims Celebrate Ramadan. Don't see why Christian faith gets this 'over sensitive treatment' in various circles. I think the image itself is great and represents what most of society now perceive Christmas to be about, but if other festivals of other faiths are named explicitly then if you're applying a principle of 'tolerance' or 'equality' then Christmas should be named explicitly too.


12/24/2012 02:03 pm

The image depicts a secular Christmas which could offend someone if it were talking about the religious festival. I don't think it really matters, and people shouldn't waste their time worrying over these small things.


12/24/2012 02:03 pm

Destroying the meaning of Christmas in a country that is more obsessed with shopping than following the teachings of Jesus. Maybe they should focus their attention on returning some of the things they purchased, and using the money to help the less fortunate. 1 in 5 Children in America are suffer from hunger.


12/24/2012 02:05 pm

BREAKING NEWS: Google has yanked their Christmas Day doodle for the first time since 1998, in response to this outrage over "Happy Holidays". It's currently December 25 in Australia and New Zealand (where the doodle existed until midnight), but there is no doodle on their sites now:


12/24/2012 02:05 pm

oh get a life, christmas day and boxing day are both holiday days, hence, the word holiday being pluralled,why do some people get so much pleasure in being so intent on making an issue out of the slightest thing, wars start more often than not because some nutcase ca'nt see the bigger picture, this is a point in principal, think before you put finger to keyboard in future.


12/24/2012 02:06 pm

And then there is this guy; thinking that Christmas started off as a 'Christian' holiday or that it was even religious in nature as early as the 1700s.

Arwin Adriano

12/24/2012 02:08 pm

I think there's nothing wrong from the logo as Google has it's own will on what they wanted to appear from their page, right guys?

Jane Wallen

12/24/2012 02:10 pm

It's truly astonishing to me that American companies can't even say Merry Christmas but you hear it all the time in Japan, India, and so many wholly non-christian countries that import our Western holidays. Truly sad that the biggest influencers of American popular culture are steadfastly abandoning this holiday. It's such a beautiful, fun, joyous, peaceful holiday... I don't understand how anyone could be offended by a greeting about it.


12/24/2012 02:11 pm


Jane Wallen

12/24/2012 02:11 pm

The doodle has never been up on December 26, it always get taken down after midnight on Christmas Day. So no, it's not for "Boxing Day", which isn't even a holiday in America.

Steven Holiday

12/24/2012 02:21 pm

Well I'm not a Christian—I'm an atheist—but I still celebrate Christmas, and Google is clearly ignoring the elephant in the room by always putting up a doodle on Christmas specifically and ignoring the name. It isn't "hurtful" to me, and I'm not a Christian, but it definitely is stupid, annoying, offensive, generic, bland, anti-Christmas-spirit, and insulting to our intelligence.

Steven Holiday

12/24/2012 02:27 pm

That's just depressing.... instead of responding to our humble suggestions, they just say "ah, f*ck it, we don't want to say Christmas, so take it down". Google doodlers are anti-Christmas scrooges, apparently. Bing has some great imagery for Christmas, and they use the word "Christmas", good for them.

f in Google

12/24/2012 03:00 pm

Yeah but tart your CHRISTMAS shopping at Google...all ads. It's not "holidays" but Christmas and that's it.

Martin Oxby

12/24/2012 03:31 pm

I'm not talking about historically. I'm talking about 'Now'. The Birth of Christ is a celebration and it was decided at some point in that history to celebrate it at this time of year, instead of a pagan ritual. Christmas is understood to be about the birth of Christ. That is when people, whether of faith or not, acknowledge that modern-day Christians celebrate the birth of their Saviour.

Norm Miller

12/24/2012 03:34 pm

How on earth is wishing someone happiness stupid, annoying, offensive or insulting? This is the fish people want to fry in this day and age? Really? Anyone who wants to say Merry Christmas, then say it! Anyone who wants to say Happy Holidays, then say it! Everyone else, accept the happy spirits and good tidings that are offered to you! And be thankful for them. That is the spirit of the day, so show it and stop criticizing others you feel aren't living up to your standards.


12/24/2012 03:59 pm

It was an excuse to get drunk and rowdy; it was an excuse to get incredibly drunk and rowdy; it was an excuse to get even more drunk and rowdy; it was a solem rememberance of family, faith and other fun 'f' words -not that one!; it is an excuse to stimulate the comsumer economy and a good reason to get together with friends and family to relax and enjoy eachother...or to eat chinese food and watch a movie. That is broad history of the 'Christian Christmas'...notice how it starts as one thing and evolves into another and evolves into another. Faith fell off the sled a few decades ago and it doesn't run as fast as the sled slides.


12/24/2012 04:03 pm

I'd never thought anything of 'Happy Holidays' until people started making a big deal about it. It works as a term for this time of year since, depending on where you are, there's Christmas, Boxing Day, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year... Maybe even Thanksgiving if you want to throw that in there. It doesn't hurt anyone and it's inclusive. Personally I say 'Merry Christmas' even though I'm not a Christian, but others can say what they like and I'm not going to force them to conform to what I think the meaning of this time of year is.

Lucius Whitman

12/24/2012 04:10 pm

Personally, I don't care what people say to celebrate the holiday, including Google. What does bother me is not only how offended people get because someone isn't saying what they want them to say, but also how they insist that it must be about what they want it to be about. You celebrate it the way you want, for the reasons you want, and I'll do the same. If that offends you in some fashion, please be adult enough to understand that thats really only an issue for you.

Yehoshua Coren

12/24/2012 04:15 pm

I think that it makes sense to say Merry Christmas. Granted, the term "holidays" has become synonymous with Christmas, but it seems to me because there is a current cultural fear in America of folks not being inclusive with their "winter messages." Being politically correct aside, I feel that the holiday being celebrated by most indeed *is* Christmas, so just go ahead and say it. I even had a vendor mention to me on the phone the other day that they we're going to have limited availability this week to respond to emails etc. due to the "post-Chanukah break." LOL. Personally, I'm not insulted or "left out" by the fact that the majority out there is celebrating Christmas. When I kid growing up in public school I did feel uncomfortable when the choir was singing Christmas songs (especially since a significant number of them were religious in nature). I had to get special to not sing the songs myself, and the teachers were not very understanding of my 2nd grade objections. But this is different; Google wishing a large portion of their users a "Merry Christmas" doesn't seem inappropriate and imposing upon others.

Rusty Shackleford

12/24/2012 04:39 pm

Nah, it's a pagan holiday.


12/24/2012 05:21 pm

wasn't jesus born in august?


12/24/2012 05:21 pm

Oh, for fucks sake. "God Jul" doesn't mean Merry Christmas, it refers to "Yule" which predates the christian version. Guess there's no requirement to have a fucking brain if you write for a fucking SE site...


12/24/2012 05:31 pm

No.. no it is not. At all. How many reasons would you like me to site on why that isn't try? I'm thinking this message box will run out of space before I could finish. It's a pagan holiday just like Rusty has said. Christians took it over to promote their agenda. Just like Easter.

Fuck you

12/24/2012 05:51 pm

Who gives a shit? Fuck Jesus and fuck Christmas. And fuck the lot of you idiots.

Andrew Redfield

12/24/2012 06:09 pm

Google has no debt to you to pander to your particular religion. How is happy holidays offensive? It's all encompassing. Are you really that petty that it's not enough that your religion is mentioned, but it has to be the ONLY one mentioned? So you find including other people offensive? Do you go over to your neighbors and demand they put "Merry Christmas" on all their cards? Then why would you go to google, a company that you have no part in and no say in, because you don't own it, and demand that they replace their all encompassing message with one that panders to your single religion?

Andrew Redfield

12/24/2012 06:15 pm

Christmas is derived from the various European solstice festivals, and the imagery was primarily from various Scandinavian traditions. It was only incorporated into Christianity a few centuries ago, and only for the purpose of assimilating the non-christian inhabitants of northern Europe. The actual birthdate of Jesus, if he was indeed an actual human being, is estimated to be in the spring, most likely around March. Christmas is only tangentially related to Christianity, especially now that it has been commercialized. It is a holiday about good cheer, generosity, and consumerism. You can, in your own home, celebrate it according to your religion, but keep it to yourself. We have no debt to you to celebrate OUR holiday according to YOUR ideas. So pleas, if you are completely ignorant of the history of the holiday, then just shut up and avoid embarrassing yourself.

Andrew Redfield

12/24/2012 06:18 pm

So you're saying... it's not good enough that your religion is mentioned... it has to be the ONLY one mentioned? And acknowledging other holidays is somehow offensive to you? Is your worldview that fragile that even realizing that there are other beliefs out there threatens your entire view on life?


12/24/2012 06:20 pm

\Wasn't bugs bunny born in March?

Joe from Buffalo

12/24/2012 06:37 pm

Just wait until Easter, when the "doodlers" completely ignore the holiday. The whole Happy Holidays nonsense has run its course. More people have wished me a Merry Christmas this year.


12/24/2012 06:43 pm

"It's the thought that counts…" Remember that…?


12/24/2012 06:59 pm

we live in a country where its people have many beliefs, and even though Hannukah might have ended over a week ago, are all Jews supposed to go back to work during Christmas day, or are they allowed to also celebrate the HOLIDAYS. I have no issue with Google's Happy Holidays message, because this is exactly what EVERYONE is celebrating. The good wishes encompasses all people, no matter their beliefs, it is respectful.

Brandon Bordon

12/24/2012 07:02 pm

I'm against gay against lust, period. Im against atheism, and the belief in naturalism. Im against Islam too, islam to me is just as bad for an individual as atheism. I'm against the world, basically, I am not friends with the world. If you're saying happy holidays, it doesnt really matter. As a christian, I'll say this "repent, and believe the gospel", "Go and sin no more, be cleasned by the purging spirit of Jesus Christ" "He is the bread of life, and his blood washes away sin" "Depart from sin, believe in Jesus, and what he did, know him, be faithful, meaning obedient" If you're saying happy holidays, it doesnt really matter, that's not a sin at all. If you're a perverted person, a coveting person, a liar, a theif, an adulterer, a murderer, or any other ungodly thing, repent, stop sinning, be born again...

recovering christian

12/24/2012 07:07 pm

Well maybe if the church focused more attention on helping others, rather then focusing on how to recurt and convert people and spending millions in court cases for child molestation lol I forgot to add........ Spending millions on building big churches without regards to the eco system Marketing - I see ads every wherearound my city and had Christians ever thought It was offending non be livers to be subjected to all this Marketing - why can't I enjoy a weekend walking down town pass a church without one crazy jeus freak telling my little cousin she is going to hell for not believing in god or going to church


12/24/2012 07:08 pm has a doodle!! yeah!!


12/24/2012 07:09 pm

Get over it. Happy Holidays is a salutation that recognizes the season. It is not an assault on Christianity.


12/24/2012 07:10 pm

We Say "Merry Christmas" because America is a Christian country. When we become a "Festivus" country or a "Jewish" country, we'll say those other things. But since we are a WAY predominantly Christian country; Merry Christmas everyone!

Barry Schwartz

12/24/2012 07:14 pm

Updated my story, thanks!


12/24/2012 07:16 pm

Actually, I do believe December 25th was the holiest Pagan holiday before the Christians decided to take it over.

12/24/2012 07:18 pm

CHRISTmas is about the birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a celebration of the Birth of He who would die to save us. Is that not incredible? If you don't believe it is, don't celebrate CHRISTmas. Keep your Lucifer-loving ways out of a truly Holy Day.


12/24/2012 07:23 pm

Well said. I hate politically correct, pussy footing, treading on eggshells in case religious people get upset. I thought religion was supposed to be tolerant of others' views? Call it what you like, I'm just grateful for a few days off work spent with my family, couldn't care less what it's called or what its history is.


12/24/2012 07:24 pm

Are you kidding me, Barry? You had nothing useful to write about?

Barry Schwartz

12/24/2012 07:26 pm

Jacob, I cover discussion threads in Google forums. This is a hot topic right now, like it is every year. See all the comments. :)

Religious Group Of Christians

12/24/2012 07:26 pm

Yes, i would say that Google should do a logo for each and every holiday and naming it whatever the holiday it is for example Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays...

If you don't know, Look it up!

12/24/2012 07:34 pm

Excuse me? Okay, let's take a look at the facts. The evidence of most scholars is that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th, but significantly later. The early Christian church government, known for pre-empting other people's holy days as made-up holy days of their own in order to force conversion, somehow placed that particular birth earlier. And what day of great significance to many cultures of that time and earlier times occurs right around the time the early church government decided to make the official mass of Jesus' birth (which is what "christmas" means)? Perhaps better questions would be "Why are modern Christians so ignorant of their own history?" and "What is it about Christianity, at least as it is practiced today, that causes such arrogance as to have its practitioners very often crying foul at what amounts to fair play and recognition that there are many Ways to find Truth, while ignoring "the log" in their own eyes?


12/24/2012 07:35 pm

Seems like a rather trifling article if you ask me. I have my tree and decorations up. Tomorrow we will be celebrating Christmas with family and friends and the Google logo won't be a point of discussion. For me, Happy Holidays always meant, not just XMas, but New Years as well. If people use it to refer to Chanakuh, Kwanzaa, and even Rahmadan, when it falls in December, its perfectly fine with me. The more inclusive, the better.


12/24/2012 07:35 pm

Really? All you religious fucks need to calm down ok who cares that it doesn't say fucking merry christmas we know what the day is. Go fuck yourselves and have sex with a god that demands worship every day. My god doesn't.


12/24/2012 07:38 pm

HOLY SHIIITTT!!! its people like you that need to leave this country. All that religious bullshit IS bullshit. Go fuck yourself if youre against gay marriage then you're against life. Same with the islam thing. FUck yourself

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:40 pm

It is time for theism to gracefully retire. It is time for the human race to grow up.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:43 pm

Everything passes. Dangerous theistic myths will too. The sooner the better.


12/24/2012 07:43 pm

Indeed, the real destruction of XMas is in the commercialization of the holiday. These days nothing seems to say "Merry Xmas"more than the fighting and trampling that happens on Black Friday.

Cole Redford

12/24/2012 07:43 pm

Who gives a shit google is givinging cheeres for the holidays that are happening this moth true christmas is the one of the specialist but come on worring over one pharase Happy holidays who cares Happy holidays express for all the holidays going on during this moth not just one specific holiday I mean come on man its just a phrase its not like its making fun of ur religion.


12/24/2012 07:48 pm

Seriously? If they used ” Merry Christmas”, the non Christians would complain. It seems like you simply can't try to impart a nice sentiment anymore without being accused of some type of bigotry. If this truly does impact someones Christmas spirit then they really need to get a life! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, Google and everyone else!

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:48 pm

Theism is gradually retiring into the shadows of history. Humanity is growing out of a dangerous delusion. Hope for the future increases.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:50 pm

The pagan observance died. The theist observance will die. The sooner the better.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:51 pm

Thanks for the giggle. :) You may consider me fucked.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:52 pm

Anti dangerous theist mythological garbage masquerading as ultimate truth ... this is a very good thing.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 07:55 pm

One of the Commandments should have been, "Thou shalt not shout on the Internet". It would be far better for the world if you kept your religion out of the public sphere, and stopped spitting on the First Amendment.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:01 pm

"Christmas" has the word "Christ" in it. Gaaah! That word has always left a bad taste in my mouth. "Jesus", too. Probably wouldn't feel that way if Christian bastards hadn't tried to convince me they possess ultimate truth when they are nothing more than pushy adherents of a primitive cult who need to bolster their own beliefs by foisting them on others.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:02 pm

The elephant is getting smaller and smaller every year. Wahoo!

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:06 pm

You were born in modern times, but your brain is a hangover from deeply superstitious ancient nomadic animal herders who had no notion of reason or rational enquiry.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:07 pm

On average, atheists know more about Christianity that Christians do.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:08 pm

Nope. It is time for the mental disease of theism to die.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:09 pm

In a hundred years, that may no longer be the case. O glorious atheistic future. If only I could live to see the day.

Ravi Chipps

12/24/2012 08:11 pm

You are an atheist: you don't believe in any gods ... except one. The last step is not hard. Take it and be free. You can still live a good life.

Near Genius

12/24/2012 08:11 pm

As a religious Jew, I find "Happy Holidays" meaningless--Chanukah is over. I am not the least bit offended when people say "Merry Christmas" to me. I say it right back to them. Of course, since I'm wearing a traditional yarmulke, I sometimes wonder if they are ignorant or just oblivious, or trying to make a point, but since they are always smiling, I prefer to believe that they are just saying it out of pure good will or at worst just habit. I fear G-d, not how you choose to worship Him. Your beliefs are no threat to me, nor mine to you. America was founded on freedom to practice religion, not freedom from exposure to others practicing theirs, so the whiners really need to grow up and learn to respect others' rights instead of trying to infringe on those rights by demanding others tiptoe around their insecurities.

fuck you

12/24/2012 08:22 pm

forget all the other religions! this is america! WE are a christian country! everyone else can go home! so in otherwords the coins should say "in god we trust" and "in alah we trust too?"


12/24/2012 08:28 pm

I would like the option to change it to say Merry Christmas. I'd be happy with Xmas. It still sounds secular, since most people believe it is.


12/24/2012 08:39 pm

Who cares

thomas bailey

12/24/2012 09:01 pm

Christians need to over themselves.


12/24/2012 09:14 pm

the hypocrites at google should have a regular google logo instead of the happy holidays doodle drama and bs.


12/24/2012 09:55 pm

Seriously? You're getting your panties in a twist over this? Humans have reached a new low today it appears.

Nick Drabble

12/24/2012 10:08 pm

How utterly ridiculous.

Random Internet User

12/24/2012 10:23 pm

"So why not make a logo specific to each holiday so all religious groups are happy?" All religious groups happy? lol, you are a funny one

Ted Reynolds

12/24/2012 10:33 pm

I must disagree, I come from England where Boxing Day is an official holiday. I never heard anybody greet me with a "Happy Holiday." Christmas Day is a celebration of Christmas, not of a holiday, even with its happy pagan flavor. Never was wished a "Happy Boxing Day" either. To boot, never heard the term, "Happy Holidays", either.


12/24/2012 10:34 pm

Who cares, LET'S Rejoices FOR THE NEW YEAR of new Beginnings!....Happy Holidayssss!!!!!!!!!

Nola Cockerham

12/24/2012 10:35 pm

I am a Christian . . . and I'm okay with the Happy Holiday. My reasoning is that Holiday means HOLY-day and that seems fitting. Makes sense to me. By the way, why should we (as Christians) gripe about the way that someone wishes us well. It's like demanding that someone give us a certain gift for our birthday instead of being grateful that they remembered us at all. Seems a bit like a petulent child having a temper tantrum.

Ted Reynolds

12/24/2012 10:37 pm

Totally wrong on both counts! Christmas is a melding of the two celebrations. A very successful melding, might I add.


12/24/2012 10:38 pm

Seriously, in the month of December Christmas is NOT the only holiday. People need to stop whining that Christmas is being forgotten. You want to say Merry Christmas, say it. you want to say Happy Holidays say it. If someone gets offended by what you choose to say, that is THEIR problem, not yours. Especially if you mean it in the sense that you wish them well for the holiday season.

tony jazvo

12/24/2012 10:39 pm

Yes, go ahead and believe that like a good automaton. Believe what ever the Animation-Industrial complex tells you to believe. Those of us that haven't drank the kool-aid know that he was born on March 30th 1938 a full month earlier than 'they' would have you think! If you're still reading this at this point, I would like to qualify the above statement as a joke. Certain subject matter make folks kind of touchy. They may need to lighten up a bit. Humor helps sometimes. If they're not too far gone.

Nola Cockerham

12/24/2012 10:39 pm

I think it was springtime. The shepherds were on the hillside waiting for the sheep to have their lambs which happens in the spring.


12/24/2012 10:41 pm

James, your a teat,,,, nothing but a crap head, something full of $hit. see I am a christian and the Google thing does not bother us a bit.... it's all hype from' well $hit heads like you.... marry Christmas and may the true reason for christ being born on earth over shadows everything. Rustin

Ted Reynolds

12/24/2012 10:41 pm

Ahh, a good old Christmas, oops, sorry, Holiday fucking - would not want to offend your sensibilities. What a tradition to cherish.


12/24/2012 10:43 pm

Please just try and enjoy life.


12/24/2012 10:44 pm

Nice usage of QDF algorithm.


12/24/2012 10:46 pm

Maybe you should try communicating without using the F bomb. There is a whole dictionary full of alternative words you could use to communicate. I know, I know, you are going to reply with more F bombs. Don't waste your energy. Spend it on improving your vocabulary and your intellect.


12/24/2012 10:54 pm

Google did the right thing, they stayed neutral.


12/24/2012 10:56 pm

Of course, the problem with this view is that saying "Happy Holidays" on Christmas is exactly that: Pussy footing, treading on eggshells in case the non-religious people get upset. That's exactly how that statement evolved. I don't care either way what a private company like Google wants to wish for me or not wish for me. But it is not "intolerant" to ask why Google feels the need to pussy foot around calling tomorrow's holiday what it is. I'm not offended, but why exactly can't Google just say "Merry Christmas"?


12/24/2012 10:58 pm

After reading all this, I know I made the right decision to leave to leave Christianity behind. As I like to say at this time of year FUCK the orgy of excess that thay call "Christmas" and Dare I say it !!! Happy Holidays to all.


12/24/2012 11:03 pm

"Marketing - why can't I enjoy a weekend walking down town pass a church without one crazy jeus freak telling my little cousin she is going to hell for not believing in god or going to church" You are making this up. There is nobody waiting at the nearby church to pounce on you as you walk by. Go enjoy your walk downtown. Stop by your local sports bar and watch some football. I have a feeling nobody from the local church will attack you.


12/24/2012 11:03 pm

Some people have way too much time on their hands if they are complaining about this.


12/24/2012 11:05 pm

I can’t believe you $hit heads believe the crap you write. See it’s you who believe the Christians are having a bad time with this, UMMMMM NO they are not, see no one (pastor or priest) has even made a comment on this matter, Just the writer who is making bucks (at least $00.01) per view of his ridicules against Christians. And you all fall for it. That’s the funny part lolololoaaahahahah JC is the reason so smile and say it with me, Jesus loves me. Rustin


12/24/2012 11:05 pm

Easter is the biggest taboo of them all, it celebrates the "resurrection" we can't have google even acknowledge ANYone believes in that!!!


12/24/2012 11:06 pm

I don't know the meaning of Christmas is spend spend spend, no reason for it other than to give big corporations more money.

Hugh Horton

12/24/2012 11:08 pm

A question is, if you pass on wishes or greetings specific to a religious holiday to someone, if you are making the assumption that that person is a believer in that faith. I am not sure whether people are or are not. I feel awkward telling someone who is not a Christian "Merry Christmas." I would guess that they feel a little awkward too if they are not Christian, but not offended. If someone said to me "Happy Hannukah" although I am not Jewish, I would feel a mixture of surprise, appreciation (because although I am not Jewish I would like to mark the occasion too in some way or at least know about it), and uncertainty about the person's intentions (because it is not common to say this to strangers or acquaintances). In short, a little awkward too but overall more pro than con. What makes all of this more awkward, I think, is the politicization of "Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays." In other words, whether you say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or a greeting specific to another holiday, all is fine. Exemplify the best of these traditions by ignoring the politicizers.


12/24/2012 11:09 pm

Ruining the Christmas spirit?!?! Christmas is about spending time with family and being happy, not nitpicking at Google logos! Seriously, if you are getting offended, get off the computer and spend some quality time with your family! It's not all about presents and and the commercial stuff ya know!


12/24/2012 11:10 pm

About that, why "Christian Faith gets this "'over sensitive treatment'" in various circles." is because Christians (rather Purists} founded United States of America and the English language you type. They also influenced a lot of factors is the U.S.A like the government system and earliest flourishing businesses.

Tess Goodman

12/24/2012 11:11 pm

Get over it. This PC crap is killing America. Who cares? I say Merry Christmas... you say Happy Holidays. I'm just damn happy you're greeting me at all!

Tess Goodman

12/24/2012 11:13 pm

Because not everyone celebrates it. Is that REALLY so hard to comprehend? That a company would like to be inclusive of EVERYONE??


12/24/2012 11:17 pm

My only hope is that someday all religions will be dead and gone and that Mankind finally comes out of the Dark Ages. Merry holiday devoted to a made up God.

Seriously Now

12/24/2012 11:28 pm

Oh get the fuck over it.


12/24/2012 11:29 pm

They aren't "inclusive of everyone" on other notable holidays/celebrations, i.e., 200th anniversary of Grimm's fairy tales, Bram Stoker's birthday, the Olympic Doodles. December 25th is CHRISTMAS let it be CHRISTMAS

Todd Coone

12/24/2012 11:30 pm

Are you serious? I am a Christian and I could care less if you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. It's not like you said happy holidays and F Jesus. The people that got hurt from that are nothing but low life nothing better to do douchebags. I think maybe they should get really drunk and then go drive on the freeway tonight.

Michael Raftice

12/24/2012 11:34 pm

When asked to identify the greatest commandment, “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” (Matthew 22-37-40 NIV) I am a lifelong Christian who tries every day to live by these greatest commandments by doing the next right thing. And yet, I am deeply saddened when I see other so-called “Christians” putting persecution of others, hate, intolerance and even lower taxes ahead of this edict from our Savior. We are a multicultural “melting pot” nation that was founded upon the principal of religious freedom and tolerance. The fabric of our beautiful country is a colorful tapestry combining people of many cultures and faiths. Some, like me, celebrate Christmas, others do not. Most celebrate some type of holiday at this time of year whether it is Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, The Winter Solstice, Festivus or traditions of their own making and choice. It is sensitive, and above all LOVING of Google to recognize this and rather than singling out one group, to wish a HAPPY HOLIDAYS, to all. Thank You, Google. My Christian family would like to wish “Tidings of comfort and Joy” to all.


12/24/2012 11:35 pm

EVERYONE doesn't celebrate several of the oyher holiday doodle's Google displays on other holidays!!

Phig Philman

12/24/2012 11:38 pm

I honestly don't take Google seriously enough to care. Maybe that's just me.


12/24/2012 11:42 pm

Google can put whatever they want on their site. If people don't like it, they have the choice to use other search engines. Folks complain too much nowadays. It's stupid.


12/24/2012 11:42 pm

I just think they did it because not everyone in the country celibrates Christmas. Not every single person in this country celibrates Christmas. Why must you all be stupid in thinking every single person celibrates Chritmas. Get this through your minds people.


12/24/2012 11:43 pm

wow u r so stupid every1 celebrates christmas. u also spelled celebrates wrong idiot.


12/24/2012 11:45 pm

i don't celebrate arbor day, but it doesn't stop it from being arbor day, does it?

Danielle Cox

12/24/2012 11:48 pm

Wow, people need to get a life. Get off the of the computer and go celebrate the holiday. Don't worry about Google. Dumb.

Jen Oconnor

12/24/2012 11:51 pm

I think they should say Merry Christmas, Because thats what we are celebrating today and tomorrow. I went to some Google muslim country sites like Turkey and Indonesia-- their google pages have no happy holidays, its just plain!! Why? because they don't celebrate Christmas. So why doesn't google just put "merry Christmas" for the countries with a Christian majority? Why then go ahead and leave no doodle,, nothing for the muslim countries?


12/24/2012 11:52 pm

If you are not celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, then what are you celebrating. I can't believe someone decided to celebrate "holiday" instead of "Christmas"., ;don't understand.


12/24/2012 11:59 pm

lol people and their feelings

Jaime F

12/25/2012 12:07 am

People who get angry and offended at everything is the reason religion is dying.


12/25/2012 12:07 am

Why argue over this. Be happy we live in a country where we can say whatever we want.


12/25/2012 12:10 am

Yes you're right, a society running rampant with promiscuity, alcohol/drug abuse, and other self-pursuits for a temporary gratification is much better off without a religion that is based on love and encourages giving and other virtues. And Obama is the best president ever!


12/25/2012 12:10 am

So are you offended by the words "Merry Christmas"? What exactly is the "Holiday" you are celebrating on December 25th?


12/25/2012 12:12 am

It's funny. Not everyone with access to the Internet celebrates Independence Day either. Yet Google always seems to have something up for it.

fed up

12/25/2012 12:16 am

all this crap just amplifies the reason i gave up even caring anymore about any of it. im fed up with religion and non religion types alike - add in the constant need to question every f'n thing anyone values and its just insufferable to have to listen to day after day. the media would literally have NOTHING to cover anymore if they were not lobbing hot button open ended questions into the mix and stirring sh1t up all the time. it just feeds on itself now. no doubt this comment "offended" someone and will no doubt fuel opposition from BOTH sides..... take a look around at what we've become.... left vs right and your not even safe in the MIDDLE....


12/25/2012 12:17 am

You are obviously completely uneducated on Christianity and the Church. The Church's main method of reaching out to non-believers is by revealing God's love to the community through community projects and missions to help developing countries. And unless you were passing a church in the early 1700s with Jonathan Edwards preaching, I highly doubt you've ever heard that.

Keith Brubaker

12/25/2012 12:19 am

Its the Solstice kiddos, the beginning of the solar year, when the days begin to lengthen, December 21. Its not pagen. Its science. Religions piggybacked onto it labeling it pagan as they do so many things, trying to occupy a world wide celebrated time of year, by overlaying it with some event of theirs, thus hoping to claim the season's celebration for themselves for that paricular time of year's celebration. The same with Easter, (at least for Christians) usurping the celebration of the birth of the growing season, bringing food and sustenance, by overlaying it with the rsurrection story, and the hope, happiness and joy that Spring brings to everyone for a fruitful year of harvest and food. Happy Solstice seems most appropriate if one really wants to acknowledge our magnificient universe and our actual, real place in it.


12/25/2012 12:28 am

"completely ignorant" is something that applies to many Xtians. If you get offended over "Xtians" then stop being ignorant and look up Xmas on Wikipedia. It's time to take some hot air out of that one too.


12/25/2012 12:31 am

That should have read "if anyone gets offended". Obviously Andrew isn't an ignorant person.

Ally Kelley

12/25/2012 12:34 am

Who cares? As long as everyone is nice about it. They should just say "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Google"


12/25/2012 12:35 am

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gasp* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! If Christian sensibilities are so fragile that using two words over two different words can "destroy the Christmas spirit" then they should probably be more worried about more immediate threats, like a stiff breeze or light rainfall. And as well all know, no group in the world is more persecuted than... erm, Christians. It's a slippery slope from not wishing them "Merry Christmas" to making them fight lions in gladiatorial combat.

David Warren

12/25/2012 12:35 am

My opinion probably won't make either camp happy, but as a Christian I believe that is is "our" job to poclaim the message of Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, etc. God did not send google to the world to proclaim freedom to the captives, He sent His Church. I don't see anywhere where Google claims to be the Church. Therefore, I don't look to Google, Target, or even Walmart (Which some folks actually believe is part of the Church) to do out work for us.


12/25/2012 12:36 am

Amen - what a sensible attitude!


12/25/2012 12:37 am

Newton's birthday.


12/25/2012 12:38 am

Maybe it's just me, but if you are going to call someone an idiot, perhaps you might want to try using actual words.

Santa Claus

12/25/2012 12:39 am

lets see next year in the idul fitri day/ramadhan day..what will google say.if google say "happy ramadhan"or something specific like means google is in the muslim side.

last to cast a stone

12/25/2012 12:39 am

I believe in God and I believe in Jesus. I would like others to find the truth I found, but my Dad taught me; "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink." I love the Lord and am grateful for my salvation. I cannot be angry if someone else thinks differently. God doesn't call for me to hate those that believe differently than me, he asks that I be a light in a sin darkened world. Hating the person, instead of the sin; makes the world darker. I want to be a light - though I stumble daily


12/25/2012 12:41 am

So this is a religious group of one that you speak for, I take it?

recovering christian

12/25/2012 12:43 am

I went to a chatholoc school. So I know the shit they do and they tell kids if u even dear to question god u will. Go to hell for it God is not about love its about mind control And maybe you should read a history book on good deeds the church has done Rape of helpless children Killing of scientist killing of innocent people who refused to convert Promoting hate shame fear lies then turn around say we r about love


12/25/2012 12:45 am

I agree. But it's offensive because some people insist on acting like small, spoiled, children who, when they don't get what they want, stomp their feet and howl about how unfair everything is. I'm not Christian and I didn't get a Doodle for my holiday so I have to share the "Happy Holidays" Doodle too. Does that mean I should be having a temper tantrum the day before my holiday and expecting everyone to treat me special? Grow up people. Tantrums like this are why people get so offended over anything Christian. If you were nice people who didn't make such an issue over wanting special treatment others wouldn't be so intent on not giving it to you. Because of you Google will probably stop doing anything for anyone. You'll be happy about it because then you get to whine some more.


12/25/2012 12:46 am

It wasn't a Christian holiday. In fact there was a celebration of the "Rising Sun" or something similar. Christians were persecuted and were able to go from house to house under the guise of celebrating the "rising sun", though they were celebrating the "Risen Son". I don't have all the information in front of me because I just stumbled upon this arena. If you do some research, you can find the facts. God bless


12/25/2012 12:47 am

What holiday Is this for? There is nothing in the logo about Christmas or even new year. Obviously the picture conjures a funny,bright holiday but it's not Christmas.

bill psl

12/25/2012 12:49 am

Are you for real? Slow day for you or what? If this is the biggest problem you have going on Stfu and count you blessings! Next year maybe there should be no Google doodle that way we won't offend anyone! Idiot!


12/25/2012 12:51 am

You know nothing about history.


12/25/2012 12:55 am

I'm guessing you don't live in the south. I have been told several times I was going to hell by fire and brimstone preachers, and I honestly don't know why. I wasn't doing anything that let them know I wasn't on the same page as them. I mean, I'm not, but it's not uncommon around here to see people accusing everyone around them of being unrepentant sinners, even on my college campus.


12/25/2012 12:55 am

I think the internet and google, should be all inclusive, recognize all religious groups (someone will be very busy) or none - happy holiday. I don't like the idea of sectioning off the internet - it's there to join us. When I see the Australian google I just feel adrift in the Pacific...

Denver Dietz

12/25/2012 12:55 am

You do realize that the more religious a society is, for instance the United States, the more rampant those things you just listed are? Things like gun violence, rape, drug and alcohol abuse, child molestation, murder, incarceration, poverty, teen pregnancy, etc. are relatively non-existant in mostly secular countries. I'm sure there are a lot of reasons, but I'm going to take a guess that it has to do with how tolerant secular societies are. So I guess we could rephrase the argument in terms of tolerance because the more religious a society is the less tolerant it is.


12/25/2012 12:55 am

I'm a devout Christian and the secular Merry Christmas doesn't bother me a bit. Anything that helps people find a little extra cheer and fellowship is a good thing. I celebrate the religious aspect of this day with fellow believers and the public aspect with everyone. Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas

12/25/2012 12:58 am

Take God away you take peace away!! Take God away you take love away!! Take God away and you take this country away!! Look at what happens when you take prayer out of schools. Look what happens to kids when divorce is ok and they have no dads to help teach them the way. Look what happens when we have to many so called parents having babies like litters of cats. Look at the politicians who are greedy and that is the reason they can't never make there minds up. Look how society is changing for the worse, because "God" or "Christmas" is getting taken out of the picture. Wake up people!! Start living a decent life. Without the grief, the lies, the hate. Start praying to and for this country and get back to when things were better. Wake up and start making a difference again like we did 60 years ago. Stop being malicious, self cunning gossipers. You follow the news more than you do your own heart. Very Sad!!

recovering christian

12/25/2012 01:01 am

Buddy I only wish I can make this shit up Its a anglice church They march around every Sunday with signs reading Jesus is king trying to recurt people


12/25/2012 01:03 am

America is full of mixed cultures. Saying "Happy Holidays" is basically telling you to enjoy whatever tradition you celebrate.

Charles Hiser

12/25/2012 01:04 am

I celebrate the, much older than Christmas, celebration of the solstice. Many faiths had their day stolen by early Christians in order to assimilate their culture into that of Christianity and thus wipe clean the slate of history of the demonic faiths of the indigenous people brutalized by early Christians. No Druid ever had a Crusades. No Wiccan ever wrote a Malleus Maleficarum. I celebrate the 25th of December as its astrological significance. As do many other faiths you're totally ignorant of. Happy Holidays.

recovering christian

12/25/2012 01:05 am

I agree with you buddy But most people r dumb ass that rather choose faith over reasoning I thought Canada was bad but when I went to the USA people r crazy there


12/25/2012 01:07 am

Cause Newton's birthday was declared a federal holiday and not Christmas Day... Cause millions of letters are mailed off to Newtons grave... Cause happened and are the main reasons for the shopping frenzies and midnight mass and not Christmas. Just reminding everyone why Merry Christmas should at least be recognized ON Christmas. Just saying...

Autumn Krueger

12/25/2012 01:09 am

Christians don't have a patent on Christmas. Why should Google please one part of their consumer base?


12/25/2012 01:09 am

Because many folks have "delicate dispositions/sensibilities" either because of religion or trying to be politically correct this must happen like this. It's like the NFL having Jesus like powers to where people can not openly say the Super Bowl but have use the annoying "the big game" terminology. Also, I can tell you from the small samples around me that most of the Christians I know are devils 6 days a week, use the N-word, curses- hates Jews but yet with Jesus on the 7th. Now you know that it is not supposed to work like this.

recovering christian

12/25/2012 01:11 am

No people have babies like litters of cat is becuae the church does not allow the use of birth control And you don't need god to be a good person cuz there are lost of people who believes in and done some very indecent things

Happy Christmas to all!

12/25/2012 01:12 am

Welcome to Jewish-Zionist GOOGLE!!!


12/25/2012 01:13 am

Christianity is about making money off stupid.. Err... "misguided" people.


12/25/2012 01:14 am

MEOW- o sista dear ! . . . can't wait till we take our catnap. . . so that we can wake-up to see ALL the toys and treats that our master-i mean SANTIE -has given us ! . . . meow-WOW! PHICK- me, too-sista ! . . . But the greatest thing about this . . . is that on the toy labels and tags. . . our master PURCHASED toys and treats that helped donated funds to other ANIMAL ORGANIZATIONS in need! . . .HOORAY!


12/25/2012 01:16 am

lol troll lol

Jason Lenker

12/25/2012 01:16 am

It's their website. They can do whatever they want! Calm down already.

Merry Christmas

12/25/2012 01:17 am

Yes they do allow birth control. Its called absence. You don't need God to be a good person? You are exactly right. You don't need a spoon or fork to eat either now do ya?


12/25/2012 01:20 am

Please use Merry Christmas on the 25th.


12/25/2012 01:21 am

Wow, you Zionist puppets/servers/slaves are doing a very good job at deleting anything that talks against your masters.

Bao ShuXiong

12/25/2012 01:22 am

What a bunch of crap - anything that'll lift up human spirits nowadays is good. Considering that we survived 2012! Stop being a leech and criticizing others works and start contributing to the world!


12/25/2012 01:26 am

God is love. The people who call themselves "Christians," but don't walk the walk of love aren't Christians.

Charles O'Hern

12/25/2012 01:34 am

Happy Yule!


12/25/2012 01:45 am


Bret R. Wright

12/25/2012 01:48 am

Actually, tomorrow plays host to a couple of other holidays: It is the fifth day of the Hindu celebration of Pancha Ganapati: December 25 (Brilliant Orange) The family sadhana for the final day is to bring forth love and harmony within all three worlds. Because of sadhanas well performed during the first four days, the family is now more open and aware of Ganesha’s grace, and their love for Him is now overflowing. On this day the entire family experiences an outpouring of love and tranquility from the great God Himself. His blessings fill the home and the hearts of everyone within it, inspiring them anew for the coming year. In addition, it is the pagan holiday of Deela-Malkh. The sun god. In honor of this deity Vainakhs (from Chechen and Ingush)organized festivals every year on December 25. Christians need to get over themselves.


12/25/2012 02:01 am

Religious Tolerance is an oxymoron


12/25/2012 02:03 am

Actually, at least in the US, it's not yet Christmas (last I checked). So the whole discussion of whether to say "Merry Christmas" should probably wait until...well, Christmas. I doubt Google will change their hover text, but it makes more sense to complain at that point.


12/25/2012 02:03 am

the mere fact that you refer to them as xtians makes you ignorant, or even, dare I say it, completely ignorant


12/25/2012 02:06 am

umm the pagan holidays are celebrated on the solstices, like December 21st, the first day of winter, not December 25th


12/25/2012 02:22 am

My understanding is that most crime, particularly violent crime, is the lowest that it has ever been in US history.


12/25/2012 02:23 am

Some people don't celebrate Christmas, that's why Google doesn't want to offend anyone by putting Merry Christmas. I'm Christian and I'll settle for Happy Holidays, its not offensive to me, it suggests that everyone may have a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate, or believe in. We're lucky to even get the logos on Google, what if they decide not to put one up next year?


12/25/2012 02:25 am

The put Independence days for other countries, and July 4th isn't a religous holiday, its a victory of a great country. Google is an American company.


12/25/2012 02:27 am

Just so u know moron, the catholic church is not the only church in the entire world. My denomination is not even remotely involved in the molestation. Your ignorance just goes to show how shallow minded and slow you are. He who generalizes is an idiot! That it is exactly what you are an idiot.


12/25/2012 02:31 am

Funny how *some* Christians, now long in the majority, have forgotten that it was religious intolerance that martyred many of them in their early, minority, days; yet still they forget one of their basic tenets, to turn the other cheek. Such "Christians" are really just spoiled children whining whenever they don't get something they think they're *entitled* to, like righteous respect, so they pass judgement against others willy-nilly. I have to say that, while I no longer consider myself religious, I was raised with *much* better "Christian" values. Maybe they should read a book, even "The Book," once in awhile.


12/25/2012 02:32 am

they are bloody jews! how they could say that. their ass gets the pain of that


12/25/2012 02:33 am

Yawn! May be you should start examining your own life and ask yourself why school was so hard on you. you lazy pile of shit. In case you are forgetting most of these heinous acts were committed on other Christians who were branded heretics. The fact that George Bush was a bully does not make me hate Americans at all because it was G W not America. Harboring grudges now that is not very christian.


12/25/2012 02:35 am

What's really interesting is that Jesus himself was particularly circumspect as to his birth date, specifically because he did NOT want his *birth* to be celebrated.


12/25/2012 02:38 am

By not specifying 'Christ' in order not to offend people of other faiths, they in fact offend some Christians. I think it started with Bill O'Reilly and Google justs follows the script. Or maybe not, who knows? O'Reilly started this war on Christmas as a political weapon to use against those he perceives as 'multi-cultural atheists' (Democrats), and thus his enemies. Soon enough, American Christians took the bait and started lining up at the end of each November in order to be righteously offended at the first tinkle of "Happy Holidays" from the mouth of an underpaid cashier. Exactly one month later in December, Google, like most successful companies who try not to disappoint their customers, brings forth the final act of 'Holiday War Doodle' and gives the Christians their best victimhood session of the season. Do the Christians ever wonder if the 'multi-cultural atheists' were offended by O'Reilly's abuse?


12/25/2012 02:39 am

And the commercializers in the temple...It's only awkward if you think you have something to fear, e.g. guilt.


12/25/2012 02:45 am

Of course it is hurtful, it is a DISGRACE. This country is CHRISTIAN.


12/25/2012 02:54 am

Huzzah! I very often say both, pretty much interchangeably and for no particular reason except context (referring to one day vs. a bunch of days). BTW, if you don't feel good wishing either for another, well then there's something wrong with YOUR spirit =^)


12/25/2012 02:55 am

People are too picky. Why can't they celebrate the joy of life instead of finding fault and nit-picking? I'm so tired of nay-sayers. Take a deep breath and be glad you are alive and able to help your fellow man!!!!!!!!


12/25/2012 02:57 am

According to you everyone is an Idiot then. Everyone makes generalizations! BTW, You are an idiot too. What kind of Ninja are you?! :P


12/25/2012 03:01 am



12/25/2012 03:02 am

Typically, the one created by marketers and corporations. Last time I checked, the birth of Jesus has nothing to do with trees, goods wrapped up in paper, and "Santa Clause."


12/25/2012 03:05 am

Even better yet, they should do a logo for each and every holiday, but name it something bland, insincere and phony, as if they really, really care what we think. Wait, what?


12/25/2012 03:15 am

Now THAT makes me laugh uncontrollably. Good on ya!

Scott Polson

12/25/2012 03:15 am

Merry Christmas everybody!

Donald L. Smith Jr

12/25/2012 03:16 am

Seriously, anyone who is hurt by this is an asshole. Bottom line. Their assholes.

Tommy Lee

12/25/2012 03:17 am

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Of course in a few years when we are all living under strict Shia Law, that type of comment will be dealt with severely, like having the offending fingers removed (fortunately I only type with 2 fingers, so it won't be too bad); but until then, celebrate the Christian holiday as you want, we won't have the majority much longer and you know the new regime will not be so tolerant.


12/25/2012 03:19 am

Can we please just have a peaceful and relaxing holiday without some group getting upset at something innocent I could see that people might get concerned if the mouse over said something like "hail Satan" or "eat more chicken". But "happy holidays"?? Really?? Take peace where you find it and say thank you for god's gifts. The rest of you please grow up.


12/25/2012 03:23 am

Oh, I thought you were talking about capitalist commercialism there for a minute...but weren't you? May the force of consumerism be with you.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:24 am

That is all good, but you are wrong about your days.. The solstice was on the 21st. It was not stolen by the church. Though they did make the celebration of Jesus's birth near the Winter Solstice to try and incorporate early pagans. Jesus was born in the early spring. I am a Messianic Jew. I believe Christmas is a fake holiday created to make people feel good. It is a tradition of man, not of God. He warns us not follow the traditions of man. However, does that make me offended that people celebrate Christmas? NO.. Merry Christmas to all. Happy Chanukah to ALL, Happy Kwanza to ALL. Happy Festivus to ALL. It is about coming together in the rebirth of life.. This winter's festivities are about all mankind becoming one with their families and friends. And there is no reason to be offended. IF you are offended about someone else expressing their beliefs and freedoms, than move to Nazi Germany.. You are no better than they were.


12/25/2012 03:27 am

Call me an idealist but I consider the internet to be a place that people of any nation, religion, political persuasion can connect. I don't like the idea of it being divided up - which is what some powerful people want. Don't give them ammunition. As for holiday greetings - it has to be all or nothing, I think. 'All' means a lot of work for someone and a group will always be forgotten. I like the inclusive nature of 'Happy Holidays' - it covers many of the religious holidays celebrated this holiday season. Can't we all just be humanity for once?

Jim Larson

12/25/2012 03:27 am

See the "Active Culture" blog for another persepctive.


12/25/2012 03:27 am

And to you and yours, a good time for all.

Someone who believes

12/25/2012 03:27 am

with the idiot comments below, its no wonder this country is going down the tubes. Maybe its time to stop buying gifts and telling stores to shove their Happy Holidays


12/25/2012 03:31 am

Nazi Germany doesn't exist anymore.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:35 am


Ali C

12/25/2012 03:35 am

If Christmas is "a fake holiday created to make people feel good" surely Hanukkah is even more so, right? It was a minor holiday, clearly emphasized after the popularity of Christmas took off.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:40 am

Turn off MSNBC for a second and you might realize the blandification of all that we used to hold dear, and the attack on anything that is associated with Christians and whites (ie the disrespectful "who cares about what a bunch of dead white males did in the 18th century?" ...nevermind that they revolutionized the idea of a democratic republic, based on the Christian notion that "all are equal under God". I used to be liberal; I understand. But don't for a second think that this shift is neither real nor intentional, because it is.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:42 am

This has nothing to do with the First Amendment, sport.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:44 am

Because they're refusing to name a specific holiday, one that the majority of the country celebrates, in order to avoid offending potential consumers.

Thomas Jordan

12/25/2012 03:44 am

This is the right attitude.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:44 am

Do they have Spelling Class or Diction in your local schools? Regardless if it is a "Christian" trying to sell you their misguided point of view of the Bible, instead of the truth (No Christian Faith outside of Messianic Jews, worship or follow exactly what the Apostles did, or how.) If you are being told that you will go to Hell because you are a non-believer, remind them of Matthew 5: 17-20.. Make them read it.. Then ask them if they eat pork. Ask them if they Follow the Sabbath on SATURDAY as God COMMANDED. Ask them if they know who the Skekinah is, and why SHE is left out of the Christian Faith, even though Jesus mentioned HER many times. (The Holy Spirit) Before we all get hung up about these doomsday dumb-asses remember, they were brainwashed into not finding out the truth either, and, they were scared into being closed minded about researching the very history of their own religion. Stop getting hung up in the Middle Ages when the Catholics were killing everyone.. They are not Christians.. They do not follow a single teaching in the Bible. (AND I HAVE PROOF).. Since the time of Jesus, anyone who followed HIS teachings were hunted down and executed. John the Baptist was BEHEADED. For millennia it has always been a war between what one religious group believes over the other, Frankly, they both are wrong.. very wrong. God was about love and life. About harmony and respecting the earth. Man twisted it, and deceived everyone. Remember, you know more now than those that fear-monger you into faith. They are in need of reality checks.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:45 am

You guys have the wounded attitude of teenagers who just decided they were the smartest guys in their hometowns for "discovering" that God doesn't exist.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:45 am

Yep.. Hanukkah is not commanded to be followed by God.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:46 am

And you are a racist.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:46 am

Offensive is EXcluding the great majority of this country.


12/25/2012 03:47 am

Google is very anti-Christian. I've noticed for years that Google never recognizes Christmas or Easter. They recognize every obscure holiday and birthday but to ignore Christian holidays is offensive. It's their prerogative if they don't want to promote any religion, but it seems they're trying to purge Christianity from history..

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:50 am

Then why not choose to say Happy Hanukkah for the first night (or all 8)? and Happy kwanzaa when that is? And Merry Christmas on the 25th?? Why must every cultural difference be stamped out and made into some bland, soggy sentiment that means nothing to anyone? This is the larger problem.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:51 am

Ask a Priest in any Catholic Church why we call them Father.. When God specifically told us to call NO MAN Father. But to reserve that right for God. Then ask him why the church disregards the Sabbath. Wait, not done yet. Ask them if blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is the Only Unforgivable Sin as Jesus Said, or does suicide as the Church says also follow as unforgivable. Ask him where in the BIBLE God or Jesus gave the Priest the right to absolve sins, or any so called saint..... Only God through Jesus' shed blood absolves of sin, and we must be born again to enter into heaven,, Jesus' very words. Ask the priest why they do not follow the Bible.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:51 am

The reason is simple.. They are NOT Christians

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:53 am

Yes but they changed it Dec. 24th, Christmas Eve. If they'd had this up starting 12/1 it wouldn't be the same situation. Why start saying Happy Holidays on Christmas Eve when Hanukkah's been over for over a week?!

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 03:53 am

Well said

David Banker

12/25/2012 03:53 am

I think what most people really don’t understand, or perhaps miss, is that regardless of the holiday that is being celebrated it’s a time of caring and peace. We must all remember that the winter solstice is a week-long celebration in some places. Furthermore, the day that Christmas is celebrated on was actually a deity by the name of Mithas’ birthday. December 25th was just a day the church decided to celebrate it on due to ease as there was already a celebration taking place with the existing birthday and the Solstice celebration. So I really think that there is more than just Christmas to celebrate on this day and in this season. Regardless if it’s Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, or any other tidings, it’s a wishing of good will, everyone should simply take the greetings and hopes of good will as a sign of caring and cherish the day for what they personally believe. It’s about good will.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:54 am

"Seriously? If they used ” Merry Christmas”, the non Christians would complain." And they should eat it because they live in a country founded on Christian values. A dying breed.

Ali C

12/25/2012 03:56 am

Bing's lookin' better and better...

Ralph Brooks

12/25/2012 03:59 am

Will personally I think the artist nailed it perfect color combination, excellent tone and flow of the picture. The internet has changed the world and Google help make life easier to navigate the internet. No matter how you make life easier for others you can't please everybody. To a truck driver that delivers all those gifts for you to buy its just another haul-a-day and to those who never leave their comfort zone its a holiday. So, enjoy your holiday and be safe.

Daniel Strickland-Clabaugh

12/25/2012 04:00 am

Prove God is not real... I have over 6000 years of history and tens of thousands of manuscripts letters and writings about God. Can you see the air? So how do you know its real? Can you tell me why, even though there is no obstructions in Space, that items freeze even though they are close to that big ball of fire, if they do not have an atmosphere? Better yet, Mr. Science, Can you explain exactly why oppositely charged ions are attracted to each other? Can you even begin to explain how trillions of people over 6000 years believe in higher forms of intelligence, and yet your.. what.. 400 years of science is supposed to know better? You and your, less than 100 years on this planet knows more than 6000 years of history.. sorry.. you have no argument here. You also have no understanding of science either. When you can explain how a select few think they know beter than BILLIONS than go ahead.. I waiting for a rational argument that can PROVE without a doubt, that God does not exist.... Waiting..... Yea... Thought so

michael schiba

12/25/2012 04:02 am

After reading down the list of comments,it went from about Christmas to bashing different religious beliefs and people swearing mindlessly,it never ceases to amaze me how human beings show their true colors...


12/25/2012 04:03 am

Can we PLEASE stop with the whining already? The only "war" against Christmas is the one where Christians INSIST all others follow their lead. You know what? When someone says Happy Hanukkah to me, I say Happy Hanukkah to them. When they say Merry Christmas to me, I say Merry Christmas to them. Same with Happy Holidays. We live in a world where you can see within seconds the reality of life anywhere on the planet. It's high time all humanity realizes there are multitudes of ways to relate to the world, and accept that ALL of them are valid. Google is it's own company, and they choose what they want to say. If you want it to be different, I suggest you start your own company and do what you will. None of us are held to the dictates of others, and as long as we are respectful of each other, I say do what makes you happy, and let others do the same.. So, Merry Christmas. Get over yourself!!! PLEASE!


12/25/2012 04:06 am

If you give that many fucks about something like this then this is not your biggest issue in life!


12/25/2012 04:07 am

So when do you celebrate the Solstice? Do you celebrate that on the 25th of December? Apparently you *are* ignorant. The 25th of December is not the Solstice.


12/25/2012 04:07 am

God bless and save you all!

Aaron Mortenson

12/25/2012 04:07 am

For sore butts, use Professor Windsbury's butthurt cream. Go fuck yourself there were only 50 comments because nobody gives two shits about if anyone says "happy holidays" or "merry christmas."


12/25/2012 04:08 am

Being judgmental and calling people , whose opinions or posts you disagree with, ” you lazy pile of Shit” isn't very Christian either


12/25/2012 04:12 am

I'm not seeing a lot of love from the majority of the commentators here.

Gary Morin

12/25/2012 04:17 am

If it's a Christmas image, then call it Christmas. While I do get annoyed at people assuming I celebrate Christmas (regardless of what I do or don't actually celebrate), I'm more annoyed at phony diversity efforts, like changing the name of a party but in all other details it being about Christmas. Celebrate what you want, and be honest/transparent about it.

Anne Kelley

12/25/2012 04:22 am

Happy holidays everybody! That includes New Year's day too. Hope it's all good for everybody. And I don't care what holiday(s) you choose (or have chosen) to celebrate or not, hope you have the opportunity to spend time with your family and enjoy your traditions.


12/25/2012 04:22 am

Yes, and to that we say Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton. My son was also born on Christmas day. Lovely. Would you like to celebrate my son's birthday too? He is not a famous physicist. But he really loves dinosaurs and talks about being a paleontologist one day. Anyway, does it offend you to call it Christmas Day and have someone say "Merry Christmas" to you? If it does, please explain how that message harms and/or offends you.


12/25/2012 04:24 am

Well said.

Tom Cruise

12/25/2012 04:26 am

Who the fuck cares? Christians need to stop getting so butthurt everytime people say happy holidays. But then again why do people feel the need to say happy holidays instead of merry christmas. If people get offended by others saying merry christmas then they really need to fuck off and realize that the world doesnt revolve around them. Im a freaking atheist and I could care less if others say merry christmas. Hell I even say merry christmas.


12/25/2012 04:26 am

Yeah, 'cause you the media say it's so. Thanks for passing the potato, again.


12/25/2012 04:27 am

I am deeply upset that google didn't do a doodle for Jesus birth back in Septemeber when he was really born, since Joseph and Mary where on their way to Rome to pay their taxes then (Which were collected in September). Now no one could celeberate the birth of Jesus since Ceaser decreed that they would be put to death if they did so. So the Christmas postponed it to December when the Romans celebrated Saturnalia The Roman fesitval for the God Saturn. Which was observed in December (17 to the 23th). Wait now I am really upset!!! because the Christians are really celebrating a pagan holiday then!!! OMG !!! .Well what really upsets me is all the crappy Christmas songs, and campy Christmas shows! HUMBUG!!!


12/25/2012 04:28 am

BTW Happy Groundhog day !!! Yeah I'm a bit early!


12/25/2012 04:29 am

How does being a religious holiday make it impossible for them to say the name of it? They say the name of Hanukkah, don't they?


12/25/2012 04:30 am

I'll pray for all of you this wonderful Merry Christmas ie, the Savior Jesus Christ's birthday.


12/25/2012 04:35 am


Tricia in Texas

12/25/2012 04:35 am

The article is wrong -- in Norway "God Jul" means "good Yule", and Yule is a pagan holiday.

William J Haugen

12/25/2012 04:38 am

its a free search engine and they have the freedom to put up what they want, if your upset they are saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas well they didnt do Hanukkah that I saw and I dont remember Ramadan, so if they aren't doing other religious holidays why do people care that they didn't make an exception for Christmas.


12/25/2012 04:41 am

Well said Melody....if your religious in any faith, try showing some love and respect. Its ok to agree to disagree and part ways as friends.


12/25/2012 04:45 am

Yes, that is horrible. Oh dear. This is the horror to which you are subjected weekly? What is the world coming to? Why can't you just smile and nod and move on? Take their pamphlet and throw it in the trash on the next corner. And then go have a beer and calm down.

Roberto Martinez

12/25/2012 04:45 am

Christmas is the holiday and Newton's a fig.The I'm more-secular- than-thou argument is boring and feckless. Celebrate the holiday as it was intended to or just wait a day -- there's a secular holiday around the corner. I will celebrate the Christian holidays with reverence and reverie.


12/25/2012 04:47 am

This logo was put up on December 24.... no other holiday occurring except Christmas Eve, even according to Wikipedia. So yes, it is stupid that they insist on putting up a doodle for a holiday but refuse to say the name of it. They don't do this for ANY other doodle they put up.

Xander Legere

12/25/2012 04:53 am

It's just a holiday for those of us who aren't stepped in religion. So Happy Holiday works for me.

Christine Dotter-Bortree

12/25/2012 04:55 am

how about just saying Season's Greetings and in the doodle have a little of all the holidays


12/25/2012 04:57 am

Why assume Google is pussy footing around so as not to offend? Maybe they actively support "happy holidays" while another may embrace "happy Yule tide" or "merry Xmas". Expecting anyone to embrace "merry Christmas" because it is your personal preference is just silly as me expecting people to embrace "Bah Humbug" as the acceptable greeting till Christmas day. If your view is "merry Christmas" over everything just to suite your view, then I say "bah humbug" should be given the same level of respect because it is my view. Instead, I say celebrate the time of year and stop complaining about people celebrating in a different do so would seem to go against the idea of "good will to all"

Comment Viewer

12/25/2012 04:57 am

If not everyone celebrates Christmas, good for you. Though honestly it is friggin' stupid when you prefer "happy holidays" in comparison. If "Christmas" boils your blood so much and you don't celebrate it, can you tell me what the hell you do celebrate that would even require a wish for happiness? But you know what, you are right, you don't celebrate it. Maybe it should only be a federal holiday for Christians. That way the whining thinskinners won't have to be "forced" to celebrate it (as that idiot president of the Atheist club said) and work and stay away from their loved ones as they so clearly want. And then the Christians can do as they believe—just like any other religious people can or should be able to do. But that is beside the point. They (Google, in this case) can wish others their proper "happiness" in relevance to their religion, or even what they believe, but because "some" people hate the fact that people celebrate Christmas it can't be said because it "hurts their feelings"? What you insult Christians over for preferring that people wish them "MERRY CHRISTMAS" instead of "Happy Holidays" is the same damn thing you do when you wish for something other than "Merry Christmas!". Why? Because it "hurts" your "feelings". Talk about thinskinned people! "I'm guessing you don't live in the south. I have been told several times I was going to hell by fire and brimstone preachers, and I honestly don't know why. I wasn't doing anything that let them know I wasn't on the same page as them. I mean, I'm not, but it's not uncommon around here to see people accusing everyone around them of being unrepentant sinners, even on my college campus." Oh, hell, the generalizing. I love that this form is the only form of generalizing that is okay. Southern people don't go around screaming "sinner" at people or treating others like this. This is a boldfaced lie and or exaggeration of one or two events that you feel justifies your outrageous assumption of southerns in general. Southerns are actually very nice, especially to the diverse peoples and believes. Please try not to let ignorance and past events cloud your judgement. The majority of people are NOT like this, and that goes the same for Christians. P.S I love how Atheists here on this comment page are the only ones in the comments freaking out and attacking (insulting) people in such a fashion. That's pretty funny considering what they claim the vast majority of them do or don't do, huh? Also, the majority of the people you have to thank for scientific discoveries were Christian/Religious, and most of which remained as they were, and they were guided by what they believe is "God". I find that funny. What you believe tops religion (though for you can't disprove it despite your baseless claims) was created and furthered by "religious" people. Ha. Oh. Almost forgot. Merry Christmas!


12/25/2012 04:58 am

So I do live in the south, and I've lived in some of the most bible thumping counties on earth, and I know you are lying. So where you live it is a common occurrence to see people "accusing everyone around them of being unrepentant sinners"? You are making that up, or you live in a Quentin Tarantino movie. Let me get this straight. You are walking down the road in your home town, minding your own business, and a *preacher* just walks up to you out of the blue and decides to tell you that you are going to hell. And this happens to you all the time? How do they know you are not a Christian? How do they know you will be walking down the street at that exact moment? Maybe you should call the police or something. It sounds like you are being stalked.


12/25/2012 05:00 am

"bah humbug" Just saying :)


12/25/2012 05:07 am

You tell 'em! Whenever someone says, "Happy Holidays" to me I say, "Go fuck yourself! I will NOT have both a Merry Christmas AND a Happy New Year! It's physically impossible!" Btw, that was sarcasm.


12/25/2012 05:09 am

who gives a shit?


12/25/2012 05:17 am

Hey, if you're offended by Google there are other search engines. Gimme a break.

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:18 am

Agree.. people who complain about something this small would complain about anything! Always looking for ways other people could accommodate them. Get over yourselves. It's a search engine, not your momma!

Meme Murphy

12/25/2012 05:18 am

December 25th is not the only Christmas day! The original date of the celebration in Eastern Christianity was January 6, in connection with the Epiphany, and that is still the date of the celebration for the Armenian Apostolic Church and in Armenia, where it is a public holiday. Ethiopia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, the Republic of Macedonia, and the Republic of Moldova celebrate Christmas on what in the Gregorian calendar is January 7; the Church of Greece and all Greek Orthodox Churches celebrate Christmas on December 25. Happy Holidays!


12/25/2012 05:19 am

God Jul does NOT mean Merry Christmas. It actually translates to Good Yule, which was a northern European holiday LONG before Christianity existed in that area of the world. This is just another example of how/why Christianity spread so easily into new countries, instead of teaching entirely new things, they co opted any local customs and Christianized them..

Michael W Campbell

12/25/2012 05:23 am

There are 20 new angels that used to be in the 1st grade.I'm dedicating Dec 25th,2012 to them .I dont have much anymore except heart.I will say prayers at my dinner table on Christmas for them.I'll let The rest of the good people of the Christian faith go ahead and remember the miracle of the Nativity.Those children in my eyes deserve our prayers as much as does Jesus Christ.Thats just my opinion.Please think before giving this a thumbs down or replying negativly.Just email me at

Irish and sick of it.

12/25/2012 05:24 am

Wake up and smell the roses people, consider for a moment the effects of religious intolerance around the world. Life is way too short to be offended, I wish you all a happy day or days.


12/25/2012 05:25 am

Heh, Barry.... Google's search result page has just cropped your title to "Google's Happy Holidays Logo "... just a minute earlier it said the full title. Clearly they don't want this article to be one of the top results when people click their "Happy Holidays" doodle.

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:27 am

It's true. Petty people get so mad about the "Reason for the Season" when Jesus was born in SpringTime, near Census. They're up in arms defending a very consumerist holiday and getting all worked up over how others greet them. So Silly! The very best thing to do on holidays is get together with family and friends, people you love and nourish you. Make each other feel good and loved and go back into the cold refreshed!

Michael W Campbell

12/25/2012 05:27 am

dec 25 ,now take it back to its very first mentioning.And didnt the present calender system go through some changes,a few times.I bet some group forgot that .You might be correct.


12/25/2012 05:28 am

Nothing like spending an entire day being thankful for what you have, only to spend the next day crushing all who oppose you in saving a few dollars on obsolete junk.

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:30 am

Yeah, Hanukkah was created to keep up with the other kids. It's not a very religious holiday and was commercialized. It's basically remembering a minor miracle.

Sarane James

12/25/2012 05:31 am

Really?! People are that upset because Google said "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas"?! So if I came up to one of these people and said "Happy Holidays" they'd get upset with me?! How about we just don't wish you "Merry" or "Happy" anything then! Be grateful Google is kind enough to have people at least put in the time and effort to make anything for you!

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:32 am

Seriously. I had to click the link to even know what Kwanzaa was. It's kinda cool. But did I mind that my Google doodle wasn't geared specifically to my life? Naw! It's a cute little design and info link they add. I appreciate it.

Steve Golac

12/25/2012 05:32 am

Holiday literally means Holy day. So even if you are celebrating some vague 'holiday', it has religious roots, even by using that word. Maybe you'll be upset & call for google to boycott Happy Holidays, now.

Steve Golac

12/25/2012 05:35 am

I don't think you really celebrate solstice. I doubt you do anything different on Dec 25 than you do on any other day. Also, not everybody celebrates Halloween. Some people have serious issues with it. Yet Google has no problem offending those people by wishing the majority who celebrate Halloween a happy one. Even more people celebrate Christmas. So it really is idiotic, politically correct nonsense to not wish people the holiday that over 90% of them are celebrating because there are mad solstice celebrators (whatever that means) on the world wide web.

Steve Golac

12/25/2012 05:35 am

Why now?

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:36 am

LDS are at our doors once a week. A local Baptist church is aggressively pushing for membership and just two days ago some guy at the check out told me he needs me to convert so he can build his house in heaven?

Steve Golac

12/25/2012 05:36 am

The people who get worked up are those whom Google is hoping not to offend by daring to recognize a holiday that, no matter its roots, 95% of the population celebrates.

Steve Golac

12/25/2012 05:38 am

Clearly, google is satanic.

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:39 am

I don't know half of what you're saying but I agree with love and life and harmony and respect and fear mongers in need of reality checks. Religion in church is a business. Religion in a community is a competition. Faith in your heart, that ain't half bad.


12/25/2012 05:39 am

I am a christian, and i am not perfect , like everyone else in this world. A true christian is tolerant of others, and i hate to see christian's pushing their religion on others as much as i hate christian bashers trying to bash christian's. I agree with a couple of you , celebrate what you want , and google can do whatever they want. They are a private company. That doesn't change the fact that a baby was born 2012 years ago , to a poor family, and with no money , no formal education , no army, and no internet, changed the world forever. Jesus Christ thank you for showing me a better way.

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:41 am

You're right. They go to developing countries and scare the local townspeople into believing their nonsense. They take the most desperate and dangle food, clothing, medical supplies just for being brainwashed and taken away from their families and ancestral beliefs. It's not saving, it's not a choice. It's cruel survival. Help people freely. Not with strings. On the Maslow Heirarchy, they have no choice and sacrifice their spiritual selves and what they really believe just to survive. It's really disgusting. Bring your rations, your medicine but leave your d@mned bibles at home!

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:44 am

So does Thor exist? Does any other god, even those older than yours?

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:46 am

95% of the population? So Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindu, Jain, Taoists, and everyone else makes up 5% of the world? Moron.


12/25/2012 05:47 am

Nobody is expecting anyone to embrace anything. I believe the question raised by this article is very clear: Why would Google specifically name other holidays, such as Hanukkah and Independence Day, yet be conspicuously generic about December 25th? What other holiday is widely recognized as being on December 25th?

Jasi Lee

12/25/2012 05:49 am

Now it's 90%? It was like 95% two seconds ago.. I think your argument is changing peoples' minds about membership. You're still wrong.


12/25/2012 05:52 am

I don't see any difference between "happy holidays" and "merry christmas", in terms of christianity....either way, they both deliver the same message. Some people just LOOK for something to complain about....I remember christians being offended by "Merry XMAS", saying that XMAS means christimas without christ....well i can kinda see that...but merry christmas vs happy holidays? That's pushing it a little too far....


12/25/2012 05:55 am

"God Jul" directly translates to "Good Yule" in English. Yuletide, of course, in northern European countries was a pagan celebration that was eventually incorporated by Christianity as a conversion aid. Kind of like Christmas, itself. The scriptures indicate Jesus was born while shepherds and their flocks were in the fields, which means it was not remotely December when Jesus was born. Solstice, Saturnalia, Yuletide, and other concurrent pagan rituals are the reason for the season. So release thy panties from their bunch.

Nik Matt

12/25/2012 05:58 am

I was just about to comment this same thing. Even if Yule was the same thing as Christmas, non-Christian religions make up 2.7% of Norway's religious demographic. Not exactly a lot of people to fuss about something like this.

Thomas R

12/25/2012 06:06 am

I have no problems with "Happy Holidays", because there are several Winter Holidays, as an all-purpose greeting. Still when it's the exact day, and when they state what the other holidays are when it's the exact day, it does feel a tad fastidious. Particularly if they do it the Norwegian version as Norway is one of the most secular nations on Earth.


12/25/2012 06:09 am

People that have nothing better to do just like to complain about things. I don't see an actual legitimate reason why people have to get so excited about Google not fulfilling their "odd" needs of having the logo say "Merry Christmas". There are way bigger issues in this world and I am sure that these people are part of the problem and not close to being a part of the solution to "actual" issues that are going on.

Thomas R

12/25/2012 06:12 am

That doesn't really work unless they are vague on all holidays. And maybe they are. Are they? On Fourth of July do they just wish Americans "happy Summer" because possibly some American Indians may not feel like celebrating the birth of the country that conquered them? Do they avoid saying it's Easter because Easter is specifically religious. Maybe they do, but it does seem a tad fastidious. Not necessarily offensive understand.

Sarah Casm

12/25/2012 06:15 am

BECAUSE! nobody knows it's Christmas day every December 25th. Therefore, if google doesn't remind them everyone is going to see "happy holidays" and think there's a new holiday just called "Happy"!!! This Argument is valid!

Thomas R

12/25/2012 06:19 am

I imagine there are people, even living in the US, who don't feel the US is a particularly great country. Americans overthrew the indigenous Hawaiian kingdom, enslaved Africans, repressed the religions of indigenous people, committed the Sand Creek Massacre of the Cheyenne, etc. America did many wonderful things too, but if we go into the horrors of Christians than America is also fair game. Our Declaration of Independence says, in a criticism of King George III, "He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."

Kurt Pachinger

12/25/2012 06:19 am

That'll be the day

pork Chop

12/25/2012 06:19 am

Lemmy, From Motorhead's birthday


12/25/2012 06:21 am

No! Stop being so damn sensitive. As said the 25th is Christmas, and so on. Get over it and go out and breathe some fresh air and appreciate the lives you're living as opposed to complaining over a damn internet doodle. Simple as that. If this is the kind of thing you want to complain about, you have other issues. Oh, and Merry Christmas! ho ho ho


12/25/2012 06:25 am

In that case, we should call every holiday just "holiday", if their history doesn't matter. No Independence Day, no Memorial Day, no Labor Day, etc. - just Holiday 1, Holiday 2, etc.

Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:25 am

I'm Pagan and I celebrate Yule, you don't hear me complaining that there isn't a large pentagram, the Holly King and the sun all over my homepage; holidays are holidays, be glad you are even wished happy ones! The ones offended by it are not true christians, but the bad apples that ruin it for the rest of them. I'm surprised Google continues the fun doodles with all this whining!

James Corrigall

12/25/2012 06:26 am


Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:27 am

why did the church put Jesus's birthday in December when it was really in the spring....fibs!


12/25/2012 06:28 am

They celebrate dictators, communist and other liberal people and days, but in a country of 310+ million where 3/4 identify as Christian, they decide to avoid saying Merry Christmas. Even the libs over at Bing at least give that courtesy. I hope to see google start to fade like yahoo did. It would be fitting since they make so much money off these evil Christians that they can't even give a simple doodle to honor them. Don't want to offend those wonderful Atheist or peace loving muslims. Let them survivor off the business solely from non-Christians and see how well they do. Merry Christmas everyone! I know google hates that word and everything it stands for, but God still loves them unfortunately.

Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:29 am

-well put !


12/25/2012 06:30 am

Merry Christmas, Xander! Christ's birth is the reason for the season.


12/25/2012 06:30 am

Well, many people in the United States celebrate Christmas, even though they are not Christians. So I think "happy holiday" is sufficient, I think.


12/25/2012 06:30 am

(happy yule to you laodegan :) )


12/25/2012 06:31 am

Sorry for writing "I think" twice... :S


12/25/2012 06:31 am

'stolen by Christians'? Merry Christmas, Charles!

Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:31 am

i hope you had a wonderful solstice :)


12/25/2012 06:34 am

Miracles are not minor to those who have been blessed by them. 'minor miracles' is an oxymoron.

Brian Rollins

12/25/2012 06:35 am

I am with Iaodegan but with a little twist Christmas is a Holiday that Christians brung to light, I say if you don't wanna celebrate it then Big Deal but don't force people that are raised to say Christmas , to say happy holidays just because you don't believe in Christ or god aint my problem it is yours. I have a saying you should hear You don't have to believe in HELL to go there..


12/25/2012 06:35 am

Ridiculous complaining, as usual, from Christians who expect that all and sundry give them continual lip service and pride of place. This "war on Christmas" business is nonsense and just another way to keep the "troops" riled up for the equally nonsensical "culture wars." Give it up, get a life, and spend your energy on actually trying to exemplify your religion rather than continual whinging. You aren't persecuted simply because a major business chooses to play nice with a multivalent public that, yes Virginia, includes a large number of non-Christians.


12/25/2012 06:38 am

If anyone's religious intentions are damaged because a commercial entity failed to use particular wording, they are doing it wrong.


12/25/2012 06:40 am

Additionally, lest it go unspoken for the 10,000th time, what Christians co-opted for the birth of their messiah was for millennia before the time when people celebrated the rebirth of the sun via various symbolic figures. Consider that Christianity is a young pup with respect to the religions it stole its holidays from, we're on perfectly sound footing for a rousing shout of "Happy Holidays" - plenty of other religions use Solstice as a sacred focal point.


12/25/2012 06:40 am

Grow a pair people...Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, we all celebrate our own traditions in our own way, we should all just be gracious and polite and smile AND enjoy your time with family/friends/food or alone in your dark and cavernous cave and pick on another many things in life within your control available to be 'fixed' ...small adaptations lead to big changes...start NOW. Think Happy Thoughts and move along, nothing to see here. Happy Holidays and remember we are all already part of the problem, lets be part of the solution too!

Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:44 am

i speak from experience on this. I live in Colorado I work at an indoor waterpark. A preacher from out of nowhere approached my desk and began spouting nonsense that I needed to repent and as forgiveness. I was under the impression he thought I was someone else. I asked him if he knew who I was or that he must have me mistaken for someone he knows to have come and gotten in my face like that. so please- calling liar liar pants on fire to someone who has had a bad experience with someone of a different religion is like calling a rapist innocent.


12/25/2012 06:45 am

Oh no! it wasn't explicitly christian!


12/25/2012 06:49 am

Google tracks "Santa" but won't say Merry Christmas.... Really? we are still that scared of hurting feelings (loosing money) that we have to say Happy Holidays?... And what Holiday would that be?... its F*****G Christmas!


12/25/2012 06:49 am

What they mean is, the holiday is for Google worker. Why u r bothering your self about Logo! i see no problem with the logo

Ashley Johnson

12/25/2012 06:51 am

i'm no dead. I consider it much alive!


12/25/2012 06:52 am

Can you explain that whole not needing a spoon or fork to eat either comment, because I have absolutely no idea what your point was meant to be. If you seriously think that God or religion brings peace, love, or safety, I think you may need to go back to history class, because you obviously missed a few lessons. You also sound like you could do with some discussions with atheists, as you have an insanely warped view of the role that God needs to play in the development of a moral compass. In my opinion, the existence of organized religion is what is wrong with this world, not the lack of it.


12/25/2012 06:55 am

Who the hell cares. Don't we have enough issues going on in the world. Who cares if Google writes Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. You don't have much of life, do you?

Forrest Stevens

12/25/2012 06:56 am

Toleration in itself can be a problem. Merry Christmas.


12/25/2012 06:56 am

Why is Christmas the only holiday that is is not called by name? If Google wants to group all abovementioned holidays together why only put this Doodle on just before Christmas? Is there something wrong with calling a holiday by its name? Lets all stop saying happy New Year!


12/25/2012 06:58 am

Honestly some people are never satisfied, there is no solution to this coz once google changes it, others will complain it is too specific. And the cycle will continue. We are in a world where we must learn to accept, a notion some people clearly haven't grasped yet.


12/25/2012 07:02 am

Some common sense: If Google were a Christian company, this might be a valid question, but it goes without saying that Google employs people of many religions, as well as those of no religion. Therefore, how could anyone reasonably expect them, as a company, to say "Merry Christmas" and for that statement to reflect the company as a whole? Be jolly, not grouchy (or grinchy). Express yourself however you please, but let others do the same. Let people say what they feel like saying. Let companies say what they think is best. Celebrate the holiday in your own way, and don't forget that you live alongside people of many different beliefs (no matter where you live). Enjoy the day to the fullest, and have a happy holiday! :p


12/25/2012 07:02 am

Much ado about nothing


12/25/2012 07:04 am

Really? Has Christmas not over-saturated every nook, cranny and aspect of life from Thanksgiving until the end of December enough as it is? Doubtful a doodle mouse-over (or lack thereof) will destroy Christmas spirit. Whiny complainers belong on naughty list.

Kris Aaron

12/25/2012 07:04 am

I saw a (really kind of gross) documentary on bog people something about the chemical makeup of the bogs preserves people's remains down to the finest detail, really interesting if often nasty to see the distorted bodies. Some women and men from pre-Roman Britain dating to around the birth of Christ and a few centuries prior were exhumed who were apparently ritually murdered, it is believed by Druids. All religions are practiced by flawed humans, so all are inherently flawed, in their execution (no pun intended). As a Christian, you can only look to what Christ taught, and agonize over the distortions of his clear, simple message of love, nonviolence, rejection of wealth, and self sacrifice. It is still the blueprint for living that, when actually practiced as he preached it, makes men and women as close to God like as people can be. That's my personal belief.


12/25/2012 07:04 am

People should just keep their superstitions to themselves. Not everyone believes in talking snakes and that the earth is five thousand years old.

Chris A.Cringle

12/25/2012 07:06 am

Solus inviticus? the pagan religion Christians emasculated as they attempted to garnish control of middle east? Maybe


12/25/2012 07:11 am

When its kwanza, say happy kwanza, when its chanukah, say happy chanukah. And when its christmas, say merry christmas. Case closed, everyone believe what they want and dont get offended when other people celebrate what they believe. It should be Merry/Happy anything, no matter who you are or what you celebrate. Merry Christmas everyone.


12/25/2012 07:14 am

I do find it offensive. If you are going to put a "Happy Holidays" logo, please put it on a day other than the Christian Christmas. Please put up logos for all holidays, not just specifying one religion. And Put a happy holidays up another day. Also, as far as the government is concerned it needs to be more tolerant. Christians can have Christmas off, Jews can have the last night of Chanukah off. Those who celebrate other December holidays can have those days off.


12/25/2012 07:15 am

Hey. It's Google. They can make it say anything they want it to say. They have the technology to tailor it to each user. Why not do that? Let people choose what is shown. The users could simply pick their display preference for holidays 0. Any 1. Agnostic 2. Atheist 3. Buddhist 4. Christian.......20. Secular only 21. State holidays only (choose a state)... It's not that hard. No one has to be upset.


12/25/2012 07:20 am



12/25/2012 07:24 am

I'm a Christian and it does not hurt me as much as it shows that your a coward to say Merry Christmas.


12/25/2012 07:24 am

I think whether to be offended or not lies in the intention of the phrase 'Happy Holidays', including that of Google's. If its meant as a well wish to express all the events in the season; Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, happy days off from work, enjoy the season, etc, then I say cool. If its being used just to tip-toe and not offend, thats not as cool. To be inclusive of everyone is to respect and recognize their holidays and traditions, not lump them into your own.


12/25/2012 07:25 am

If Google can acknowledge Hanukkah or Ramandan, why not for Christmas? It would hardly offend even the most multicultural atheist to see Google give an explanation of the origins of this much celebrated holiday. Are we so easily offended that we can't learn from each other's cultures and traditions?


12/25/2012 07:25 am

Happy Chismakwanukativus everyone!


12/25/2012 07:26 am

well said and thank you


12/25/2012 07:27 am

Well, it's about 80% Christian. To put that into perspective: about 1 out of every 5 people in the country would beg to differ about whether or not the U.S. is a "Christian country."

Bdr Diezel

12/25/2012 07:28 am

So than if that's the case, let's just use Happy Holidays for any holiday throughout the Calendar year. So let's call Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays. When Memorial Day comes, let's call it Happy Holidays. The point that the article is making is that other holidays get recognized by Google's Doodle thing. So when Christmas arrives, and they still use Happy Holidays, on Christmas Day itself (I can understand using Happy Holidays throughout December to recognize the other holidays) it's insulting and a jab. When it's Hanukah, Google kindly recognizes it, and they should do the same as well for Christmas. Sounds like a political agenda on Google's part to devalue Christmas and that's not fair. I wouldn't want them doing that to the other holidays and nor should they do it to Christmas.


12/25/2012 07:28 am

There are a number of other holidays on December 25 all over the world: Christian Feast Day: Anastasia of Sirmium (Catholic Church) December 25 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Christmas Day, Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. (International) Constitution Day (Taiwan) Malkh-Festival (Nakh peoples of Chechnya and Ingushetia) Quaid-e-Azam's Day (Pakistan) Takanakuy (Chumbivilcas Province, Peru)

Kris Aaron

12/25/2012 07:30 am

The secular countries you are talking about, I assume you mean Great Britian and western Europe, are democratic socialist countries. That cradle to grave security thing stops most of the above except for the drug and alcohol abuse. Maybe some people are just wired to abuse substances. Many of those countries are more secular than the United States, but, going out on a limb here, they have bought into Christ's teachings which can be boiled down to, as far as economics go, to give your extra coat and food to someone who doesn't have any. That is exactly what socialism is, if you think about it. That is what Jesus said to do in very simple, clear language. The rich man who balked at giving his hard earned cash to the poor was dismissed, and you remember the observance after he left about a rich man's chances at heaven. I understand arguing the economic feasibility of doing this, but never understood why so many Americans regard this as evil, somehow. Scary, yes, if you are the rich man.

Greg Petliski

12/25/2012 07:30 am

But if "happy holidays" includes all holidays, of which Christmas is one, then isnt it a matter of Christians not wanting to share? Its not excluding Christmas, its just welcoming other holidays in addition to Christmas. "Merry Christmas" and "Happy holidays" are not mutually exclusive; one is part of the other.

Dinna Faye

12/25/2012 07:31 am

Whether Google mentions Christmas or holiday, it is calling a spade a spade either way. Look everyone, is this a legal public HOLIDAY for America, or is it not? Yes - all agreed? Then how comes bidding "Happy holiday" to all folks - not just to Christians - but to all people taking this holiday break: those of other religions, non-theism, atheism or even Grinches, dogs and cats - becomes a greeting not thoughtfully inclusive of all people, but exclusive or even hurtful to Christians? Really? I'm sure most Christians would find this greeting a general address to all public and not some act of exclusion or offense to one group. People who are not Christians may or may not intend to celebrate Christmas but nonetheless get this legal HOLIDAY break to leisure as they wish. Please, those highly sensitive pouty kids who whine about the types of religious "inaccuracy", "indiscretion", "exclusion" or "hurt" noncompliant to their own it's-all-or-mostly-about-me wishes, should look at themselves again. As my 100-year old grandma often reminds me, be thankful to an act of good-faith kindness, charity or encouragement, no matter its fashion, however inexpensive or "unfashionable" to your own standard or wishes. In another word, if you receive a gift, a charity, or a compliment, don't act greedy or be a killjoy to the giver by nit-picking. Graceful adults return a smile or a reciprocal greeting when receiving well wishes, be it "God bless you", "Allah be with you" or "Merry Christmas", even if you happen to be a Buddhist or atheist, Grinch or a Martian. Google did just fine by calling a holiday a holiday, indeed if they would end up putting on "happy holiday 2013" on New year's day with firework display and a big 2013 logo - in time of another legal HOLIDAY, remember we be good-mannered kids, not killjoys, ok? Happy HolidayS to all who read this!


12/25/2012 07:32 am

How about we act like adults, be tolerant and respectful of others views, and celebrate the holiday ( whichever you choose ) by trying to just be nice to others. Then, if you really want to get in the spirit, think of someone else first. Go serve in a soup kitchen, visit a nursing home, a V.A. hospital, etc. Get some perspective in your life, forget the politics for a few days.

Kris Aaron

12/25/2012 07:32 am

I enjoy reading your comments, and am going to look into what the Messianic Jews are about.

David Cramer

12/25/2012 07:34 am

I am offended that the giraffe is wearing clothes. ;)


12/25/2012 07:35 am

This is so ridiculous.What is wrong with Google? Why is Google so afraid that they can't even say Merry Christmas on a national holiday that is celebrated world wide? On December 25, we celebrate a holiday. It is called Christmas. Google can include every religious holiday, from every belief system but this one. Americans are suppose to be tolerant of all beliefs. Why not Christmas?

God jul

12/25/2012 07:42 am

"God jul" translates to "Good Yule." Although christians like to pretend they invented yule, it predates christianity and refers to the December-January winter period.

William Hodgson

12/25/2012 07:43 am

What a waste. Get to the point. Religion is a major cause of hate, discrimination, war and death. Because it is a belief or "make belief" created by mankind to explain the unknown! There is no god or gods. It is not possible to think there is a god. Just unsubstantiated beliefs that pit one person or belief against another. When will humanity wake up. think don't believe.


12/25/2012 07:52 am

How about this guys out take on yesterdays Google Doodle. Nothing to do with Merry Christmas or not, but a very different message on whats in the art message YIKES!


12/25/2012 07:58 am

Personally, I think that the author of this article should just calm down. It's just the holidays. Does it matter at all what google says when you roll your mouse over it? No. Out of all the things to worry about for Christmas (such as what you're going to get your friends and family members, if you have your Christmas party all organised, how long it will take you to get to your friend's house), why what the google doodle says? Just have a good time and enjoy Christmas, and if you don't celebrate Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa! If you don't celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa (like me), Happy New Year!


12/25/2012 08:08 am

For those individuals that are ridiculous enough to get up in arms over what a company - one that I am willing to bet you have no vested interest in - does on their homepage, I offer this suggestion: Why don't you create your *own* multi-national search engine, used by countless millions of people every day, and design a graphic that welcomes them to your website with the words "MERRY CHRISTMAS: Because the 25th of December IS Christmas, and not any of those "other" holidays...". Until that happens, do what makes you feel comfortable and leave others to make the decisions they feel appropriate. It's really not that complicated of, what is honestly, a non-issue. Happy Hanu-Kwanz-box-mas-days Everyone!!

Johnny America

12/25/2012 08:09 am

f*ck Google. Google= JEWS


12/25/2012 08:17 am

As a person who just smiles at the many Americans (and corporations) who shy away from the fear of NOT being politically correct, I also found this statement: "I hate politically correct, pussy footing, treading on eggshells in case religious people get upset" rather amusing because people who have a preference for the term, MERRY CHRISTMAS are being anything BUT politically correct, pussy footing... My point? Feel free to call those people whatever you like but understand (in this particular instance) they are certainly NOT the ones practicing the religion of political correctness. As a company Google is free to do whatever they like with their doodles but, with all of the politically correct lingo being wantonly employed these days, it's hardly worth it (for me, personally) to be sad over. I'll just keep saying MERRY CHRISTMAS, find ways to give (of my time and money) and know that being politically correct has meaning to Google. .


12/25/2012 08:20 am

we get holidays throughout the year for something or other occasion. But Christmas is very special and just that word alone brings such feeling for people, differentiate it already. Bring back 'MERRY CHRISTMAS!!' or don't bother doodling at all >.


12/25/2012 08:25 am

95% is obviously too high. But to be fair, there are a lot of Jews, Buddhists, Atheists, etc., who celebrate Christmas regardless, for various reasons, many not directly related to the concept of "Christmas" being a celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. I read a comment on a different site today by an atheist who said he observes Christmas primarily for his young children's sake, using it as an example of the joy of giving to others in general. He recognizes they're not old enough yet to grasp a theological rationale for why they have no tree, gifts, or "Santa" when all their friends do, so they join in the fun. And one of my Jewish co-workers said his family observes many Christmas traditions, feeling they are not inconsistent with his children's religious and moral upbringing, and their right to their own choice of faith as adults. It's a shame so many "religious" people feel there is something wrong with non-Christians somehow "stealing" THEIR holiday. Isn't that a bit antithetical to their own faith's "message" - which is supposedly one of a great gift given freely to every person who will ever live? A bit selfish of them, then, isn't it, to demand "Christmas" be all their own? A bit odd to claim the joy of a holiday celebrating an eternal victory they SAY they believe in is somehow ruined by something so small? A wish for happiness deemed to be a stumbling block, simply because the words are not exactly what they would prefer? But back to the dueling percentages and two people who've both - though they certainly know better - missed the point: Of course, Jews, Buddhists, etc. obviously make up more than 5% of the world . . . And of course Steve Golac's 95% estimate is over-optimistic, given the huge numbers of cultures and peoples who are unaware even that the Bible exists, or other cultures and countries for that matter. (Even in the U.S., and other predominantly "Christian" nations, there are people who don't grasp the concept of another "country" - likewise those who have never heard the story of how "Christ" got in the word Christmas. Who don't celebrate it, or care, or understand why others make such a fuss.) But Jasi Lee's reply was not well thought out either. Upon reflection, I think Jasi would probably have realized followers of the Christian faith and Christian religion are NOT the only people worldwide who celebrate Christmas in one way or another - any more than everyone drinking, getting naked, and tossing beads at Mardi Gras is preparing for the solemn Christian season of Lent. There are too few reasons for joy in the world as it is, too few occasions on which we emphasize giving over taking. Let's not start petty word wars by taking offense at the simple wish we have a Happy Holiday season . . . with maybe a little peace on Earth, and in the comments, while we're at it?

Marie Farrell

12/25/2012 08:32 am

I celebrate Christmas but I'm not religious. I think that if you are truly religious you should be accepting of what IS & stop not try to control everything. Additionally, I think the Google Doodles are very sweet & whimsical, with no malice at anyone; they appear to be including everyone in their wishes. Complaining about it seems petty. Like complaining about a gift that you weren't even expecting to get. There is no reason for us to be so demanding about something offered in kindness. That you even mention that there was nothing up in Australia right away is silly to me. Settle down; it's not the end of the world. This time of year, especially, is a time to reach out to others, regardless of religious beliefs, political beliefs, or anything else. So there is no reason to get our panties in a ruffle over the semantics. Sure, if nothing else is celebrated today then say "Merry Christmas", but if Google doesn't do that: has this physically harmed you? Are you scarred for life over it? Pick your battles. This is not a battle; it's Christmas. Relax and enjoy! Nice Doodle, Google. Thank you, and happy holidays!

Jenny Welsh

12/25/2012 08:33 am

Holiday= holy day. Christmas being one, St Stephen's day, St John's day and the feast of the Holy Innocents follow quickly, and later come the Naming of Jesus, and finally the feast of the Epiphany, which is the final day of the season of Christmas in the western church. Holy days indeed. Happy holy days every one.

Kris Aaron

12/25/2012 08:36 am


Mod Man

12/25/2012 08:38 am

Google sucks today. Bad move.

Sheldon No

12/25/2012 08:45 am

Happy Holidays, everyone. And a merry December 25th to you. If that hurts your feelings, you deserve to have a terrible day.


12/25/2012 08:45 am

Google is indeed avoiding celebrating Christmas when it should on the exact day... Google very specifically celebrates other holidays and birthdays (artists, etc) on specific days through the rest of the year even if not everyone celebrates those days. If that's ok throughout the rest of the year, then celebrate Christmas too on 12/25. Please post specific doodles for each other holiday on their specific days. Double standard otherwise. Thank you Google... Merry Christmas.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 08:47 am

REALLY? So what were those druids putting in those HUMANshaped baskets made of twigs and then setting them on fire????? Just sayin....

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 08:48 am

And your point ???

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:01 am

For the longest time people thought he was born in October, some in September and some think it was in the spring. The date may be lost to time. The different dates may have more to do with the different aspects of his birth. His birth and the shepherds being directed to Christs whereabouts. It was approximately 18 months later before the Magi showed up and that wasn't even at the same place. What matters is that his birth is celebrated.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:06 am

The conquering of the Syrians and one days worth of oil lasting 8 days. Hey, a miracle is a miracle. Let's not forget our savior was not a Christian, he was a Jew.

Dr. Dark

12/25/2012 09:08 am

Yet google will say "Happy Hannukah".

Bob Webster

12/25/2012 09:13 am

I would like to wish everyone at Google a Merry Christmas. I, a faithful Catholic am not offended by anyone avoiding December 25th's real meaning, as long as they don't mind me acknowledging it. He dwells in ALL of us - it's just that many of us don't know it. I pray every day, they may hear His voice. God Bless!

Cameron Steele

12/25/2012 09:14 am

wtf who cares


12/25/2012 09:15 am

Actually, "religion" by its very nature is intolerant. A religion organizes those who hold a single "truth" and then proceeds to codifies that truth into a sort of law, to the point of stating any belief which opposes the truth is false and in error. "Religion" is not a synonym for "faith" or "belief". But, you're right, most religions, and certainly Christianity, are allegedly founded on Love, including of one's fellow humans, regardless of their views or actions, treating them with kindness, feeding those who are hungry, healing the sick, etc. That small "correction" aside, count me as another heartfelt upvote. Well said yourself.


12/25/2012 09:22 am

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the entire world. Calm down, it's in no danger. Anybody who is seriously offended/angered by people calling this time of year the holidays instead of Christmas... really don't understand the spirit of Christmas.

Robert Scott

12/25/2012 09:24 am

I think the problem is not a chrisitiane problem, but a cultural identity problem. People in the West feel that we are sacrificing our value system, to accomodate ethnic groups, who live in our communities. Christmas for me is not about the worship of Jesus, but the feeling which is generated, within the community. It is probably the only time when people in the West are actually nice to each other, not because of the chrisitiane values, but because of the warmth, Christmas generates. So to summarise, I agree that we should call this day Christmas not the festive season or happy holidays. If Google were really being honest, they should admit that they called the logo happy holidays, because they did not want to offend non chrisitians. I happen to be a non chrisitan, and I think we should still call December 25th Christmas day, even though it was originally a pagan day. Have a merry Christmas xxx


12/25/2012 09:26 am

Come on people get a life. When someone, thing, or company is trying not to offend every religious nut out there, they seem not to be able to please any of them. If you really want to get down to it, it not Jesus's real birthdate but a modified date to fit into what some religious institution needed to fit their needs and not history. So be cool and let everyone enjoy this time of the year for whatever reason they choose and not yours.

daniel hlady

12/25/2012 09:30 am

well some people who aren't christian but celebrate winter solstice although its on the 21st some people have combined that to doing everything about Christmas without the relation to god or anything but the main idea of good will and peace on earth remains so calling it Christmas is a little to religious for some and i personally find it fine that it says happy holidays

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:32 am

Santa Clause does have a lot to do with Jesus. Santa Clause, Saint Nicholas...... he was a devout Catholic who embodied many Christlike qualities. His wealthy parents had passed away and he inherited quite a fortune. He shared it with the poor (children) and widowed. Even helping to supply dowries to poor girls so their poor (financially speaking) parents wouldn't have to sell them of into slavery. It's how he got his charitable start. He did all this out of his love for Christ.

Skeeter Jennings

12/25/2012 09:32 am

Hadrian's Wall was built to keep out the Druids who were fighting a Holy War to retake Briton. Not a Pope-declared Crusade, obviously, but little difference. No Wiccan wrote a Malleus Maleficarum because the con men who wrote that book did so hundreds of years before the con men who invented wicca.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:33 am

The company IS American... just sayin.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:37 am

What movie was it that talked about having a heart two sizes too small ???


12/25/2012 09:37 am

grow the fudge up. also get over yourselves. fudging christians....


12/25/2012 09:39 am

As a Christian, I do not feel offended when people says "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas!". However, I do not think that referring to Christmas will offend people without/from other faith. Even in Indonesia, when about 90% of the population are Muslims, the text says "Selamat Natal dari Google!" which literally means "Merry Christmas from Google" and I do not heard protests from Muslims or any other faiths. Many moderate Muslims sending Christmas wishes to their Christian friends, although there are some warning from hard-liners not to do that. Some companies even places their Christmas wishes in public television. Therefore, my main point is, in a plural and modern society like United States, organizations and people should not be reluctant to create wishes for religious holidays, whether it is Christmas, Chanukah, Eid ul-Fitr, or any other religious celebrations, in order to foster tolerance and mutual respect between people of different faiths (including non-believers).


12/25/2012 09:40 am

Nice thought Kris. Now tell it to all those religious institutions who have distorted those words to gain, wealth, control of their followers, create dogma, war, non-tolerance, and the list can go on. His message may be great, but it's his followers who don't really live by what he preaches. I think the short word for them are "Christians".

Tommy Gonava

12/25/2012 09:40 am

The birth of the Sun God Mithra !


12/25/2012 09:40 am

Thankyou, my thoughts exactly! The one and only reason why we're having a "holiday" at all, is because its a CHRISTMAS holiday!!!!

Luke Nelson

12/25/2012 09:41 am

I'm not offended by one doodle that says happy holidays, but I do think it would be more fun to have a more holiday specific doodle for each holiday.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 09:43 am

I completely agree with you, I also celebrate the solstice, though I'm not offended by 'merry christmas' i believe that happy holidays is better suited because of all the religious differences for this 'holiday'

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 09:43 am

The idea of it being in the spring isn't quite, completely accurate. For the longest time people thought he was born in October, some in September and some think it was in the spring. The date may be lost to time. The different dates may have more to do with the different aspects of his birth. His birth and the shepherds being directed to Christs whereabouts. It was approximately 18 months later before the Magi showed up and that wasn't even at the same place. What matters is that his birth is celebrated by those who care.

Benjamin Nash

12/25/2012 09:43 am

Who cares? If you want Christmas go to church... don't hear Christians complaining that Santa is hurtful to them...

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 09:46 am

yes the solstice or Yule was on the 21 but, december is full of different religious holidays & also non-religion people who celebrate it only as a special day to be with their families, so Christmas ISN"T appropriate for everyone. if you celebrate christmas, tell me merry christmas, if you celbrate kwanzaa tell me happy kwanzaa if you celebrate yule tell me happy yule. or happy Saturnalia, solstice chanukah or whatever you celebrate, i won't be offended, but for this month "Happy Holidays" is appropriate as well


12/25/2012 09:51 am

I'm nor offended or upset." Merry Christmas" started how many years ago? And that was how its always been. The celebration of the birth of Christ.I have no problem with Kwanza, Chanakah or any other celebration. So yes say Happy Kwanza, Happy Chanakah, Happy or Merry Christmas when appropriate for each celebration. Why is everyone so afraid to say Merry Christmas?! Everything has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime!

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 09:55 am

the solstice this year was on the 21 but some people continue the celebration of the solstice even up to & even past the 25, and most who celebrate the solstice don't celebrate christmas at all so yes its petty & ridiculous for people to get worked up over words, the point is december is a month for various "holidays" so christmas is not appropriate

Quinci Coates

12/25/2012 09:57 am

Christians need to get over themselves. It isn't all about them. Boo hoo that doodle hurts me. Honestly. I'm sure they wouldn't be hurt if the doodle had Santa in it.


12/25/2012 09:58 am

Here is the deal. Christmas has a story. I took the time to learn the story and what it means. I'm not offended by the Doodle. I'm offended that Google doesn't have the fortitude to say this is a touchy subject for us as a business in AMERICA! Anyone who took the time to learn the truth knows that either Google doesn't like JESUS or they don't have the integrity to admit they aren't allowed to make a CHRISTMAS DOODLE. This is Google's way of making the people that can't possibly be happy, happy. People that have Christ don't care, it's just insulting. It's all about stirring us up anyway. I think it is a great Holiday Doodle by the way. The only thing is... what holiday is it again? Covering up the truth has many facets. Somewhere along the way we have to get back to learning the truth. Nobody knows why they do anything anymore and it's getting worse. I usually skip through these ridiculous comments, but couldn't help myself today. God Bless you all. God Bless America! And while I can still say it here, "Merry Christmas". Christmas comes from Christ. I looked it up without using Google. P.S. To the idiots that were blogging about hating political correctness. Google is playing the part of the politically correct business with their planned Doodle. They have a meeting before Christmas Day Doodle goes up. What's funny is they essentially offend the only people that believe the story. Everyone else doesn't care because they don't care. Get it. We are a mess LORD. Please fix us.

Joy King

12/25/2012 09:59 am

This piece is tastefully written, good job! Merry Christmas!!!

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:02 am

Wicca is not a con, it is a religion based on nature and the old world Gods/Goddesses, it is a Pagan religion & Paganism goes historically back way before the so-called christ-child and Christianity was created & guess what the holy bible was written by man, not God, and there is no one alive that can honestly say the people who wrote the bible were told by a so called God or christ child what to say is there? so before you go bashing someone elses's religion, take a history lesson on world religions because Christianity is actually one of the youngest world religions. Point is everyone has their own set of beliefs and no one knows for a fact whose is right or wrong & for all we know all beliefs could be right & your afterlife will be where or how you believe. I happen to grow up christian and know beliefs from both & in actuality a lot of religious holidays celebrated by Christians have Pagan roots with very few changes, so google it

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:03 am

oh and by the way i was raised christian but not christian anymore, I am Wiccan

Steve Haley

12/25/2012 10:05 am

Happy Christmas to all my wonderful family and friends , nuff said

Robert Chacon

12/25/2012 10:06 am

Daniel, are you really that dumb? What a stupid way to interpret the bible. What do you call the man who contributed his DNA to create you? Daddy? You avoid the word Father? Even if you called him Daddy, it still means father. But clearly and specifically God told us to call no man Father as in God! The bible clearly calls other jewish leaders, including Moses, and early church apostles as fathers of the church. Your interpretation is a made up interpretation ignoring what the bible really meant so you can try to criticize the catholic church. And , no the church does NOT teach suicide is the unforgivable sin. And the Church does teach that only God through Jesus blood absolves sin and that yes one must be born again to enter heaven. Where you got all your misinformation is beyond me but its part of along line of ignorant catholic bashing that only looks ridiculous since its based on false straw man arguments by ignorant people or worse, those that desire to deceive others about what the church actually teaches. and Daniel, Christs very words were "Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel and preach the Gospel to every creature.He who believes AND is baptized shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be condemned." The Catholic Church through its people IS throughout the whole world preaching the Gospel that one who is baptized and believes will be saved and he who does not believe will be condemned. And by the way Jesus also specifically said to his apostles (from whom all our bishops and priests have been ordained and succeeded) after he breathed the holy spirit into them (not everyone else) :"Receive the holy spirit, when you forgive men's sins they are forgiven, when you hold them bound , they are held bound." And the very earliest church held to this practice of confession as the sacrament we hold to today. it may have changed somewhat in form but its still the same theologically. But then again , you dont know what the church fathers taught since your church tradition follows men, not christ. there are reasonable arguments to make about the exact theology of the church today and the early church practices, but simply dismiss it as you do is only to demonstrate the shallowness of your understanding of biblical interpretation and early church history and practice., so my question to you is why you dont follow the bible but instead follow the man made teachings of your tradition that came about around only 500 years ago or maybe less??


12/25/2012 10:06 am

I'm torn. Part of me wants to join in the "oh for f**ks sake, call a spade a spade and say "Happy Hanukkah" on Hanukkah, "Happy Solstice" on the 21st and frickin' "Merry Christmas" on Christmas. It's not the end of the fricking world, Google!" I mean, really. It is a silly bit of political-correctness-pussyfooting to say "Happy Holidays" as if that's MORE inclusive, when they're able to acknowledge other holidays directly. (and several that aren't actual Holy Days, but just 'days of note' - happy Ada Lovelace's Birthday everyone!) The other part wants to go "...not getting "Merry Christmas" DESTROYED the Christmas spirit for *anyone*? Really? A "happy holy day" greeting wasn't enough for ya? You're getting that butthurt that it destroyed ANYTHING? Your grasp on the "Christmas spirit" must be pretty pathetic then, if it's that easily *destroyed* -- then again, these are the people who have the spare time on Christmas Day to a) go googling in the first place, then b) hunt up a forum to c) bitch about "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." (I'm aware of the absurdity of then d) complaining about c), but it's 5am and insomnia has *destroyed* my ability to get a decent night's rest tonight/today.) Y'know, I think everyone (including - especially! - me) needs to STFU and go drink some egg nog. Rum optional but encouraged. Cheers!

Eric D. Copeland

12/25/2012 10:06 am

The way i see it is Christmas probably is not the day Christ was born,but it is the day that Christians set aside to celebrate his birth!it is not unbelievable to me to think their are people who do not do this.and i am not offended that they don't!I do know that those people have have the opportunity to learn about Christ and have chose not to believe.I feel sorry for those people because i know what they have in store for them!I do miss the way Christmas was celebrated years ago.There is an old saying "If you try to please everyone someone will get pissed off" Look within yourself and not to everyone else for support as to the way you feel!


12/25/2012 10:07 am

I think I'll start using BING from now on.

Rahmah Aftab

12/25/2012 10:10 am

Actually, in my country, which is Pakistan, we have a holiday because its Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's Birthday today. Its a very special day for Pakistan because he is its first Governor-General from independence until his death. His birth is celebrated as a national holiday and he is still known to be Pakistan's greatest leader.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:11 am

I agree completely, I see nothing wrong with 'merry christmas' at least on Dec 25 and as I said I am Wiccan and celebrate the solstice, but I also celebrate christmas to but not for the religious reasons (mostly i celebrate because it's a family day for me and i enjoy buying things for my family and helping others) there is nothing wrong with saying merry christmas, its ridiculous to get worked up over it, but bashing someone else's beliefs as some aon here have done is unacceptable

Rahmah Aftab

12/25/2012 10:13 am

So, yeah, i think that its appropriate, so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and happy holidays to any country that has a national/international holiday today. :)


12/25/2012 10:14 am

Hey, I'm also 'hurt and sad'! How come no animations? The little man doesn't march over the bridge, the train doesn't move. Nothing! There were animations for Hallowe'en. (Just sayin'.) As to the whole 'religious' thing, if you're that religious, you should be in church, or helping those suffering or alone at Christmas, not Googling stuff. (Or, even worse, not Googling stuff: just checking to see if there's an 'offensive' GoogleDoodle to complain about.)


12/25/2012 10:14 am

I'm just curious, what logo they use for the birthdate if the ACLU? Merry Christmas !!! -- and thankful to be Living in America, as James Brown proudly sang.

Chris Stacy

12/25/2012 10:24 am

People get offended by this? Really? For pete' s sake who the hell cares? If you were offended by something so incredibly insignificant, you have a much bigger personal problem than what google's holiday message is. Worrying about stupid things like this is what takes years off your lifetime. Also, I find it mind numbingly dumb how the fact that their original message was one meant to be sensitive to all winter holidays, yet someone somehow gets offended that it ISN'T specific to their one holiday they celebrate. It's this kind of nonsense that makes me lose faith in humanity, and it seems like I see it everyday now.

Chirst Child

12/25/2012 10:36 am

It is Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ? Why "Happy Holidays"? I know you want be politically correct but the holiday is the Birth of Our LORD Jesus Christ. The bible describe that you have to be in Christ to call HIS Name and this World is not with HIM that is why you did not write Christmas or Happy Birthday Jesus. The World is not with Jesus. For the World it is not acceptable to know Jesus is LORD. So does Google. The World and Google are very very small when you compare the work of Jesus Ether Google accept Jesus or the World it does not matter JESUS is LORD and HE is always LORD and HE IS COMING not as a baby but as a KING to rule this World including Google. That makes me very happy because I am with LORD

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:37 am

maybe, but can you prove without a doubt as you said that God is real, No you can't so that knife cuts both ways. Just because there is writings or manuscripts etc about God or really any religion doesn't mean its true because guess what? They were all written by people not the divine.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:39 am

either way people have their own belief systems and there are many writings about many gods/goddesses not just the christian one

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:44 am

Actually do your research on the catholic church, it was St. Peter (one of jesus's 12 disciples) who according to the bible was therre with jesus and directly heard his teachings, who created the catholic church, so actually you are saying that jesus is a liar because peter based the church theology on what jesus taught him


12/25/2012 10:44 am

And greeting of this sort is meant to be pleasant and should be received with the meaning intended.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:52 am

Actually neither is dead, I'm Wiccan which is a pagan religion and we still observe the solstice very much so


12/25/2012 10:56 am

ink it's a case of never being able to please everybody. Sure, they could make a doodle specific to each religious celebration/holiday, but then what if they missed one? Then the complaints would roll in about that. And you can also bet that people will be 'offended' when Google celebrates an event that they personally don't. Unfortunately, many people still have difficulty seeing past their own back door despite the popularity of the internet....its about time they realised and accepted that Google is a GLOBAL entity that serves the world, not just each person's own little part of it.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 10:59 am

Thats actually because celebrating birthdays is a pagan tradition and there are some christians as well as other religions who still believe it to be a pagan ritual and refuse to acknowledge their birthdays, Jehovas witness is one of these. i went to grade school with a girl who was jehova witness and they didn't celebrate birthdays or many other holidays, including christmas


12/25/2012 11:04 am

Hello Google I thought the wording for the 25th December 2012 very courteous and inclusive to all no matter what faith. Well done


12/25/2012 11:04 am

But the day IS Christmas is it not? You can celebrate it how you want, but call the day what it is for goodness sake! Deepavali is called Deepavali and Ramadan is called Ramadan, let Christmas be called Christmas... always Christianity that has to do the pussy-footing around... but if we dare try to call any of the other religious holidays something else, we might as well declare WWIII.


12/25/2012 11:04 am

You and your 100 year old grandma hit the nail on the head. Be thankful and appreciative of the sentiment intended. Be respectful, gracious and kind because we're all human and deserve to be treated decently no matter what religion. Happy Holidays to you as well!


12/25/2012 11:07 am

What's hurtful to Christians is kids getting gunned down in school and having Mike Huckabee and James Dobson blame non-Christians on behalf of Jesus. Seriously, a Google Doodle is nothing to get upset with. There are actual issues in this world. But I guess sorting out true problems takes work, whining on the internet because someone said "Happy Holidays" is easier.

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 11:09 am

wrong again, research the history of christmas, it was a pagan celebration that the christians 'adopted' to try to make it easier for pagans to convert. it actually was originally to celebrate the solstice and the return of the Sun(not exactly on the day of the solstice but close enough to it )

Jessi Marie

12/25/2012 11:11 am

yep Easter (or the Pagan Ostara) is another holiday christians 'adopted'


12/25/2012 11:13 am

If you want to celebrate Christmas or almost Solstice or whatever, good for you. Please don't make it a federal holiday supported by my tax dollars.

Dave McBride

12/25/2012 11:14 am

If people are this upset about a holiday greeting why don't we just focus on the first word; "Merry", "Happy", or even the phrase "Have a nice....". For goodness sakes can we just be glad that someone wished us well, instead of WHY they wished us well? Have a very merry & happy time, with whatever that time means to you.

Spirit Blood

12/25/2012 11:14 am

jesus fucking christ shut the fuck up you whiny assholes. you delusional childish fucks have to ruin everything in life. just admit that you have imaginary friends and believe a book that claims a snake could talk.


12/25/2012 11:30 am

James , Merry Christmas to you and your family Happy Holiday or Holidays to you too! What is upsetting to some is what you said in your post,"I am just grateful for a few days off from work....." Now please don't get me wrong I mean nothing personal nor is there anything wrong with being grateful for days off and being with your family.If you don't see this, "holiday" as Christmas the celebration of the birth of Christ then that's fine but to some that is the reason for the season and it is upsetting to some that somewhere along the way that was lost. Please try to understand this point of view as I understand the point of view of those that don't believe ( I am,not speaking of Santa Clause although somewhere along the way I believe the Santa Clause was another way of expressing the goodness of the Holiday) But in any event Merry Christmas... Life is short so enjoy your family! Another to express this is if it was Little Sue's birthday and everybody came to a party and didn't acknowledge it as her birthday..IT might be a nice party and everyone had a good time but Sue and her parent and family well you get it... feel a little taken aback...... OK bad example but you know what I am trying to say...I hope Merry Christmas


12/25/2012 11:31 am

If I called Ramadan or other religious events a holiday do you not think this is offensive to their beliefs. I say yes, especially when this country is predominately Christian. Google as a US company are are typically weak and scared of offending anyone. It's politically correct things like this that are causing the World to lose it's faith and in turn morals and that can only be a bad thing. Poor effort Google.

Janice Houston

12/25/2012 11:31 am

Google's holiday scene is fine - Christmas comes with or without Google's sanction! Janice Houston


12/25/2012 11:33 am

get over it people are too soft skinned these days. IF SOMEONE POST A RELIGIOUS THIS ONE IS OFFENDED IF THE DON,T THE OTHERS ARE . Enough already I feel that every time some one is OFFENDED someone else looses a right. JUST GET OVER IT PLEASE


12/25/2012 11:33 am

you know what? christians will always find something to whine about. their entire religion focuses on blaming everyone and everything around them but themselves for their own unhappiness. if they're whining about google's obvious implication of love and prosperity of the holiday, then they need to shut up, drink some eggnog, and edit their list of priorities.


12/25/2012 11:34 am

Ur name is Jasi. Who's the moron? Thinking it's you.


12/25/2012 11:35 am

I am a Christian and I am in no way offended with any ones greeting of Happy Holidays on the other hand I don't use that phrase I always have and always will wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And I like the special google logo's. So here you are MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!


12/25/2012 11:36 am

Ok so that was childish of Me but even so don't call someone a moron because they are trying to make a point.

marty young

12/25/2012 11:45 am

merry christmas


12/25/2012 11:48 am

Google's "doodle" is idiotic, as is the title of this thread. Any normal Christian, whether Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant of any denomination or none is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec. 25 and wouldn't find anything Google says about Christianity "hurtful". The idiocy of the doodle only reflects Google's ignorance, at best, and prejudice, most likely. (By the way, the calendar Google uses to come with its doodles for different days is on the 2012th year, that's 2012 years dating from the birth of Jesus Christ.) Anyhow, there is no other reason why this holiday exists outside the birth of Jesus, zero, none. Why isn't Christmas in June? Because Christians celebrate Christ's birth on Dec. 25. Hence: Christmas. Having this generic doodle and vapid "holiday" wishes is like Google putting up a "fun" doodle of a cow on a farm for the Fourth of July in order to avoid offending people who aren't American citizens. Good Lord. I miss the days when grownups used to be the decision makers.


12/25/2012 11:49 am


Dave McBride

12/25/2012 11:52 am

I'm a Christian & I'm not whining about anything. But I will drink some eggnog. : )


12/25/2012 11:54 am

Not exactly there chief. They had Kwanzaa up there at one time, I dont celebrate Kwanzaa. Whats the difference with Christmas?


12/25/2012 12:00 pm

The whole season has turned into a Money Grubbin time of year right down to the Churchs who advertize come see the Smoke and Light Show on Christmas Eve. Those who want to see the Holiday as gift exchanging, stockin hanging, tree decorating, light slinging, so be it. I myself will see this season as the Birth Of Our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. Amen...

Bit Toad

12/25/2012 12:02 pm

These so called Christians should get the hell over themselves. What makes these whining uncharitable jerks feel so entitled? Google doesn't owe you anything and you should just be grateful they greet you at all!


12/25/2012 12:04 pm

People should`nt take offence, Google is used by many different people not everyone celebrates Christmas even many Christians due to its pagan origins, its nice to wish a Happy Holiday as most people will be off work, not all myself included, Oh maybe I should get offended about that.

Bit Toad

12/25/2012 12:05 pm

People celebrate the season, that is the holiday. Not everyone is celebrating the birth of Christ. Some people are celebrating having time off during this celebratory time of year. It may have started off as Christmas but it is no longer exclusively about the religious holiday of Christmas. Accept the facts.


12/25/2012 12:07 pm

The interactive Halloween Google logo was fun, had ghosts, black cats, monsters, bats and lots of fun things to explore and yet not everyone celebrates Halloween. I would like to see interactive logos of that type anytime a holiday rolls around. I would not be offended by a Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus (for the rest of us) logo. I understand that this wonderful world of ours is made up of all kinds of people and I am OK with that - let's celebrate diversity. Google, you do a great job!!!


12/25/2012 12:08 pm

Marry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Winter Solstice. The last one is the reason Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. It coincides with the Pagan ritual, because Christianity needed ties so that locals would convert. This is the same reason we have rabbits and eggs on Easter. Do some research into your religion, whatever it may be.

Devon Galley

12/25/2012 12:08 pm

December 25th is also Yule. Yule is NOT the same as Christmas. So "Happy Holidays" is certainly suitable for a shared holiday. Yes, there are people who actually celebrate Yule.


12/25/2012 12:09 pm

I know who my redeemer is! As for the world, I pray and persevere through this too! Amen!

Clarissa Greene

12/25/2012 12:14 pm

Come on, people just need to get over it!! It's really not a big deal!!!


12/25/2012 12:17 pm

If Google decides to say Happy Christmas, then i would like Google to Wish Happy Eid during Eid holidays & Happy Diwali & Happy whatever other religious festivals come during the year. Its only fair, since Google is used by EVERYONE. Its used by people following different religions. I know it might be hard to understand, but Christians aren't the only ones using Google. ;)

Norman Vail

12/25/2012 12:18 pm

Jesus was born to die...for all Sinners and one day in heaven or hell, all will know this. Reverend Norman Edward Vail


12/25/2012 12:20 pm

Trying to make a news story is so transparent.

Kate Moss

12/25/2012 12:24 pm

If it's hurting you then go to church. I'm a Christian, it doesn't hurt me. Christ is in my heart, I don't need to see Him on the homepage of my computer.


12/25/2012 12:25 pm

Hey, this is not about people being offended about other people's beliefs, it's about google's doodle "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" , and why you send people to "Nazi" Germany?, why don't you send all jews to israel instead? isn't that the "promised" land you were fighting for?


12/25/2012 12:28 pm

I am a Christian and have been since birth, i'm 54 years old and how now finally learned in all my years of being Christian, is we have to remember as a Christian it is not about us, the Glory is all God's, we would not have google if it was for the Grace of God, so who cares what people say or do to offend us, it never is about us, it's all about God, so give it up and all you can do is pray, that people will come to Christ and have a change of Heart, that's what being a Christian is all about, Jesus never complained, he just taught us how to love one another.


12/25/2012 12:44 pm

It's CHRISTMAS !!! All this pc rubbish is attempting to destroy an age old tradition,if people don't like Christmas,then in the words of Scrooge "let them leave it be".

Skeeter Jennings

12/25/2012 12:46 pm

Not sure why you would think I was endorsing Christianity, or any religion, for that matter, but that's not really the point. Guess what-wicca was created by a man. And all of those old world gods and goddesses were created by the same man, because there is no one alive that can honestly say who or what they were. So before you go making timelines for world religions, you might want to keep in mind that wicca is still a hundred years or so behind the Mormons and only slightly ahead of whatever George Costzana's father is celebrating this year. Having thought about it, however, you're right, it's not a con. A better term is fraud. As in: When your allegedly ancient religion can be definitively traced back to the 1950's and Gerald Gardner, then it is a fraud. The point is everyone has their own set of beliefs and no one knows for a fact who is right, but when my Hindu friends, or my Buddhist friends or my Judeo-Christian friends are proselytizing, they at least have the benefits of centuries of tradition. Wicca isn't even as legitimate as scientology in that regard.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 12:56 pm

True. The actual, authentic definition of tolerance is stated as thus; "The power or capacity of enduring or the act of enduring. " To endure is to bear, to suffer. To be tolerant is to be enduring and indulgent.. Toleration is the act of tolerating; the allowance of that which is NOT wholly approved; appropriately, the allowance of religious opinions and modes of worship in a state, when contrary to or different from those of the established church or belief. ( For example during the time of the colonies the protestant state of North Carolina TOLERATED the Catholic faith.)


12/25/2012 12:57 pm

I agree Dennis!


12/25/2012 12:59 pm

Should this surprise anyone? Google didn't recognize Pearl Harbor day and is so left wing all the time. I've changed my search page to Bing,not much of a protest but all I can do. I have no religion and don't care which Holiday it is but to ignore Christmas as a big day is stupid. Tell retail stores to ignore Christmas at you're own peril.


12/25/2012 01:03 pm

Merry Christmas Tess!


12/25/2012 01:06 pm

Google just reflects what it knows people are saying. Most people are saying 'Happy Holidays' even if you wish them Merry Christmas. I'm sure Google has the stats which is why they do this. Btw, many more holidays are celebrated at the moment, not just the ones mentioned above. Yes, it could say Merry Christmas for the 25th, but the picture is just the Nutcracker anyway, which has little significance for people outside of the Western world anyway.

Diane Sarjeant

12/25/2012 01:08 pm

I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!

Diane Sarjeant

12/25/2012 01:10 pm



12/25/2012 01:11 pm

Google's Doodle's have always made me smile. I haven't bothered to take any of my personal beliefs into account for they cater wonderfully to all at some point or another. Thank you Google


12/25/2012 01:14 pm

These are fun! Thank you for creating and sharing them!


12/25/2012 01:16 pm

Lets keep in mind that without it being Christmas Day December 25 would be just another day. It's Christmas Day regardless of your beliefs. You still get the day off of work because its CHRISTMAS day!! It pains me that saying Merry Christmas has become offensive. Google I expected a better stand from you.

Diane Sarjeant

12/25/2012 01:17 pm

that Christians or whomever are going on about a Google doodle for a Holiday. At least the Christmas season is being acknowledged. What about Ramadan? What about the holy month in which Muslims use extreme focus on their faith. At the beginning of the month or the first day of Ramadan, why is there no Google doodle? Or at the beginning of every year, we atheists get a doodle with a picture of Jesus with an "X' over a "do not park" sign? Or for Scientology, the doodle will be the day of L. Ron Hubbard's death. No...that cannot be the case because the only group to get doodle's are the Judeo-Christians. Please. Get over the doodle.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 01:23 pm

Grace.... there's no grace in your misguided rant. I fear it would be difficult for you as that would require humility first. Study it, learn it's true meaning. Then come back and try again. Happy Jesus' Birthday.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 01:26 pm

Please keep your poop in the toilet where it belongs rather than in the discussions. ...... please.


12/25/2012 01:31 pm

I can only imagine the Doodle says "Happy Holidays" because this is the same Doodle they've used for some years now. In some years Hanukkah overlaps with Christmas (because the Jewish calendar follows a lunar cycle and changes relative to the Gregorian one.) Some years ago there was even an overlap with Ramadan (which has now precessed to be in the summer because the Islamic calendar has no correction built in, unlike the Jewish one.) So to anyone who is offended, I say, "Get over it."

Kevin Dondrea

12/25/2012 01:33 pm

I'm Catholic and it doesn't bother me one bit what people say. When I see my friends, I tell them Merry Christmas and if they're Jewish I tell them Happy Hanukkah. Although I do joke with them sometimes and ask them if they're going to Church on Ash Wednesday. Religions may have different names but it's still only one God. Even Captain America said that. The only incorrect thing is when people take Christ out of Christmas i.e. XMas. I came up with another quote on the same line "Don't take God out of Bless You." Whether you believe in God or not, what's wrong with someone who preaches Love and Forgiveness? Athiests have it wrong when they say Religions Kill. As I mentioned I was born and raised Catholic and our priests taught us to Love Everyone, no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation may be. I know most "Church Going" people forgot what God is about, he isn't about prejudice or killing people in his name. Although Televangalists should all be going to hell, I guess it's like publicity, "Any Publicity is Good Publicity". But I hate people who use God for Profit and then say "Oh the bible says we can ask for donations". Donations to keep the church going, not Donations so you can buy a jet or a $1000 suit. The Bible says "Give away your worldly goods and give yourself to God". Hey, Televangalists, God Wants His Money!!


12/25/2012 01:49 pm

The meaning of holiday is holy day. On this holy day, let us be thankful and put aside criticism.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 01:50 pm

You seem to be such an angry little man. So very sad. May g-d manifest Himself to you in a wonderfully and profound way.

G Bedford

12/25/2012 01:54 pm

I truly believe that "Happy Holidays" say's it all. Although When you see images of Santa Claus and giant Christmas trees infront of every Macy's store and even in Washington which represents Christmas it is hard not to say "Merry Christmas" What Google might say is "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all" We all share the same planet, Let's all love one and other and celebrate this festive season together!


12/25/2012 01:56 pm

Clement Moore's poem says "Happy Christmas to all" and I have always said that myself. It used to be said more frequently in olden days. It was only the Americans that changed it to Merry.


12/25/2012 02:01 pm

only dumbasses get obsessed over tiny details like whether it says merry christmas or happy holidays when you hover over the logo. Google is doing this out of good spirits and religious fucks have to ruin it for themselves, tough! ;)


12/25/2012 02:03 pm

Don't worry. Be happy.

the methmusician

12/25/2012 02:10 pm

I am a Christian and I like the logo. It takes a lot of talent to design something that cool. I don't know that I am offended by the fact that it might not say "Merry Christmas." I am in fact more offended by people who are NOT Christians making us all out to be boobs because we believe that CHRISTMAS is about the birth of CHRIST (wow did you catch that? The word CHRIST is actually a part of the word CHRISTMAS!). This is America and we Christians also have the "right" to express what we believe. I'll make a deal with don't pass judgement on me and I will not pass judgement on you! By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Bonnie McCartney

12/25/2012 02:14 pm

If I could avoid Google over the non Christmas greeting, I would. Dec. 25th is Christmas. Period. If you don't say Merry Christmas, don't say anything at all. Say Happy Chunaka on that holiday and the same with Quanza.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 02:14 pm

Science is real and true AND ordained by the G-d you say doesn't exist ! lol Da Vinci, Kepler, Bacon, Pascal, Increase Mather, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Linnaeus, Faraday, Morse, Joule, Pasteur, Fleming, Carver, Wernher von Braun, Lord Kelvin are you familiar with these names? All of these men professed faith in G-d and believed in the divine authority of the bible. To dismiss any of the scientists based on their belief in G-d would be to dismiss science itself.

Lori Covert Newton

12/25/2012 02:16 pm

That's all you got????? sigh

T Hu

12/25/2012 02:17 pm

If Google said "Happy Chanukah", then Google should have said "Merry Christmas".


12/25/2012 02:28 pm

If they did post Merry Christmas then people would be complaining that they were only supporting one religious holiday. The point is you will never be able to make everyone happy. There are people who don't believe in religion and other people in this country practicing so many different religions now that there it is virtually impossible to make everyone satisfied. There will always be someone with an issue about something.


12/25/2012 02:33 pm

” and they should eat it” sounds pretty Christian to me.

kirk czuhai

12/25/2012 02:36 pm

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! !!!!!!!


12/25/2012 02:41 pm

So what exactly is wrong with saying "Happy Holiday"? The word holiday derived from the notion of "Holy Day". The word holiday comes from the Old English word hāligdæg. The word originally referred only to special religious days. If someone is Christian I don't just don't understand why referring to it as a holy day is so upsetting.


12/25/2012 02:43 pm

Why don't we just appreciate what google does, celebrate our own important days and accept the fact that you cannot make everybody happy. So if you are offended by what you see online in a global community than you are in the wrong place. Don't blame google for your lack if tolerance. Happy Holidays

Atheist Educator

12/25/2012 02:45 pm

Godwin's Law invoked!

Daran Waters

12/25/2012 02:46 pm

I don't celebrate Columbus Day or Presidents Day or Labor Day, but I'm not offended when someone else "celebrates" it. Why are you afraid to say Merry Christmas - afraid you'll melt?


12/25/2012 02:48 pm

same here Jessi, I am wiccan. I am not offended by the "Merry Christmas" phrase. At work I just let people say what they want. Google is just trying to be politically correct (bad spelling). People should just get over it already. No matter what holiday you are celebrating this time of year they all basically mean the same thing. That is peace to each other and good will. It is supposed to be a happy time of year for everyone not a fight over any greetings. I am just offended by the public during this time because it seems now that everyone forgot the real meaning of the seasons and its all about the biggest present I can get or receive. It has all been way to commercialized and people forget its about being with good friends and family and just enjoying each others company. So people should just stop being a scrooge about how they want google to greet each holiday and just get on with their lives because they apparently have nothing better to do that to criticize everyone so they must not have a life and thats all they live for is to pick apart what everyone else is saying or doing


12/25/2012 02:51 pm

I am a christian and I always say Merry Christmas to people as a greeting during this time of year. I also do not get offended if the world does not like the fact that we celebrate Christmas. I don't like many of the holidays that are celebrated by some people in our country but I am NOT offended by this because THEY HAVE the right to celebrate them. Jesus said that he would offend many. I was offended by Jesus, just as he said, before I came to realize that he came to die for my sin that I may have life. After I read and learned of him and gave my life to him, I was no longer offended. If you read and learn about Jesus, maybe you also will give your life to him and will no longer be offended by the rock of stumbling, as he called himself. Sincerely Bill Cole Jr.


12/25/2012 02:53 pm

Excuse me. There is no Nazi Germany anymore. You need to find a different place for them. May be North Korea? I do appreciate leaving the past in the past.


12/25/2012 03:02 pm

Merry Christmas, ILUVUSA2 but actually... Axial tilt is the reason for the season. lol ;)


12/25/2012 03:09 pm

A lot of the Google doodles are crap. If it is Christmas. Grow a pair and say Merry Christmas. If it is Ramadan, give a mention. Religion exists , you humanist losers!


12/25/2012 03:09 pm

Personally I enjoy the Google Holiday "doodles". I believe there are many people out there who just don't have enough to do, so they complain!


12/25/2012 03:12 pm

Oh and this doodle looks like a bad trip I once had. Lay off the drugs commie artists.

Nazzer Dawk

12/25/2012 03:12 pm

Why does this even upset anyone? Why does inclusiveness ever upset anyone? Being upset with inclusiveness is equal to selfishness.

Michael Scott

12/25/2012 03:13 pm

Google, Great job. You keep doing what your doing and don't worry about the religious nuts who would compel you to express the season in their way. We are still a free country and relatively non-oppressed in our choice of religion and the way we practice it. Personally, I say Merry Christmas, but if someone wishes me a Happy Holiday or something else, I smile just the same.


12/25/2012 03:13 pm

Love it - very well said!


12/25/2012 03:16 pm

christians just need to stop being such babies. maybe, just maybe, google doesn't believe in their god and so, instead of expressing beliefs they don't have, they use the VERY appropriate and neutral "happy holidays". it is meant not to offend ANYONE but of course, the christians have to take it personally and make an issue of of it. grow up. this is the 21st century and it is time to stop letting 2000+ year old fairy tales rule our lives.

Joe Draper

12/25/2012 03:33 pm

I'm Deist and I agree that the image is a very heartwarming pictoral representation of the positive spirit that arises in people around this time, but I myself wouldn't want to see a nativity scene every time I get on Google on Christmas... I like the neutrality that they currently have because it includes those like me who, though I don't have the view that Christ is my personal guardian or what have you, may feel quite up;ifted and even spiritual around this time due to the aura of happiness in the people around me. I find the banner unoffensive and very charming. Please don't misconstrude what I am conveying, Martin, I'm certainly not intended to bash anyone's beliefs, as I can tell you're a very respectable man by the way you've worded your post... I agree that the picture is very nice, but I feel it's pretty fair for the demographic of people who are specific to Christianity who aslo love this day for its socially constructed moral value - "giving is better than receiving, and love is all around" kind of thing. Happy Holy Days to you, sir.


12/25/2012 03:42 pm

Welcome to Troll Village.! Scroll down to enjoy.

Vivian Beth Horton

12/25/2012 03:42 pm

Ok. I'm a Christian. The logo doesn't offend m e. :) I LOVE looking all the Google doodles! My favoirite was the Star Trek one that allowed interaction. I kept looking around the Holiday one trying to see if it had interactions. :)


12/25/2012 03:44 pm


Charity Gardner

12/25/2012 03:45 pm

Why can't Google just put up Happy holidays for the whole month, then everybody would be covered right? Btw, I celebrate Christmas for Jesus's birth, but I'm not offended by anyone else celebrating any other holiday for any reason. If you think about it, most people have the same cultural beliefs or religion as the region or family or people they came from, and since we can't chose who we come from, I personally don't believe anyone has the right to be mad or upset at anyone else for what they celebrate or believe, that has to do with their culture.


12/25/2012 03:47 pm

I find it very amusing that people get so caught up in this. Since this is a very Christian holiday they shouldn't have toy-land represented they should have a manger etc. But Google is about Google and that means doing whatever is politically correct today for whomever or whatever benefit they derive including selling your privacy or security for whatever currency it gets them. Tomorrow they will abide by whatever is most acceptable. As an Atheist I would prefer to see none of this silliness though as an American I have to concede that freedom of speech and freedom of not from religion allow it. Unfortunately as long as people believe in god, the bogey man or whatever insanity they embrace to justify irrational behavior we will have these useless arguments and holidays. Regardless the root cause a celebration in the darkness and cold has always been a good idea and I don't doubt the earliest cave dwelling ancestors did likewise long before fear of the dark took over.


12/25/2012 03:47 pm

The issue is the Google is seems not to be consistent in trying not to offend those who celebrate another holiday or holiday, rather than Christmas, on Christmas. It seems rather selective to be non-specific for this day ONLY. Pointing out inconsistency does not mean "being a baby." Google can do as they choose, but it doesn't mean that others shouldn't ask, "hey, if you reference a holiday, why don't you name it?"

Bobby Morehead

12/25/2012 03:48 pm

So you prefer that people who don't believe in your God use his name in vain, Don't get upset later when people say "Jesus Christ" or "Christ" or anything else considered sacrilegious when mentioning God. So next time I am pissed and say Jesus FU*&(%@#% Christ to someone I can expect them not to get upset cause its just a word and you prefer I use it no matter what I believe. Thanks

Greg Lasiter

12/25/2012 03:49 pm

Not saying Merry Christmas & just saying Happy Holidays is wrong, I am a true Christian & it wasn't that way 20yrs. ago. Next we as Americans will be taking the word God out of our currency. What this means is the world as we know it is getting closer to the end!


12/25/2012 04:01 pm

It makes sense for companies during a whole shopping season to say "Happy Holidays" to guests, because of the many holidays those guests may be preparing for during that season. But on that very specific day, it seems appropriate to be consistent and recognize the holiday by name. Would it be any more offensive to say Happy Holidays on Hanukkah New Year's Day, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter? It would seem or curious, and this is just as curious.

John Green

12/25/2012 04:02 pm

How about Neo-nazi Amerika, then.


12/25/2012 04:02 pm

great point! I would definitely support legislation to remove any reference to god from currency or the pledge over changes to restrict the 2nd amendment

William M. Davenport

12/25/2012 04:02 pm

Very sanctimonious. In light of the entire politically correcting history of this issue however, it is of course the twisters - those who have twisted the offense and the tolerance 180 degrees out of phase - who have the issue. The sludge in the line is your utterly palpable unctuousness. God extended himself as Jesus Christ into the world to save you for eternity. Help him help you. Matthew 10:32-33. Merry Christmas!!

John Green

12/25/2012 04:04 pm

I think her point is "why can't we all just get along? The lining up behind rigid positions just doesn't work for me.


12/25/2012 04:10 pm

Merry Christmas!!!!

John Green

12/25/2012 04:10 pm

The Jews,buddhists and atheists I know celebrate the holiday with trees andgifts. They don't have to go to midnight mass to have the spirit of Xmas. It's the self-styled Christians who are mean-spirited an/or materialistic at Xmas and all year long who ruin it. News Flash: That's not how Christ asked you to behave.

Charity Gardner

12/25/2012 04:12 pm

I hate to offend, but God is real. Science is real. Science is what God made to prove he is real. But that's just what I think. I really don't want to make nobody believe what I do just like to discuss it, so please don't get mad at what I think.

John Green

12/25/2012 04:14 pm

You do know there are neo-nazis in the USA, right? Remember the Sikh Temple shooting?

Adam Springer

12/25/2012 04:14 pm

I was always told that Christmas was a Holiday in december.. so wouldn't happy holidays still refer to christmas but also be able to refer to any other holiday that people take on as a family tradistion(sorry spelling is horrible). Also, we have freedom of speech to say what we like. So google, say what you wanna say and ill support you for it.Merry Christmas to all who enjoy it and happy holidays to those who don't. If you don't like it you can always move somewhere where intolerable people live and continue to hate on the ideas of many while trying to push on them the ideas of a few.

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:21 pm

Yes, This is CHRISTmas and no other and It should be expressed as much, regardless of any protest by secularists and atheists, An overwhelming amount of Americans feel as I do,I do believe Google should honour Dec 25th as CHRISTMAS, Merry Christmas to the world


12/25/2012 04:22 pm

Look,I am atheist but I support Christmas because I know that Google is ran by Zionist Jews and the whole anti Christmas movement is 98% ran by Zionist Jews.


12/25/2012 04:23 pm

God damn those of you who are mad over this are honestly the biggest bunch of buttfucking morons I've ever seen.


12/25/2012 04:25 pm

Yes, Holiday originally meant holy day... so then why would "Happy Holiday" be so offensive? Is Christmas no longer holy then?

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:27 pm

Tess, Merry Christmas to you and your family I prey that you have peace of mind on this beautiful and AWESOME day

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:36 pm

Because it's a direct attempt at not recognizing the Christian faith, the people that reject the phrase (Merry Christmas) for Happy holliday do not know the history behind the phrase Holiday, It's downright mean !!

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:38 pm

Well said Daran

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:46 pm

Jasi, why are you calling someone a moron? you have hate in your heart, maybe you should seek out something in your belief that promotes loving and caring about one another, Jasi, Merry Christmas


12/25/2012 04:50 pm

Happy Birthday to your boy! :) Not speaking for Nickster ofc... but for my self as an atheist I've only once been offended... well that's not the right word... the right phrase is creeped out really... Anyway I've only once been put off by the greeting of "Merry Christmas." Once when I was a girl, and I was a shy girl you should know, totally meek and mild in those days... anyway this big pushy much older alpha-male type steeped up out of the blue and wished me "Merry Christmas" in such an odd way that I was honestly shocked by it... It wasn't friendly and cheerful... it was aggressive and stern... In an instant I realized he wasn't wishing me a 'merry' anything... he was issuing a test... a challenge. It was some function with few other kid and I'd just been trying to blend into the background so why he came at me like that I never figured out. Maybe he was greeting everyone that way. *shrug* But other than that weirdo, I've never been offended by "Merry Christmas." I've never shied from wishing and returning "Merry Christmas" either. It's just the notion that if I happen to wish you "Happy Holiday" instead that I"m doing it just to knock Christmas. That's just crazy...


12/25/2012 04:53 pm

I think google should have made some merry christmas doodles. they make them for any other holidays, except the one that everyone makes the most fuss about, one of the most important ones for many people.. christmas. Just because some don't celebrate christmas doesn't mean they have to exclude the ones that do. make one for hanukkah, make one for kwanza. don't just say happy holidays, becuase not even everyone celebrates any holidays. Jehovah's dont celebrate a single holiday. no christmas, no hanukkah, no birthdays. so should google not do any more festive doodles? nothing for thanksgiving, or valentines day, or easter, because not everyone celebrates those holidays either. why is it that christmas gets the sh*t end of the stick when it comes to celebrating it? we can't say merry chritmas any more, its gotta be happy holidays. f*ck political correctness, if you don't celebrate chrismas, ok, great, good for you. take the gesture and go on your merry way. or simply say, thank you, but i'm jewish, and ill reply with, happy hanukkah then, and they can reply with merry christmas. everyones gotta get their panties in a bunch about what to say, and what not to say, and how to say it. just say what you wanna say, if you wanna tell me happy hanukkah, okay, great, i'll take the gesture, its not about what is right or wrong, its about the gesture. so boo hoo to all yall who wanna make a fuss about the holidays. next think ya know there aint gonna be no more christmas, or hanukkah , its gonna be one big holiday, so everyone will shut the hell up. and there won't be any more christmas decorations or trees for sale in the the stores because that doesn't appeal to the other consumers who do not celebrate christmas. no one is putting out menorahs a month and a half before the holiday, but noone makes a fuss bout that. just say what u wanna say, celebrate what u wanna celebrate and get over what everyone else wants u to do. jus do what u wanna do. and anyone else who wants to make you "correct" and say what they want you to say. f*ck 'em .

Eric Mascio

12/25/2012 04:55 pm

Merry Christmas to all!!

Ian Donahue

12/25/2012 04:55 pm

Its Christmas, please say Merry Christmas. There is no other holiday today. Please call it as it is. No one says happy holidays on Independence day, it is very straightforward. Kinda makes me sad that someone seemed so afraid to offend others that they would downplay possibly the greatest holiday in the history of man in the eyes of millions, and at least a singularly recognized event by the rest of the world. I am not at all offended when I see the celebratory sayings of other religions on their holy and special days. It adds to the diversity of our world instead of moving toward some homogenous anti-religious society. In the attempt to be PC and not offend anyone, at least one person was a bit offended, unfortunately its me.

James Spradling

12/25/2012 04:56 pm

Steve, That was very well articulated, Isn't it amazing no one protests about calling a any other day we set aside to celebrate, but Good God Almighty,If someone says Merry Christmas they are so offended that they have to run to a computer or the ACLU, WOW !! What a world we have made for ourselves


12/25/2012 04:56 pm

So wait a second Google trys to be non-biased and Wish all its users a Happy Holidays and the "Temple" people get their feelings hurt? Christans always remind me of upset school children.

Marie Krug

12/25/2012 04:58 pm

Really, who cares? Christmas is a Holiday. Let's care about something really important, like GUN CONTROL IN AMERICA!


12/25/2012 04:59 pm

I was wondering that too... a lot of these Christians flipping out over "Happy Holiday's" are bringing up Nazis and Hitler for some reason... I was wondering if it has something to do with Glen Beck and Nazi Tourettes...

James Spradling

12/25/2012 05:00 pm

Why are you still displaying the Australian page in America ??

James Spradling

12/25/2012 05:02 pm

Sounds like a sex offender trying to use Christmas so you would lower your guard

Sharon Burkhardt

12/25/2012 05:06 pm

Just SAY IT! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Every time someone said happy holidays to me this season, I said MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enough of this happy holidays crap! Enough of this PC crap! I have had it! MERRY CHRISTMAS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


12/25/2012 05:07 pm

I feel Christmas as a national holiday should be permanently cancelled. That will end the argument. No day off, no presents. Make a new day called "Holiday". After all, CHRIST-MASS is a celebration of the birth of Christ. We Christians will celebrate privately. (I had "christians" in lower case and Google spell checked that it should be capitalized...LOL)


12/25/2012 05:08 pm

That's why they're really angry I think... it's because "Happy Holidays" symbolizes to them their growing difficulty in pretending everyone is exactly like them. America is a pluralistic society, becoming increasingly so, and it's really freaking them out. They need to relax a bit... people aren't that scary... except for the ones who don't know when to relax ofc... those dudes you gotta keep your eye on... ;)


12/25/2012 05:14 pm

That's why they're really angry I think... it's because "Happy Holidays" symbolizes to them their growing difficulty in pretending everyone is exactly like them. America is a pluralistic society, becoming increasingly so, and it's really freaking them out. They need to relax a bit... people aren't that scary... except for the ones who don't know when to relax ofc... those dudes you gotta keep your eye on... ;)


12/25/2012 05:17 pm

Yes it is sad but true that the last group that it ok to discrimate against are Christians. The holiday IS Christmas. Please dont be afraid to use the name in your wishes and tidings. It is hurtful to Christians to see that Christmas is the only holiday of the year that is stripped of its name.


12/25/2012 05:18 pm

That's weird .. I deleted and reposed my message and now it's showing up twice... once under someone else's name... *puzzled*


12/25/2012 05:20 pm

Yes, you should say Merry Christmas. It really is okay.

David Maulkdin

12/25/2012 05:21 pm

With other religions such as the Muslim religious fanatics, killing innocent people for some little statement that is regarded disrespectful to Allah I personally believe that it is okay to post a statement of disappointment or dissatisfaction and not show violence by bombing the google building, like the muslims would do.


12/25/2012 05:21 pm

Lots of interesting solstice celebrations at this time of year, at least historically.

Diane Bergstrom

12/25/2012 05:23 pm

Today is Christmas!! We should all say Merry Christmas...Christ was born and the world celebrates His birth!!!


12/25/2012 05:23 pm

Childishness often leads to childishness... :/


12/25/2012 05:24 pm

Which leads to more childishness... :/


12/25/2012 05:26 pm

I think they are mad because they are essentially being ignored because of everyone trying to be too Politically Correct. It has gotten to the point the second anything Christian related is published, it is immediately criticized as an invasion of our constitutional amendments, and someone trying to force their beliefs on someone else, when it fact they just want the same recognition as everyone else. However, to say that would set a double standard.


12/25/2012 05:28 pm

My question is this: is Kwanza celebrated or mentioned on the Google Doodle on the day it occurs? How about Ramadan? Or Hannukka? If they are, then Christmas ought to enjoy the same respect. If they are NOT mentioned specifically, and the term "Happy Holidays" is being used as a blanket greeting, then no one should be insulted.

Joe Bedale

12/25/2012 05:29 pm

I think I can help those who do not observe Christmas understand why Christians get so worked up about this "Happy Holidays vs Christmas" thing. 1. We invite all to celebrate with us. We do not get upset if you do not have a nativity scene, or mention God in your house. I know of people of many faiths who enjoy a pretty tree, food and presents. That is just fine. 2. Christmas is our most loved, joyous, and cherished holy day of the year. Ya, I know, Easter "should be our holiest day," but in our reality is that Children dream of Christmas for weeks and months. Families get together and have rich traditions that they preserve for decades and centuries. Easter doesn't quite get all of that. Right or wrong, theology, that is what it is. 3. Since it is more than a holiday, it is a holy, sacred, and revered day. For someone who is not religious, imagine if someone knew it was your Birthday and wished you a "Happy Whatever!" It seems odd, out of place, insensitive, and rude. Christmas means far far more to us than our birthdays do. That is just not an overstatement- it is the reality of the situation. We wish our Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah, and our Muslim friends a happy Ramadan Eid. Everyone gets a Happy Halloween, but we are made to feel like our Holy holiday is like speaking Lord Voldermort's name! Shame on Google for disparaging our holy day!


12/25/2012 05:30 pm

Tolerant does not mean we should take the meaning of Christmas away. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. We had to stop saying Merry Christmas because everyone was offended. Happy Holidays...really? There are a lot of holidays. They all each get to mention the day. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Valentines, Happy 4th, Happy Christmas would be okay. But we have to take away from the word Christmas. Really, the only people who show tolerance is Christians and it may be our downfall. We fail to stand against everyone taking away our rights. God needs to be back in our schools, back in our hearts, back in our holiday. Family values, love and kindness we should be about. Why am I so offended...taking our rights away from celebrating Christmas to keep from upseting anyone is wrong. By the way, Merry Christmas.


12/25/2012 05:33 pm

To those who say that saying "Happy Holidays" is really saying "holy day" -- that's utterly ridiculous. The basis of the English word may mean holy day, but that doesn't mean that every holiday is a holy day. ALL of our holidays in the U.S. are NOT holy days, yet we still refer to them as holidays. If you google U.S. holidays, you'll get first off a list of the federally-recognized holidays including Memorial Day, Presidents' Day, and Labor Day. Christmas Day to me is a holiday because I don't have to work. Period. Same for all those other federally-recognized holidays.


12/25/2012 05:33 pm

Now people are accusing each other of having 'fake' holidays? Weird... if someone celebrates their holiday with sincerity it doesn't matter if it's ages old or days old... religious or more secular... the only fake holiday that I can think of off the top of my head is Festivus... a little more respect would be nice...


12/25/2012 05:34 pm

People act like they are being persecuted on Christmas ... As the majority culture in America that celebrates their holiday for over a month outwardly and aggressively displaying everything about their holiday from holiday sweatshirts, to lights everywhere, to Christmas music everywhere you go, yea you're sooooo "persecuted"... Ever wonder what living in Christian America is like for people who are not Christian. From being tokanized at a young age for celebrating other religions or non at all, to constantly being reminded that I am a second class citizen when people invoke a Christian god into all walks of life, by being told that including my holiday celebrations is pandering, by being shoved bibles as I walk down the street and having people constantly remind me that "Jesus will save me". Yea, your so persecuted.... Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the western hemisphere, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, who cares, but don't dare pretend like your being oppressed because people say Happy Holidays...

Julian Blatt

12/25/2012 05:39 pm

I think that if Goggle takes the time to create these doodles at all, we should accept whatever messages they give, unless they actually are offensive, which this one isn't.


12/25/2012 05:47 pm

+MERRY CHRISTMAS+ = Charlie Brown. As we celebrate the incorrect time of Christs Birth, yet the favored chosen time of the year were we give Tribute and Praise to the King of Kings............ JESUS ~ CHRIST! The

Lee Merrick

12/25/2012 05:47 pm

"God Jul" is, very loosely translated "Merry Christmas"...the same way "Happy Holidays" is translated "Merry Christmas". And really, you hold December 25th is Jesus's birthday? No scholar has ever said so. The scholarly community is pretty much unanimous that it his birthday was back in September some time. "God Jul" translated means "Good Yule" -- and Yule has it's roots in the pagan tradition of celebrating the "return" of the sun to the northern hemisphere, NOT Christianity. (Which, btw, co-opted all of the pagan traditions in an attempt destroy the old belief systems in favor of Christianity.) If you are going to get all indignant, at least have your facts correct about what you are getting indignant about!

Lee Merrick

12/25/2012 05:52 pm

laodegan asked what holiday one might celebrate on December 25, if one was not celebrating Christmas. Nickster answered--and personally I think gave a very good answer--and now you want to get all indignant "Santa"? Get over yourself. Your ethnocentric worldview is sad, and far too small.

Lee Merrick

12/25/2012 05:54 pm

Nope. Not unless I am going to get upset that they are using a fake holiday (December 25 is NOT Jesus's birthday, says every religious scholar ever) to co-opt and denigrate the REAL reason for the Holy Day, which was the Solstice and the "return" of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere.


12/25/2012 05:56 pm

Agreed that Christianity is not the only religion with a dark side... I'd just want to make sure to add that it's also not the only religion with it's positives as well... I'd further add that it's not the only philosophy with positives and negatives .. No philosophy should be exempt from honest judgement and debate... weather it's based in religion or not... What I love most about being an atheist is that I don't have religious beliefs standing in the way of my understanding and appreciation of the entirety of our human heritage. There are an astonishing number of wonderful blueprints for leading a good life. :)

Eddie Slawdog Williams

12/25/2012 06:02 pm

The test will be what it says tomorrow the 26th if it refers to Kamazaa then you will know it is a jab at Christianity


12/25/2012 06:03 pm

Merry Christmas, Google! (It's okay to say Merry Christmas, really!)


12/25/2012 06:06 pm

Perhaps, but the version we see today does not embody what you are talking about.

Over the River

12/25/2012 06:08 pm

Hurtful To Christians? You mean the same christians who are members of the Ku Klux Klan who lynch, rape and murder? Or do you mean the christians who are members of the Army of God who attack abortion clinics and doctors across the United States? Or is it the christians who are members of the Westboro Baptist Church? Not sure who is being hurt.

Over the River

12/25/2012 06:12 pm

Atheism called and they want you out.


12/25/2012 06:17 pm

Merry what it is!


12/25/2012 06:22 pm

These days I don't care anymore. I'm just going to go around saying Merry Christmas to anyone and everyone and if they are offended, then they can go to the cops or sue. I'm not sorry I hurt their feelings for giving them a warm, friendly greeting.


12/25/2012 06:24 pm

All religions are fundamentally a con,.. in that they are all invented as they go,.. and it's not just non-believers who think so.. Even most religious people think of religion as a con too... just not their religion... their religion is the only true religion... but all the others are false... Just look at all these arguments here about fake religions... about who's is older or more authentic... Sometimes religious peoples will join forces and agree that some religions are legitimate .. but regardless of surface civilities... the acceptance and respect rarely goes all that deep. Deep down most believe that their own religion is the one true religion. Fundamentally though all religion is, is people making up stories to understand and explain things to each other... and oftentimes to gain influence or control over each other... sooner or later it becomes codified... but it's still all been made-up at some point...


12/25/2012 06:28 pm

Guys, is this really something to fuss about?? It's just a picture...


12/25/2012 06:30 pm

Well said, Lucius W.! I am not offended, and it does make me smile! I CHOOSE my attitude! I wish everyone well on a holiday that has deep meaning for me both spiritually and morally. I choose to wish good will to all of mankind, without the need to profess it in my own religious and cultural terms. May you all be merry and your life be bright!

Teri Osborn

12/25/2012 06:34 pm

turn your hearts to love not fear - Merry Everything ROCK!!!


12/25/2012 06:36 pm

*chuckle* It's kinda a bummer when we have to spoil our sarcasm by hanging a sign saying we're being sarcastic. ;)


12/25/2012 06:37 pm

Then you shouldn't have a day off today, seeing as the ONLY reason you get this priviledge is Jesus coming down from His holy throne of heaven to save people like us.


12/25/2012 06:47 pm

That's kinda what I was thinking... that by insisting everyone use Christmas they're actually doing to the word 'Christmas' what was done to the word 'Holiday' which once meant holy day. In the US we use Holiday mostly to refer to any of the offical days off... national holiday... work holiday... in other countries they also use the word 'holiday' to refer to any vacation from work or trip away from home... "I'm going on holiday." If Christians insist that the only "Merry Christmas" is appropriate for Dec 25th then the other thing that they complain about... that their holiday is becoming too commercial and secularized... will actually accelerate.


12/25/2012 06:51 pm

I think the google design you get is filtered... by country or region I think.


12/25/2012 06:58 pm

It is so feebish of google and just a slap in the face to Christmas. No Christmas doodle!! Google wishes Merry Christmas to other countries. Not Americans, the place where Christmas is a federal holiday. So Merry Christmas to all. And I,ll check out Bing and others just for fun.


12/25/2012 07:00 pm

Not really... tolerance isn't really that great a word. We only tolerate things that are hard to tolerate... crying babies... salesmen... evangelists... politicians... yapping dogs... nagging husbands... Microsoft.. stuff like that... ;)

Barbara Tate

12/25/2012 07:02 pm

I used to have no problem with the generic "Happy Holidays" but it has gone to far and is now actually something that has become almost offensive to my traditions. For years we have had "Christmas." and it did not seem to offend. When my Jewish friends wish me a Happy Hanukkah I am not offended, even though I do not celebrate the holiday. I see things throughout the year that point out many areas of diversity on Google. I would like to see my culture, and history and traditions honored and celebrated, and not lost to political correctness. Please bring back Merry Christmas!!


12/25/2012 07:06 pm

Each human being has an integrity that can be hurt only by the act of that SAME human being, and not by the act of another human being. - John Wayne (Angel and the Badman) It is funny where you can find inspiration when you are looking for it.


12/25/2012 07:06 pm

If praising Jesus is so important to you then why are you wasting so much energy and bitterness on judging what others are doing. You even don't approve of what Churches are doing in their celebration of Christ? That's just odd to me... There's more solemnity and grace in even a secular celebration of Christmas then there was in that rant.


12/25/2012 07:08 pm

Today is December 25th, Christmas Day. It is an actual day on the actual calendar. It is also a US Federal holiday. It is bizarre for Google to go way out of its way to make sure not to mention Christmas on Christmas Day. On Hanukkah, people say happy Hanukkah. On Kwanzaa, it's happy Kwanzaa. Ramadan is Happy Ramadan. St. Patrick's Day, same thing. But for some reason it is "controversial" to mention the name of only one holiday, Christmas? I say Happy Holidays a lot during this season, because I want to wish everyone happy whatever they are celebrating. But today is actually Christmas, not New Year's, not Kwanzaa, not Ground Hog day or the birthday of some obscure artist or inventor. It just seems like this is a case of not treating the calendar and not treating holidays equally.


12/25/2012 07:13 pm

How does saying "Merry Christmas" force something bad on anyone? It's depraved to think it does. Someone saying "Happy Ramadan" at that time of year wouldn't offend me even though I am Christian. I think Google's point is to upset Christians and what better way for them to do this than on Christmas? I wish at least the "happy holiday doodle" was remotely nice to look at. I may start using Bing more. Also Christmas is one of our Federal Holidays - are they all equally offensive to Google? God Bless the United States this Christmas and please God, guide our path. In Jesus Name, I pray. Amen.


12/25/2012 07:14 pm

If those are the only Christians you know, please look around you. Chances are the majority of the people around you are Christians, if you live in the United States. There are disgusting vile people in every religion and also among atheists. You have mentioned groups that account for only a tiny fraction of the percentage of Christians. I would wish Merry Christmas to anyone, but I will admit to praying for the rehabilitation or destruction of those groups you mentioned above. Merry Christmas to you.

Barbara Tate

12/25/2012 07:17 pm

No, I think the word Christian here can be applied to those who have started the soup kitchens and missions, helped the undergound railroad, and fought for civil rights. Just as with any large group of people you have idiots that are not a representation of the whole. I do not judge all of Islam by the terrorists. You do not do yourself justice to view such a large tradition through such a narrow lens. Please note, when it comes to the Westboro Baptist Church, I do not know any "Christians" that would claim them, but instead have started to protest against them. I am not offended when Google posts to recognize other traditions, why should people be upset if the recognize Christians?


12/25/2012 07:17 pm

I have read most of the comments and I as a Christian have come to this conclusion. Christianity is no longer a fast growing religion esp her in the USA. I believe the main reason is that many have become Too Religious and have forgotten how to put out their hands in welcoming everyone into their fold and then letting God do his thing. Many are called but few are chosen. When Christianity was a major player in the USA and Europe Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Jesus. America today has become multi of everything. So many different cultures and beliefs. Today wishing somebody a Happy Holiday is not offensive, or should not be offensive to Christians. The holiday has not been stolen from the Christians, it is just wishing and welcoming everyone to a spirit of love between everyone with no exceptions. I do not believe in boycotts of retailers for any religious reason. In my thinking it only produces more hate within the world and solves very little. Christ would welcome those retailers with open arms and then teach them over time His way of loving everyone. I think if I want to be offended, it would be using the word XMAS which does exclude Christ from the name. In reality though, I again would welcome them with love and pray that they would learn why Xmas is not correct. Sharing the love of Christ is the only way for Christianity to spread and grow. Any other method is doomed to failure and more alienation from others be it another religion or even non believers.

Barbara Tate

12/25/2012 07:18 pm

I agree. The same standard of all should be used.

Barbara Tate

12/25/2012 07:26 pm

Just as I am not offended when someone wishes me a Happy Hanukkah with a kind heart, I am offended when someone tries to lessen my beliefs for their benefit. If someone says Happy Holidays and is truly wishing me well, I accept that. The issue is that the term has in the past few been used to undermine Christmas. To that I take offense. I would also take offense if a Jewish believer was being forced to minimize Hanukkah or my Hindu friends with Diwali. Celebrate, or do not celebrate what you choose, but never minimize what others believe.


12/25/2012 07:33 pm

Respectfully that's baloney. US Christians themselves where using the greeting Happy Holidays long before some US Christians invented a war on Christmas, so they who have it made could feel persecuted. Mean? no group meaner in the US than US Christians


12/25/2012 07:33 pm

Abraham Lincoln said it best: You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. I'm afraid this Politically Correct new world has become quite ridiculous. What happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom in general? It seems we can't say anything anymore without offending someone's touchy, overinflated sensibilities. That probably offended a bunch of people right there. Like Randy Newman's song Short People, which I think was meant to point out how cruel people can be to midgets and dwarfs. What happened was a backlash from short and tall people condemning the content. Randy Newman is a rather short person himself. Some people got it - the smart ones without a big block of prejudice on their shoulders. Happy Christmas, everyone, whatever your size, skin color, nationality or religion. Peace and good will to all men, women and children everywhere.


12/25/2012 07:37 pm

Your picture has nothing to do with what Christmas is all about. Shame on you google !

Rich Barr

12/25/2012 07:38 pm

Not saying "Merry Christmas" on Christmas and instead saying "Happy Holidays" is utterly ridiculous. I can only speak to the US doodles, but in the US, Christmas is a national holiday. They doodle specifically for Thanksgiving. If they only want to do one doodle for the holiday season, why do they wait until Christmas Eve to put it up? As an atheist, I have no religious concern about Christmas,

Rich Barr

12/25/2012 07:40 pm

Why wait until Christmas Eve to put up the doodle then? Hannakuh and Festivus are over and Kwanzaa is until after Christmas.


12/25/2012 07:44 pm

Sad isn't? US Christians the least persecuted group, as well as being the most powerful force in the world, has to invent ways to feel persecuted. Please Google don't cave to the Christian tyrants, they can't be satisfied. The most damning evidence to that is is when they don't like how one sect teaches ,they're off to start another sect. A Joyous celebration to all those who celebrate a holiday on or near the Winter Solstice. To anyone finds that offensive, I just can't care if you choose to be offended.

Scott Allen

12/25/2012 07:53 pm



12/25/2012 08:07 pm

Oh, for crying out loud. These hypersensitive Christians who think they have to defend their God, as if he were weak and puny, instead of almighty. Just because they are not the alpha and omega in the USA anymore, suddenly they are somehow persecuted. No one prevents them for worshiping in their places of worship, churches or homes, but they are now mostly prevented from ramming their faith down the throats of non-believers in Christ, thank Heavens.


12/25/2012 08:11 pm

...and I do not work for Google, but why SHOULD they?! Ever heard the expression , "kill two birds with one stone?" well there it is, simple as mince pie.


12/25/2012 08:14 pm

I say Merry Christmas because it is December 25th. We are a country that is based on the separation of church and state. If most people's birthdays were in January, I wouldn't spend the whole month saying happy birthday--except to those who actually do have a birthday in January.

Garrett Anderson

12/25/2012 08:17 pm

No Christian had crusades, no Christian wrote Malleus Maleficarum, don't confuse Catholicism with Christianity. Two different entities. But you are right, they did attempt to overcome pagan beliefs by incorporating Holy Days near or on pagan holidays.


12/25/2012 08:21 pm

So sad so many completely miss the point. Thank you Google for the daily doodles and more importantly, in wishing everyone a happy holidays. I wonder for those that can't accept a wish of happiness, no matter the words used to deliver it, how they have happiness in their lives. Or are they so spoiled that happiness has to be given with strict guidelines and rules before they are able to accept it (if they can at all). I cant imagine being offended by anyone wishing me happiness in any manner. For those that feel the need to reject these happy wishes, then you have a cold and darkened heart. Maybe you will be more welcoming in accepting words of hatred. If this is the case, then I wish you the worst. And for all those who accept words of happy wishes, then Happy Holidays to you!!!!! - no matter your beliefs


12/25/2012 08:22 pm

Call it for what it is Google- Christ is the reason for the season.

Merry C

12/25/2012 08:26 pm

why have a schwartz (Hebrew) say happy holidays and design it. . they are only 1 % of the population. and you just know that is wrong to control every thing


12/25/2012 08:26 pm

Christmas is an American Holiday. It's as American as The American flag. It does have Christ in front of mas & alot of people do not like that part, & as a Christian I feel sad about that. True, other religions do not celebrate Christmas as Christians do, but that's alright, they celebrate in their own way. Family & friend gatherings is very important to most people at Christmas & yes, it should be. Funny thing about certain people wanting to put Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years all in one clump by saying Happy Holidays. In America we have a word for each one & celebrate them individually. Try going to another country, you will find that each one has had their celebration, traditions for centries. Most countries also have differant nationalities living there like we do. They all celebrate in their own quiet way & do not try to change the traditions of the country that thet are living in.

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:28 pm

Not only is is Merry Christmas and God being taken out , there is alos something very very very strange going on.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:29 pm

Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:30 pm

I don't belive in atheists, they dont exist. Harder to be an atheist to disprove every thing than it is to have faith and be a Christian. Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:31 pm

Its more than that Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:31 pm

Steeped in religion? How are you created and by who. there is more to it than that. Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:31 pm

More to it than that Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Lee Merrick

12/25/2012 08:32 pm

Not sure that Steve is a moron. Either given to hyperbole or very ignorant, but not necessarily a moron...

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:33 pm

Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this

Collin Bliss

12/25/2012 08:34 pm

More to it than that. Not fake. One day people will know. Those not of God are blinded to the truth. Weird stuff besides not saying Merry Christmas.....What is the message in the December 24th Google Doodle when de-coded? Watch this


12/25/2012 08:49 pm

The problem to my mind is that too many people are focusing too much on what others are doing... and judging them... and most of the time they have no business doing so. We can't see into each others hearts to know what is sincerely meaningful and what is not. It shouldn't matter so much how others celebrate a holiday. It should have little impact on how you wish to celebrate. Beyond that the problem with your birthday party analogy is that Christmas isn't a party thrown by just one family... There's always been back and forth and argument on how to celebrate it even among devout Christians. Christmas hasn't even always been a particularly important religious observance in the history of the Christian faith, it took awhile to establish it and become wide-spread. Plus, the modern celebration, at least here in the US, is now generally an amalgam of traditions whose origins go back throughout Old Europe and the even into the ancient world. Santa Claus is a good example. He's a blending of ancient Norse religion with the more modern emergence of Saint Nicholas. Throw in poets, illustrators, and marketing campaigns like the one that Coca Cola popularized... and there you have Santa. For all those who would reject Santa as a part of Christmas, there are many others who adore him even though they also adore Jesus Christ. My secularized celebration of Christmas is just as important to me as any one's celebration of the holiday. As an atheist what I value most is family and friends, neighbors and community, Christmas is a wonderful time for anyone to celebrate those things weather it's part of your own heritage or not. And Christmas is a part of mine. The only difference is that to me personally the connection of the day do Jesus is hardly much more important now than the connection of Santa to Oden.... that's all... It doesn't diminish how I value the holiday, and should others confine it strictly to religious observance alone... my celebration should not diminish the value of theirs to them. That all these other Christians and even non-Christians are celebrating Christmas too should in no way diminishes the value of it to anyone. For me it's enchantment and lights, and children and families, and cooking and craftsmanship and warmth and good cheer, and Scrooge, and Santa, and Red Ryder BB Guns, plus so much more... and none of that is trivial... it's sad that it's seen as a threat. Christmas is not just your party... It's your's and mine and everyone's. The party I"m throwing won't have a sermon .. but you will hear some of my favorite music. Like The lovely "Wexford Carol" performed by Yo-Yo Ma & Alison Krauss... or the Canadian Brass with "Short Fantasy on a Catalan Carol" ... and ofc I'll not forget Bing or Elvis or Nat King Cole. Hope you can understand where I'm coming from... Merry Christmas hun... Take Good Care. :)


12/25/2012 08:55 pm

Well, since the church appropriated the already widely popular pagan December solstice celebrations, for the purposes of integrating possible converts -it seems a bit foolish to claim it is only the birth of Jesus that is celebrated. The holiday has always been shared by peoples of many different beliefs -long before, and since, the birth of Christ. Perhaps the better focus might be love as the reason for the season. Happy Holiday!


12/25/2012 09:02 pm

I guess so e people don't have enough to complain or fret about. I'm not religous, but I get this day off. I spend it with my family. So, in keeping with the theme of this webpage, can you just have the image say 'Have a nice time with your family and try to forget that you have to go back to work tomorrow! '.

Kristina Hoerler

12/25/2012 09:16 pm

I agree Happy Holidays is the P.C. term to make evereyone happy, except for some Christians, But is it really Christs birthday anyway? ( i believe it was actually a pagan holiday) And have most people taken the Christ out of Christmas anyway? This has been going on for years, now you guys want to get upset about it?

Roy Smith

12/25/2012 09:20 pm

I for one find it very odd that Google says "Happy Holidays." Clearly it is Christmas Day and to not mention it is silly, and disappointing. Having the doodle then link to "Happy Holiday" sites, including ranting and raving atheists strikes me as Scrooge-like indeed. I'm sure I will get over it, eventually. Merry Christmas to all!

Marta Horvath

12/25/2012 09:24 pm

It is disapponting, distasteful and a cop-out to wish millions of your Christian users a "Happy Holiday" today. Why are you afraid to call Christmas Christmas? You dont have to wish me anything but if you do than today and today only, wish me a Merry Christmas. Opening my computer today was and is a great letdown. Shame on you Google!


12/25/2012 09:26 pm

No, I doubt it... I think he was just a jerk... I think that for whatever reason, he was issuing a challenge... that if I didn't come up with the correct reply there'd be trouble. Maybe he just had some disorder... I didn't stick around to figure it out.


12/25/2012 09:40 pm

I'm an atheist--I don't care what it is called. I don't do Xmas cards--saves time and money. They just get tossed anyway.

Roy Smith

12/25/2012 09:42 pm

Actually, 95% is probably pretty close, in America. The next largest group are Jews, make up about 2%, and many of them are largely secular and/or like Christmas just fine. Kwanza is virtually non-existant outside elementary school classrooms, Buddhists are pretty cool about it, as they are about most things, though a few American Muslims can get a little cranky about it. That leaves a very, very small number of "pagans" who primarily just want some attention and the small minority of atheists who also like to pick fights. Of course, some Christians like to make Christmas a cause to pick a fight too, but I just like Christmas, like to say "Merry Christmas," and look upon those who get their noses out of joint about this day, which is by far THE premier American holiday, with fleeting pity. Merry Christmas to all!


12/25/2012 09:42 pm

The Doodle Team is in California...why not let them sleep and enjoy Christmas with their family too....


12/25/2012 09:50 pm

Although I agree that Google should say "Merry Christmas" on Dec. 25th, Christmas should be spent with the ones we love so we should all GET OFF the internet and enjoy Christmas;)

disgusted bay area resident

12/25/2012 09:55 pm

Of course Bay Area based Google has to be "super PC" so the Northern Californian nut jobs won't accuse them of being anti-atheist, or anti-wiccan, or anti-freakshow. Grow a backbone Google


12/25/2012 09:56 pm

The greeting "Happy Holidays" is not a direct attempt to snub Christianity... it's mostly about inclusiveness... especially in the case when you don't know what holidays a person celebrates... Not to mention the fact that If I said "Happy Holiday's" to someone on Christmas Day itself I may only be doing it because I'm including New Years as well. I really think you're seeing something in it that isn't really there. I"m actually probably more likely to wish someone a "Merry Christmas," I know a lot of Christians... but if I wish them "Happy Holiday's" instead it's in no way mean... It's friendly. I really want them to have happy holidays. Including of course Christmas.


12/25/2012 10:00 pm

We Christians are not trying to prevent others from celebrating their holidays or the winter season or anything else. The problem is that not recognizing the individual day which is very meaningful to Christians is just one more example of the BLANDING DOWN of our culture. We have reached a point where anyone can say, "That offends me" and everyone has to cringe with fear. It's less offensive to call someone a thief than "insensitive." And the worst part is that it is the offended who get to decide what is offensive. Never mind that there was no offense intended. But to ignore the MESSAGE of Christmas is the epitome of stupidity. Christianity is the basis of Western Civilization. Anyone who knows the history of Europe can attest to this. The message of Christ (even by those who do not recognize his divinity) can hardly be dismissed. He spoke of peace and good will. He spoke of forgiveness. He spoke of duty, including duty to pay one's taxes. He upheld the Biblical Ten Commandments. He riled against hypocrisy and turning the temple into a marketplace. His teachings are based on common sense and kindness, and He included all mankind. He dared to associate with people who were looked down upon by the elite of his time. So go and celebrate the soltice or the snow or the new mythologies (drummer boys and santas and elves and poinsettias and jingling bells if you wish. But for Google to simply ignore the majority of the population is just plain bad PR. Shame on you!

disgusted bay area resident

12/25/2012 10:00 pm

Are they going to repeat Happy Holiday on Kwanzaa, or will they recognize that "holiday", and what about St Patrick's Day, that would even offend non-Catholic Christians as Patrick was a Catholic missionary and canonized by the Catholic Church. What about Veterans Day, will that also be Happy Holiday as that would likely offend the pacifists and conscientious objectors in the crowd?

Uniqua Smith

12/25/2012 10:03 pm

I was actually a bit offended when I read "Happy Holidays". I am not a Christian, but I do partake in Christmas, and it is my favorite holiday. However, I was taken aback, only because I can recall reading "Happy Chinese New Year", on their doodle, for last year. As an American, I do not partake in any chinese new year celebrations, and I wasn't in the least bit offended in the wording- meaning I did think "Hey, Google, I don't celebrate this, why would you write that?". So, In writing "Happy Holidays" as opposed to "merry Christmas", I am confused in knowing, who is it that google was looking NOT to offend, by omiting "Christmas" from their doodle? Why would it be so offensive to wish everyone a merry christmas, even if they don't celebrate it, as they do with so many other holidays of the world, that don't directly affect popular culture?

luke 2:10-11

12/25/2012 10:19 pm

I do not understand why people are so upset in saying happy holidays, it includes all the holidays emphasizing Christmas. I would get offended if they put a Santa as that really does take away from the true meaning of Christmas as people idolize this "saint nick" and do not focus on the miracle that this particular holiday was meant to celebrate.People need to stop being such legalists and just focus on making sure the "Christ" in Christmas gets recognized.


12/25/2012 10:23 pm

Never said it happens to me all the time, I'm just saying it does happen. You can disbelieve me all you want, but the truth is I don't really care enough one way or the other to make it up. It helps that I live in a small ultra liberal city right in the heart of the bible belt. I wasn't trying to convey that all Christians are like that, but some definitely are. Hell, only a couple years ago I remember a church near here was all over the news for having a book burning on Halloween in which they burned bibles that weren't KJV. But I'm guessing if you didn't believe me last post you probably wouldn't buy that, either. Oh, well.


12/25/2012 10:40 pm

Who cares. I'm more like I don't own Google I don't care there are way MORE important issues to battle over. My deal is one complaining just be an even better Christan setting an example for the non believers. Even Christ could not please every ONE! The louder folks are the less Christ Like they seem to me...hey, I'm JUST sayin'


12/25/2012 10:43 pm

Merry Christmas. Im not offended


12/25/2012 10:43 pm

Can't you see how crazy that sounds? The US is full of churches,.. Christmas trees and Christmas lights... Christian Book stores... Church supply shops... Where in the US could anyone possibly be living where Christians would be oppressed? Look... Here's a thing that might help snap you out of it. No where in the US are there laws on the books specifically prohibiting a Christians from holding public office. Obviously not .. Christians are everywhere in politics. I've voted for them myself... If there were such laws I'd demand their removal right along with everybody else... But there are laws still on the books in some places in the US that do specifically prohibit atheists from holding public office... and instead of all our Christian neighbors helping us correct those laws... some of them have tried to make sure those laws are enforced. Now that is what injustice really looks like. Christians are free to enjoy the same freedoms as anyone in this country. What they are less free to enjoy now are the privileges they've sometimes given themselves over the years at the expense of others.


12/25/2012 10:56 pm

Because of fear they do not post Merry Christmas, as they know those who feign offense will hit them with a vengeance where it hurts their bottom line. So very small of them.

Travis c

12/25/2012 11:04 pm

Who cares. Why should we cater to EVERYONE so no ones "feelings" get hurt. That's what's wrong with the world.

Sandy Moulder

12/25/2012 11:13 pm

Google can celebrate, name and describe all other holidays and events, yet refuses to say Christmas on Christmas Day. If you don't want to mention Christmas then also leave out all other religious related celebrations. The art for today is poor.


12/25/2012 11:15 pm

Finally!! Someone know's the right way to look at this and is not afraid to speak up! Well said Lucius!


12/25/2012 11:17 pm

And a troll... don't feed... just flag....


12/25/2012 11:18 pm

. Google as a large company is not the same as you as an individul. it has to be fair to all the users and respect all the religions & cultures. Google Doodle should be educational and honor the fact that today is Xmas day. if it doodled Thanksgiving or Easter, I dont see why it should skip Christmas. I am not religious, I don't celebrate most holidays Google has "doodled". but I like google doodle's graphics and learn lots holidays, anniversaries or celebrities' brithdays that I didnt know before. Its strange Google didnt say "Merry Xmas" since its a major holiday in US. From my perspective, Google discriminates Christians. so its quite understandable if some Christians are upset about it. I think the company needs to have a better PR strategy.

Thomas R

12/25/2012 11:25 pm

Actually I think tolerance is an okay word in some cases of religions. It kind of more clearly acknowledges that you strongly disagree with a religion, but respect its right to exist or its members. I don't "accept" Neo-Paganism for a variety of reasons. But I tolerate its quirks and think many of them are kindhearted people seeking something meaningful for themselves. Atheists or Neo-Pagans who feel my religion, Catholicism, is "stupid but tolerable" are often okay by me. I don't want them to pretend to feel positive things they don't feel, just would like them to tolerate that I'm not going to think what they think. Many to most atheists are tolerant. It's only on a few websites I get the "You're smart why aren't you atheist yet?" or "Your religion should be destroyed" talk.


12/25/2012 11:25 pm

Pretty nasty saying in the context... And no one is forcing anyone to say "Happy Holidays."

Sandy Moulder

12/25/2012 11:28 pm

December 25th Google Art looks like a wierd nightmare with combinations of fairy tales and cartoon movies. It looks like a march of ancient toys, Lego Land, Disney movies and just creepy. What at all has this to do with Christmas or anything else celebrated on December 25th? Yes, a private company can do what they want, but they also do this to attract customers and instead are losing their respect. Don't forget once you sign on, your information is in their hands and their pocketbook. Google makes big bucks on Christmas so they shouldn't be so scared to use the word "CHRISTMAS".

Thomas R

12/25/2012 11:32 pm

By a similar logic math is intolerant. People who think Pi is literally 22/7 are told they're wrong. Having a sense of truth and falsity doesn't equate to intolerance. In fact tolerance kind of requires you have that because it means knowing someone is in error, but tolerating their erroneous beliefs. If you find out a good friend insists the dinosaurs were killed by space aliens, and she won't change her mind, one may tolerate this erroneous belief for the greater good of the friendship. But it is true religions aren't inevitably tolerant as the word "religion" encompasses many systems of wisdom, meaning, and spirituality. Something like Unitarian/Universalism is tolerant almost to the point of panic. Certain groups like "The Exclusive Brethren" or "The Amish" are more separatists as they don't tolerate certain things.


12/25/2012 11:35 pm

Alex, you are right on with your points. God Bless You and Yours. Merry Christmas! May the message of Our Lord spread to all, because he preached love and kindness and gratitude. Folks, don't judge Christians by those who violate its teachings and yet call themselves Christians. Don't trust someone just because they wear crosses and have religious bumper stickers on their cars. Judge Christianity by its precepts, not by its adherents, for we are all sinners and some are devious hypocrites. I think it might be a good idea if the media balanced its output with one positive segment for each negative one. We would learn about all the good people on Earth, all the generosity that is done in a voluntary way, the many kind acts, especially in times of natural disasters. We only get the bad news and the only focus of assistance is on public/government agencies. This causes people to have a warped view of their neighbors and humanity in general. Christianity teaches the responsibility of the INDIVIDUAL, and Jesus said when you give, do so secretly. That's why it's OK for parents to let the little ones think presents come from Santa. Later they will learn to give secretly as well. Some people give to foundations because they can get a tax benefit, others because their names will be listed among the donors. But the finest gifts are the anonymous ones, and they are often very substantial. Goodness, gratitude, forgiveness and altruism exist in the human heart; they are not exclusive to Christians. But Christianity enshrined these virtues and for this, if for nothing else, the world can be grateful to this great religion. In addition, it is an inclusive religion, it welcomes everyone. It is not necessary to be a descendant of other Christians. It is not necessary to be of the right ancestry, ethnicity or geographic area.

Sky Pilot.

12/25/2012 11:47 pm

Thank you for the Brio trains scene. I love both them and Thomas the tank engine. Which was created by Reverend Audrey by the way as a way to express decency concepts, without being overtly Christian. Holidays are Holy days. All of them for any group. In addition, Every good Christian knows Christ wasn't born in the winter, we just celebrate it then. It was a political/religious football when it was first set up. Like most things, it was stolen from the last group in power. When people are paranoid, they read into every issue as another way they are losing. Ink blots and all that. Progressive Christians are all just stunned so many sheepeople have gone to the relatively new idea of making the bible as "fact" instead of a guide book. Notice the decency is pretty well gone from people who scream they are Christian. The moral, allegorical and the spiritual aspects were what was important until fear drove some into making everything a fact. The magic is gone then. I ask you, where is the compassion? And especially at, ahem, Christmas time.


12/25/2012 11:48 pm

you have just made Moron yourself. Yes, statistics shows 95% of popuplations in USA celebrate Chirstmas, but not all of them are Christians. my friends are not religious, but most of them celebrate Christmas, trees, gifts, lights, Xmas dinner... just to boost the economy and have fun with their children. I said I dont celebrate it, but I have to give out gift cards and I receive unexpected gifts on Xmas day, too... Unless you are an outcast, Christmas will invlove you..


12/25/2012 11:48 pm

Last time I checked, the 25th of December on my calendar isn't «Holidays» but Christmas... Hmm strange...

Cece Andies

12/25/2012 11:48 pm

I feel as though the title to the article is a bit outlandish.


12/26/2012 12:07 am

With a festive Doodle on Christmas Eve, followed by a different Doodle on Christmas Day (both wishing users "Happy Holidays from Google"), it appeared that there would be a themed series of Doodles for the holiday (dare I say Christmas) season. But the plug has been pulled (at least, here in Australia) after the second Doodle. Were there only two Doodles planned, or did Google "spit the dummy" and pull the rest of the series in response to the criticism? In Australia when we visit, we don't see what US users see, so I'd be interested to know whether the Holiday Doodle series continues in the US.

Jasi Lee

12/26/2012 12:11 am

You're right, Lee. I stand corrected. Steve, you're ignorant. I'm really surprised at how ethnocentric Americans are. Aren't you?


12/26/2012 12:11 am

It's Christmas... Yes... that word that has CHRIST in it. Oh no!!! What ever will the P.C. police do??? Google looks foolish as usual with their generic logo for Christmas.

Jasi Lee

12/26/2012 12:12 am

It's in response to folks shouting that people don't understand the "reason fo the season". If they're being so rigid about a holiday perhaps they should do a little research first.


12/26/2012 12:13 am

December 25th has always been Christmas, Why not post Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays? Being politically correct is so tiring to me. We are becoming a bunch of babies. No body wants their "feelings" to be hurt.

Jasi Lee

12/26/2012 12:14 am

Yesterday I found 35 cents in my pocket. I don't remember putting it there. It's sort of a minor miracle how it got in my pocket would you say?


12/26/2012 12:15 am

BTW, the Holiday Doodle was also displayed on, but has gone now Christmas Day is over in the UK


12/26/2012 12:15 am

This is simple and apparent applealing to the greater power that is NOT so fond of Christmas's root-Christianity, and it's not a surprise to anyone who is aware (or shall I say awake?) of reality. However, beyond the intended albeit non chalante, degradation of the holiday's credibility, it is in poor taste! The most obvious feature is that the designis stupid beyond words that can describe it.


12/26/2012 12:16 am

You are all correct that we do not know whether it was summer, winter, spring or fall when Jesus was born, and it has no bearing on his message to the world. We get a lot of our images from popular songs, such "The First Noel" which states Jesus was born "on a cold winter night," and we get the idea that there were "flocks of angels" when the Gospel just says "an angel," etc. Besides, when it's winter in Bethlehem, it's summer in the southern hemisphere. In South America Christmas is a summer holiday and people go to the beach! Even in the US, whose of us who live in the south and southwest rarely see snow, yet we buy into flocked trees and spraying our windows with fake show or "jack frost" crystals. An 80-year old person in south Texas may have seen snow maybe 3 times in his/her lifetime, and never a white Christmas. What UNITES us all is the re-energizing in our hearts of the message of the One who brought us great tidings of joy, love, compassion, forgiveness, and humility; and who willingly sacrificed his life for us.

Jasi Lee

12/26/2012 12:17 am

Wow, let me get this straight.. Dennis, James, Alena, and Getreal all want to "send" all Jews somewhere? You're all kind of sick. I hope you get the help you need this holiday and people recognize how terrible that is. People go where they can, where they want. "Sending" people is not your business.

Jasi Lee

12/26/2012 12:20 am

It's really idiotic to tell someone how to wish you a nice day. It's like instructing someone how to hold the door open for you. It's a courtesy that needn't be extended but is out of thoughtfulness. If you don't like the way Google greets you on Christmas, please stop using Google and all other Google products altogether. I dare you.


12/26/2012 12:36 am

I understand where you're coming from I think... but religion isn't inherently intolerant .. though obviously it can be. It's people who are intolerant... or not... both religious and non-religious people. And I'll say it again... tolerance isn't all that great anyway... it will do... in order to keep the peace... but acceptance is much better where it is possible. And it's more possible than some unfortunately still believe .. you can accept others without ascribing to all their beliefs. For example: I can NOT tolerate Fred Phelps... or the type... those who preach hate... tho I put up with their existence as long as they can manage to stay within the law... out of deference to the laws that also protect those more worthy. I can tolerate my neighborhood evangelists.. some more than others but chiefly those who preach compassion and forgiveness... and the even the occasional door-knockers too as long as they go away when I ask them to and don't come back... at least I have been able to so far... But I absolutely adore and respect Fred Rogers, largely because he accepted and respected everyone else. And he's not the only religious person who was able to genuinely understand and accept people outside their own culture or philosophy.


12/26/2012 12:43 am

Holiday - Holy Day or any period of religious observance. Therefore... Ramadan is a Holiday. Christmas is a Holiday.


12/26/2012 01:01 am

Merry Christmas all you adults.


12/26/2012 01:06 am

Hi Google I'm a Christian and I apologize for the lack of consideration the others had.You took the time to try to make EVERYONE smile in this mean and evil,sneaky world.Thx :)


12/26/2012 01:11 am

I find it very sad that Google continues to remove Christianity from both Christmas and Easter every year, while this Megolith of the New Liberal Corporate World finds no difficulty affording full discussion of Liberal leaning agnostic, or atheistic doctrines through that which they support. It appears to me it is time anyone who feels as I do, that Google has gone far enough not only supporting only Liberal views, but at the same time gathering information on every user through cookies and various spyware for their agenda. Whether profiteering, by almost succeeding with charging for use of images posted on their services whithout benefit of notice or compensation to the users they would have violated, or at some point taking advantage of said information to use in the ways the athiestic Soviet Union used information gathering to send those in disagreement with their philosophies to the Gulag, it is time to use other services in place of Google, Googlechrome, G-mail, etc. The people can and will end this trend by supporting Bing, Ask, Yahoo mail and other services. Next time one finds a photo of your home through searching the Google Earth project, right down to your address, give some thought of what the definition of Big Brother is becoming at this moment. It is time to take action against the true despots. Whether celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannuka, Festivus, or any other special day or time, remember what happened in Nazi Germany when those who were not of your faith, race, creed, or disabled went to the camps. Then when it was your turn to go, there was no one there to cry out for the injustices handed finally to you.


12/26/2012 01:21 am

I posted something here yesterday evening (over 12 hours ago) and am wondering what happened to it?? (And "no," it was not offensive or anything that should have caused a moderator to delete it.) :)


12/26/2012 01:45 am

I would be curious what the thinking in the doodle department is... Maybe they are being over careful, or maybe they just couldn't figure out when to say "Happy Holidays" to everyone so they chose Christmas Day... which is the day that most every one gets off weather they are Christian or not and is usually thought the culmination of 'the holidays' irrespective of your faith. (the new years eve after party notwithstanding) And since Holiday actually means Holy Day in some respect still, it shouldn't really be all that offensive to Christians. It's inclusive of Christianity not exclusive. It wasn't widely considered offensive before... why is it so much so to some people now? The difference has just never been that big a deal to most people. Whether someone says it to them on the street... or whether a web bower says it... is wishing everyone a "Happy Holiday" really worth getting so angry about? I'm not sure if anyone's noticed here but if you google the world 'Christmas' the results are decorated with Christmas lights. So they haven't really ignored Christmas in ether respect. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with a "Merry Christmas" doodle... it's just all this bitterness and rage we're seeing from some people now who treat every "Happy Holiday" wished them no matter how cheerfully or innocently as nasty insult. It's just not.

Char Norton

12/26/2012 01:50 am

why do christian's think they are Superior to all other religion or people. Google was being far and politically correct. They may have persons of all faiths working for them. They want them to feel as if they are all valid People need to stop thinking they are the only one in the world , there the best, and no body else matters. We are all humans, we all bleed red blood and breath the same air.We all matter. We are all one a believe almost the same values, that love is the ultimate magic or power. That good always wins over evil, and darkness. Everyone grow up. See the world,and what really matters, not that they care. you all grumble over stupid thing like my this or that should be the only any thing. when you should yelling over,homelessness, poverty, hungry, jobless people. help your fellow man. don't worry what he calls his hoildy.


12/26/2012 01:52 am

Christmas has rapidly evolved but with the 'advent' of digital media it risks being 'frozen' - codified in something like its current form. So we have a bit more time to help Christmas and the (H)olidays take on enduring meaning, the meaning is up to us. I like the part about sharing, making sure family and friends have the things they need to help them through the dark, cold months ahead. Like sweaters and fuel and non-perishable caloric food (fruitcake) and lights that last 8 days, but also spiritual support. So how about making it The Holiday Season and helping each other achieve sustainable lifestyles and enduring friendships? And it can include plenty of creating and trading for goods that we want and need to achieve those ideals.


12/26/2012 01:54 am

Why say Happy Hanukah but not Merry Christmas?


12/26/2012 01:56 am

I don't see what is so wrong with informing people that for some; today is Christmas. Just like google informs us of awesome peoples' birthday and other important days for people. This is just another one of them. Yes is it the holiday season, there are other important festive days for other religions; which I would be happy to learn about too. Geez.


12/26/2012 02:07 am

It's kinda silly to accuse someone of lying about something that so clearly does happen... What's worse than what neighbors inflict on each other is what family can inflict on each other... People not just rejected but abused for falling from the family faith... Sisters rejecting brothers... Fathers rejecting sons... not to mention the neglect and abuse by some of children who turn out to be gay. Some places are worse than others ofc...


12/26/2012 02:12 am

Some Christians have no problem telling other Christians to repent or they are going to hell. It's part of the gig. The obvious example is from Westboro Baptist, they've harassed plenty of Christians and few of them gay.

Magenta Chandler

12/26/2012 02:18 am

shut the fuck up. this is why things are the way they are, the people. fighting about stupid things, making stupid comments, waisting their time being fucking retarded. if you like something, go for it, if you do not, then shut the fuck up, sit the fuck back and do your own damn thing. have a tradition to stick a fish in your ass idc. but stop fighting about nonsense.. its fucking christmas... so shututp and live or dont. just shutup

Shari B.

12/26/2012 02:30 am

Any issues with saying Happy New Year now that Happy Holiday is over?

Weekly World News Dump

12/26/2012 02:31 am

Google can celebrate some ridiculous artist's birthday with a doodle every day, but they can't celebrate the largest holiday in the country in which it is based? Fuck off, grow up and grow a pair while you're at it. You celebrate every other holiday. WHY NOT CHRISTMAS?!?!?!?!?! What the hell do you think is driving your web traffic at this time of year Google? People searching for Kim Kardashian? No, it's people searching for Christmas.


12/26/2012 02:33 am

Seems to me that you're the one might need to calm down a bit. What else explains the need to call him a liar?


12/26/2012 02:35 am

But today is a very important holiday to many millions of people around the world celebrating it, and celebrating it on this day. Similarly, I'd expect a logo with a wish of Happy Hanukkah to appear on Google on Hanukkah, instead of one saying Happy Autumn or Happy Jewish Holidays. So on the other side of the coin, ironically, I ask What bends people so out of shape, that on the 25th a specially uploaded Google picture logo can't say Merry Christmas, and on the 1st of January maybe it will say Happy New Year--or because there may be millions grieving or unhappy that day, maybe they'll not say that? This is the fault of a media-employed-heavy demographic that is way too PC afraid of offending anyone, on any day, for any thing.

Doug the agnostic...

12/26/2012 02:47 am

Your "faith," Collin Bliss, has no factual content.


12/26/2012 02:51 am

Google really messed it up with holidays, since Dec, 25 is Christmas. Shame on you, Google.

Doug the agnostic

12/26/2012 02:53 am

I was created by my mom and dad, Collin Bliss. I suppose your "faith" does not believe in creation by anyone or anything other than a deity, huh? No global warming either, huh, Collin Bliss?

Doug the agostic

12/26/2012 02:57 am

If everything is based on agreeing with their "faith," we're all in trouble!


12/26/2012 02:59 am

You're being silly. Just because that's how your church tries to approach it doesn't mean it's every church's approach. Some of the people we're talking about would reject your church's approach in the strongest of terms. I had a Christian lady defend me once and then explain to me how Christians aren't supposed to take non-Christians like me to task for not following the faith... it was only their responsibility in her church to take other Christians to task for lapsing. Even beyond the Catholic/Protestant split... Christianity is not just one thing to all Christians. Some Christians are Mr Rogers, or Garrison Keillor or Robert Fulghum. Some Christians are like Martin Luther KIng.... Some are like Billy Graham... but unfortunately for nearly all of us Some of them are like Fred Phelps.

Pi Delta

12/26/2012 03:01 am

google can do whatever they want. get over it.


12/26/2012 03:03 am

Geez... what is it about Catholic school? I've known practicing Catholic who are still angry about it.


12/26/2012 03:05 am

Way to be a tool kid... so sad that you ran out of exclamation points...


12/26/2012 03:07 am

Careful... it's looking like they're both cracked... don't feed trolls. ;)


12/26/2012 03:17 am

That's ok hun as long as know the difference between science and pseudoscience....


12/26/2012 03:23 am



12/26/2012 03:32 am

Literally worrying about it WAY too much. Get over yourself america.


12/26/2012 03:42 am

Merry Christmas!!! And may our Lord Jesus shower down His benevolence and magical powers on you for ever and ever, since after all He died and was Resurrected to save your soul, and the whole world must conform to your own religious vision. Also, grow up, crybaby.


12/26/2012 03:42 am

I wish that were true... not sure it is tho... I'm not even sure Christians can maintain their over-all peaceful, if not entirely accepting, relationship to the rest of us here in the US. Have Christians really progressed... or is it this western civilization in the broader sense that has progressed despite what some Christian sects would have.


12/26/2012 03:46 am

"What is interesting is that other countries to mention Merry Christmas. For example,Google Norway says :"God Jul fra Google!" which means Merry Christmas from Google: [picture is above comments]." Um, no. Let's get the facts straight. Here's what Wikipedia says (and I had nothing to do with what it says): "Jul or jol is the term used for the Christmas holiday season in Scandinavia and Scotland. Originally, “jul” was the name of a month in the old Germanic calendar. The concept of “jul” was a period of time rather than a specific event prevailing in Scandinavia. In modern times, "Jul" is a general time stretching from mid-November to mid-January, with Christmas and the week up to New Year as the highlight."

guest 451

12/26/2012 03:50 am

Some christians are ignorant and hateful. They know nothing of their religion's origins or the origins of this seasonal holiday. America is a Secular Nation. If they want their lives/government steeped in religion they can move to Pakistan. Google is very nice to post anything at all. After that kind BS, they might reconsider posting anything on this day in the future.


12/26/2012 04:03 am

It was the best of times... it was the worst of times... there's great good going on as well as great harm and despair. Some people rise above deprivation and some people fall into it. Religion is no sure protector. Love, giving and most of the other virtues are older than Religion, They are universal to our nature as humans and thus to our various cultures and religions. It's our universal nature to be good to eachother as long as we don't allow the jerks to run the show. That's the real factor in weather we rise or decline... Religions can be great for a society and they can be horrific... even the one's who say they stand for love and the other virtues. It's jerks, both religions or non-religious that send communities down in a spiral. Good people lift societies up weather they are people of faith or not.


12/26/2012 04:09 am

I know a lot of Muslims that celebrate Christmas, but as "The Holidays". They don't celebrate it for it's Christian meaning, but do recognize what it means for that aspect. They celebrate it because to them, it's a really special time to take time off from the world, spend time with family and treat each other all with a little more love and to give back some time to their children, that work took from them in the year prior. I know a lot of Christians as well that don't take a single moment of the holiday season to recognize that this (for their religion) is for a celebration of Jesus. They get caught up in sales and mad rushes and dashes to stores. They don't take a lot of time to really do anything "Christian". They become grumpy. So, I think no matter what people call it, or do to celebrate, or where or what background they come from. The modern meaning of Christmas and The Holiday Season, is determined by them. There is no way one phrase can summarize such a dynamic day to reach all people globally. Or even in just the US. I'm. Christian, and I'm OK with anyone saying Happy Holidays. Because to me, I know what it means to me.


12/26/2012 04:12 am

I'm not a Christian... most people would call me a pagan, but it does surprise me that Google celebrates the birth of a lot of people throughout the year that most have never heard of, but ignore the birth of a man that had such a huge effect on the history of the western world for the past two thousand years... Jesus Christ. Just in tradition, I say Merry Christmas, even though I do not attend Christian churches and do no pray to their god. But I have nothing against people in North America saying "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hanukkah, or Kwanza or Happy Saturnalia or whatever they wish. The tradition of North America is "Merry Christmas"..... So Merry Christmas everyone... and Google... if you can celebrate the birthday of so many obscure people that so many have never heard of... surely you can celebrate also the birth of a man that had a HUGE effect on western civilization for 2000 years... that is.. unless you wish to help get rid of Christianity.... in that case, continue to ignore Christmas, and celebrate your "Happy Holidays". Merry Christmas everyone.

Tammy j

12/26/2012 04:13 am

Well, Christmas is after all Christmas. It is the celebration of the birth of Christ. It has been for eons. Try to change Hanukkah or Passover and you will offend the Jews. It is what it is. It is a Christian Celebration. That's where it got its roots. If you want to say Happy Holidays then that might be best said at the start of the Holiday celebrations like Halloween or Thanksgiving. If you wish me a Happy Holidays I won't get offended for that either because you may not know what I celebrate at this time of the year. Happy Holidays is still a nice gesture. For me I like to keep the Christ in Christmas. Or perhaps those that don't want to celebrate Christmas have your "Happy Holidays" officially put on the calendar a week before or something. So I think maybe I can appreciate them leaving Christmas as it is, it's Christmas. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, and Happy Holidays to you that don't celebrate Christmas.

Kevin Byers

12/26/2012 04:15 am

Do Jewish and Muslim people not use google? I mean...if they DON'T then by all means tell me now, and I'll shut up... but I'm pretty sure they this is where I say: Get over yourselves.


12/26/2012 04:27 am

I'm not sure of the very latest numbers... but it has been true before that despite our perceptions crime or violence or whatever... isn't as much of a problem as we assume it is. The pervasiveness of media coverage is a factor ofc... even if crime isn't higher or our communities really more depraved... because it's easier to find out about those things we perceive that they must be more common.

Tammy j

12/26/2012 04:28 am

Catoni52, I have to say, that was splendid!


12/26/2012 04:29 am

December 25 is the birthday of Mithra... a pagan Sun God that was worshiped on this date BEFORE it was Christmas... the MYTH of Mithra is a story very similar to that of the birth of Jesus... so close that today people would be suing for plagiarism ... and the Mithra myth was first.... just sayin' That said... I don't care what you call it.

George C. Thomson

12/26/2012 04:32 am

I wish people would just get the heck over themselves. Lots of other holidays fall in this time frame. I think it rather stupid to require Google to have a separate one for each or, one specifically for the Christians. I don't celebrate Christmas, I celebrate the Solstice, (3 days ago) Should I get my nose bent out of shape because they don't say, "Blessed Solstice" or, Hail Sol Invictus?" Get a grip folks, and accept the gesture of a wish for joy and happiness.

Thomas R

12/26/2012 04:40 am

That's just an example of the imprecision of English. In many, maybe most if we mean non-Germanic, languages the word for Easter relates to the word for Passover. Look it up. The timing of Easter links to the timing of Passover not to the timing of the equinox. Look up the dates for Easter and Passover in varied years and you can confirm that. (Now if you want to claim Passover relates to Semitic paganism that's an interesting tack which could take more discussion)

Dave K

12/26/2012 04:45 am



12/26/2012 04:52 am

I honestly don't know why anyone cares what "Google" has to say about anything. I use the Google search engine on occasion along with about 5 others, just depending on my mood the day I'm online. No one, including any Google exec, artist, or political activist, is going to make me give a damn about any issue. Google exists solely for me to use as a window to what information (true, real, or fictional) I want at that given moment. If Google wasn't here, Yahoo or some other engine would be, and if those engines weren't here, who cares? I survived just fine prior to the existence of every engine, as well as the "all-powerful" internet. This "internet" is a toy and nothing more. Happy Holidays? Who cares? I celebrate Christmas....and I will continue to do so even if and when the internet is a thing of the past.

Dave K

12/26/2012 04:54 am

I think that the change in policy is what concerns me - 30 years ago you would never hear Happy Holidays - I'm not offended nor am I upset - what I do miss is the concept of pure freedom - freedom to say and believe what you want - if its July 4th then we wish happy 4th of july - or happy valentines day - why not merry christmas? Is it because it is a Christian Holiday ? Please grow up and be a little open to others beliefs - isn't that what the politically correct crowd wants in the first place? Should Christians be exempt from that rule? Let's face it people, we are a Christian country and that is part of out government and culture - get PC and wish someone a Merry Christmas for Christ's sake...


12/26/2012 04:54 am

"Do the Christians ever wonder if the 'multi-cultural atheists' were offended by O'Reilly's abuse?" Not very often it would seem...

Collin Sturm

12/26/2012 04:56 am

religion isn't suppose to be tolerant...we are right, you are wrong...get used to it


12/26/2012 04:59 am

Lucius, I am with you 100 percent. I'm tired of walking on eggshells around those poor souls who are so stricken because someone doesn't say exactly what they consider to be "politically" or "socially" correct. I say Merry Christmas, and it's because that's what I celebrate and it's what I associate with this time of year. I'm wishing everyone well by saying it. If people take offense, then they can go boo-hoo to their liberal congressman and try to make me say Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays or whatever they want to hear. I'm not disrespecting any other holiday....I just don't celebrate them....and Merry Christmas is what I choose to say. Freedom of speech. Hey, happy Fuck You Day! Is that OK to say? Is that politically correct enough for anybody?


12/26/2012 05:00 am

Jesus Christ you all know how to piss people off. Your forgiven!

Collin Sturm

12/26/2012 05:01 am

it has plenty of factual basis. We can prove almost everything that happened in the new testament, and can also prove that there was a global flood.


12/26/2012 05:02 am

The holiday is/should be called Christmas just like the holiday thanksgiving is called Thanksgiving. Really. Simple.

Nicole Michelle Gonzales

12/26/2012 05:09 am

I think its offensive not to have it say Merry Christmas when the world is aware of the significance of the date December 25. Christmas is a religious holiday and is also an American Federal Holiday to pretend otherwise to be PC is ridiculous. There is no problem Posting happy Martin Luther King Day because it may offend racists. Today Is Christmas. Merry Christmas


12/26/2012 05:10 am

Merry Christ's Mass everybody! If you're not Catholic, then Merry Day or Merry Holy Day!


12/26/2012 05:33 am

Just because Christians are numbered among the first settlers of this country doesn't mean it's an exclusively 'Christian founding' as some are arguing. A lot of different kinds of people managed to get here between Roanoke and Independence Day and every one of them had their share of influence. As for the founders themselves, they were just as significantly influenced by the principles of the enlightenment as they were of their faith. Two of the most famous... Jefferson and Franklin were pretty radical by most contemporary christian standards. Jefferson went so far as to construct his own Bible and clearly favored the separation of Church and State... and Franklin... was Franklin... Both the settlers and the founders were a pretty interesting bunch and by no means homogeneous. Neither are we now for that matter...


12/26/2012 05:35 am

Sergey Brin which is originally a Rusian Jew immigrant can RUN GOOGLE any way he wishes. IT IS HIS COMPANY.


12/26/2012 05:55 am

I've pretty much said the same thing rather like the way you put it. Especially about frying fish... :)


12/26/2012 05:58 am

Is that a greeting or a war cry? It's hard to tell in the context...

A Very Perturbed Marmoset

12/26/2012 06:08 am

Google was founded by two Jewish guys. 'Nuff said.


12/26/2012 06:10 am

Chill dude... relax... someone just wished you a "Happy Holiday" is all... and isn't Christmas a Happy Holiday?


12/26/2012 06:30 am

Are you blind? Christmas hasn't gone anywhere... except that's it's now almost everywhere.... and everywhen.... "Happy Holidays" is still nothing to take offense at.


12/26/2012 06:37 am

lol... "Xmas" isn't secular... it's lazy. ;)

Clara Edman

12/26/2012 06:38 am

My mother always celebrated Stalin's birthday, because it was also my father's birthday. My parents were not communists by any stretch of any imagination. Christmas did not officially start until December 22. That was when the tree came up and all the Christmas decorations and everything else. We also celebrated December 24, Christmas Eve, by exchanging gifts, having the big Christmas dinner, etc. December 25 we went to church in the wee hours of the morning. That was pretty much it for December 25. After that it was pretty much party time until it was time to take the tree down, 21 days after Christmas.


12/26/2012 07:01 am

It's not just about population... it's about guiding principle... and for the nation as a whole... it's people it's laws and it's shared traditions, they are founded on more than Christianity. There are a great number of Christians in this country as well that are distrustful at this insistence from some that this is a "Christian Nation." It's not just a push for historical recognition... there is no lack of that... it's a push toward theocracy. Most Christians know as well as anyone that theocracy is not just the end of freedom, it's the end of religious freedom. If the racial demographics can shift so can the religious demographics... by your argument if the country were majority Muslim then we'd be a Muslim nation? No... if America ever did scrap the first amendment... it wouldn't really be America anymore.


12/26/2012 07:32 am

Hehe... I've actually never heard that one... That's so funny... "Xmas" isn't Xing out Christ... it's a sign that someones' being cute or just lazy... ;)

Jessi Marie

12/26/2012 07:45 am

yep i would say so :)


12/26/2012 08:04 am

Yeah... someone else take him please... ;)


12/26/2012 08:04 am

So's "Happy Holidays."


12/26/2012 08:10 am

They aren't all in a twist over "Happy Holiday." But other than that I essentially agree...

Jessi Marie

12/26/2012 08:21 am

i completely agree this time of year is to be with those closest to you. not about gifts and who spends the most money. its about helping others even though we should help others year round--most of us if not all of us humans are guilty of not doing that rest of the year, my self included at times, and the season is also about loving & being thankful for what you have and the people in your life

Jessi Marie

12/26/2012 08:25 am

i wasn't talking directly about Wicca, i know who created this specific religion. I was talking about Paganism, the ancient romans, greeks, nords and many others worshipped the same gods/goddesses as many now-a-days Pagans and they were around before christianity, that it what i meant Wicca is a Pagan tradition and though this specific one was created by Gerald Gardner the roots of paganism goes way back before even christianity was created


12/26/2012 08:48 am

So is "Happy Holiday's."


12/26/2012 02:26 pm

Why would an honest person say "Merry Christmas"? There is absolutely no evidence pointing to the birth of Jesus being in December, let alone December 25. So "Happy Holidays" is a bit more honest.

Happy Faith Little

12/26/2012 04:14 pm

How sad...this whole discussion which brings conflict when it really should not. If you celebrate Christmas, please tell everyone you meet "Merry Christmas", if they don't take it for the love you are sending that is their problem. It is however your place as a Christian to show love and compassion and that means understanding that even if that person doesn't say Merry Christmas, Jesus loves them anyway. If you do not celebrate Christmas, be kind and understand that for some it is the holiest of days and do not make them feel bad for being joyous. Either way, we are all humans and we are in a time where we all need to feel valued and appreciated for whoever we are. At this time of year we all remember our most wonderful holidays and we should find ways to bring that love and excitement to the world, rather than the drama... forget the finger-pointing, the PC whatnot, and just be kind to one another!!

David Fernando

12/26/2012 04:26 pm

i agree and even if u get mad its google for the one person that disagrees theres millions to back it up

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:44 pm

We're talking about Google's page IN AMERICA, so stop calling others morons, when you were ignorant enough not to read the article, which specifies that.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:45 pm

That's probably what he's upset about.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:45 pm

New York. San Francisco.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:48 pm

On December 25th, it is. One day.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:49 pm

For the great majority on December 25th, it is expressly about the religious holiday of Christmas. Accept the facts.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:51 pm

Exactly. What's the harm in saying each holiday when it occurs? Only Christmas gets the shaft, and the majority celebrates it. Things are so backwards.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:51 pm

You sound pretty ignorant for someone pontificating so aggressively at others.

Ali C

12/26/2012 05:52 pm

Thank you, well-said.


12/26/2012 06:32 pm

You give a whole new meaning to the song "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas", Ali C. The founders put in place the Enlightenment thinking of "equal under the law", although they were wobbly on the all part, such as Native Americans, brown people, black people, etc.


12/26/2012 07:39 pm

You'd think by now Google would know what religion an user belongs to and tailor its homepage accordingly.

Xander Legere

12/27/2012 07:50 am

Jesus was born on the 25th of December? Sounds like an old wives tale to me... Merry Christmas (I prefer Happy Holidays myself) to you ILUVUSA2 (odd collection of letters/numbers) I'm not certain but all this stuff about Christ isn't exactly 'as it was written way back'... but then again even that information has to be taken with a grain of salt. "Presents and Presence" is the reason for the season.

Xander Legere

12/27/2012 07:53 am

Regardless of what Holiday means in this time and age "Holy Days" are simply one's in which you get off work.

Xander Legere

12/27/2012 07:55 am

I'm not sure about that one... but then again you are sure since you have faith. I enjoy that the Illuminati are to blame for everything.

Brad Kort

12/28/2012 05:56 pm

BTW, Newton was a Christian. So he'd say Merry Christmas.

Freedom of Religion

12/28/2012 08:43 pm

This is just silly, Christianity is not the only religion out there, it should say happy holidays since there are other religious celebrations going on that day. This is coming from an Atheist too.


12/29/2012 07:00 pm

Wow! This is a troll post. It has no meaning beside provoking buzz for the writer and a lot of people are falling for it! Me too!!!


01/01/2013 02:46 pm

"Holiday" is a contraction of "Holy Days." For centuries in Europe you would have been wished "Happy Holy Days" and it was celebrated as "Holy Days" with time spent with loved ones, time off from work, great food, music, charity to the poor, and simple gifts. Instead of getting hurt over not being wished a Merry Christmas (Christ's Mass) why don't people who call themselves "Christian" do something about the buying frenzy that eclipses the "meaning of Christmas" this time each year? Fights on Black Friday over cheap plastic goods made in China---yeah, that's the spirit. And retail workers having to do overtime for weeks, and often not even getting a full day off on Christmas Day--where's the Sacred?

Lane Mauldin

01/01/2013 03:42 pm

Mind your own business and keep your mouth shut. You don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Each to their own. I am me and you are you. Kill two birds with one stone. Quickest way to skin a cat. One turn deserves another. Merry Christmas. Idioms- Idioms which only hold weight in the societies in which they're presently used. A few hundred years go by and these simple words change and morph into new and or estrange meanings from the original. I.e.- "A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You" was the verse that was shown on the first commercially available Christmas card in 1843. Christmases has been merry long before that though. The use of 'Merry Christmas' as a seasonal salutation dates back to at least 1565, when it appeared in The Hereford Municipal Manuscript. 1843 was also the date of the publication of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol and it was around that time, in the early part of the reign of Queen Victoria, that Christmas as we now know it was largely INVENTED. The word merry was then beginning to take on its current meaning of 'jovial, and outgoing'. Prior to that, in the times when other 'merry' phrases were coined, for example, make merry (circa 1300), Merry England (circa 1400) and the merry month of May (1560s), merry had a different meaning, i.e. 'pleasant, peaceful and agreeable'. That change in meaning is apparently viewed with disfavour by Queen Elizabeth II, who wishes her subjects a 'happy' rather than 'merry' Christmas in her annual Christmas broadcasts. The idea of a modern-day merry England is presumably unwelcome at the palace. The best-known allusion to merriment at Christmas is the English carol God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen. It is often assumed that the carol's lyric portrays the wish that jovial gentlemen might enjoy repose and tranquility. The punctuation of the song suggests otherwise though - it's 'God rest ye merry, gentlemen', not 'God rest ye, merry gentlemen'. In this context 'to rest' doesn't mean 'to repose' but 'to keep, or remain as you are' - like the 'rest' in 'rest assured'. 'Rest ye merry' means 'remain peacefully content' and the carol contains the wish that God should grant that favour to gentlemen (gentlewomen were presumably busy in the kitchen during this time period). It isn't the 'rest' that is being given but the 'merry'. - This is a great example of how little weight words carry and only do so when WE as human beings make it so. The words on their own are of little value as they are given weight by person saying them and then up to the person listening to ascertain a value. To go about demanding the respect of ones religion and to trounce upon another's religion with claims of falsehood or is to go without peaceful content and deny the original meaning behind the phrase to wish someone a "merry..." The issue is less about religion and more about the words which only weight upon you as much as you let them. Words do not hold power over human beings we grant it to them and then allow us to be burden by them. During this new year of holidays let us put aside the burdens and truly go forth with peaceful content and remain merry!

Art Bagnall

01/01/2013 04:04 pm

ugh. Nazis again. Can't anyone make a point without using NAZIS as the friggin object of the argument? "Move to Nazi Germany" has to be the dumbest thing I have read in a long time. Thanks for pointing out that it "ceased to exist" (Monty Python) in 1945. Will I need to buy a DeLorean with a working flux capacitor? I thought stupid was endemic only to the Yahoo! comments section. Apparently not.

Lane Mauldin

01/01/2013 04:07 pm

P.s I celebrate Lewis Carrol's birthday so how come no one wished me a Very Merry Un-birthday?

Tessa Reyes

01/01/2013 05:04 pm

If people don't celebrate it...then it's just another day to them. It's not even a why even say "happy holidays"? It's not...they don't celebrate it...remember. It's CHRISTmas, so people should call it what it IS. If you are not a believer, I will pray for you, and to you, it is just a day like any other day. So, no "happy holidays" it is just a day. Soooooo, if they are going to say something on that SPECIFIC day, well then, it should be what it IS to those of us who love and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and just say "Merry CHRISTmas" and be merry! lol! If the are trying to include other "holidays", then the entire week or month should say "Happy HolidayS"...."s" for the plural! Why is this so hard to understand? wow!

Daniel Lobato

01/01/2013 05:16 pm

People, especially Google, are ignorant and clueless about Christians, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, Jews, and the so-called government and intellectuals who think they are smarter than us have a role in this. Christianity is supposed to be the ONLY religion. In fcat, it is not a religion to me. A TRUE CHRISTIAN should say they have an intimate relationship with their Lord and Savior. The Bible is very specific about making disciples of all nations, and it is specific that Jesus came for the Jews first and they rejected Him. It also says nothing about being tolorent of other religions. I am only offended that Google and young people especially, when you leave a store after shopping, the response is Happy Holidays and not Merry Christmas. Ungodly and antiChristian people came up with this years ago. When this country is ready to hit their knees again and coem to God the Father and say, "WE stole money, we deceived peope, we were greedy, and now we made a DISASTER of this country because of our wickedness and lack of love for people and love abd greed of money, Please help us", then He will change things here. It is not the government or Ben B. or Jamie D. and J P Morgan who will change the country for the better. If you think I am wrong, just research the last 200 years of our country and how we went to No.1 to NO.? We are losing it and will continue to lose it. If not, then why didn't 3.8M more people go back to work since the marker is back up over 13K?

Daniel Lobato

01/01/2013 05:21 pm

Actually, you are incorrect, as most people are. Unfortunately, many Christians, and I mean true Christians, have a poor way of communicating. A real Christian is not telling you what it HAS TO BE because he or she wants it that way. It is because God wants it that way. Christmas is the celebration of His son's birth. Setting aside the silly nonsense people every year who say Jesus was not born on dec 25th, the main focus should be on the fact that Jesus was born. He was born so he could grow up and experience everything you and I have, except sex and marriage. He experienced temptation, hurt, lonliness, accusations, slander, and even being hit. Heck, He experiences being flogged so bad, the Bible says He did not resemble a man because He was bleeding so bad, covered in blood and flesh stripped off from the instruments they used. Then nailed to a cross which was reserved for murderers. Think about it.

Daniel Lobato

01/01/2013 05:31 pm

Incorrect James. The onlt thing the Bible says is to show people with love where they are wrong and have sinned. It says nothing about being tolerant of other religions. I suggest you read the first 60 books of the OT. Look at what God did to people and nations who worshipped other Gods, including the Jews. Also look at what he did to Sodom and the sin was homosexuality. He destroyed an entire city yet the gay agenda just wrote a new Bible called the Queen James. The Bible is very specific. The last page of Revelation states very clearly by Jesus Himself, "If anybody adds or takes away from these words ...." Write a new Bible? I think not. Forget about wondering if you are going to heaven if you are a practicing homosexual. You just sealed your fate by rewriting God's Word because you are now saying you are smarter than God. How can the pitcher say to the Potter, you made me incorrectly?

Daniel Lobato

01/01/2013 05:49 pm

It appears from what I can tell, you cannot read someone's answer to their blog. So this goes out to all. Unfortunately, many so-called Christains write nonsense and those who think they are and are not. Some of them are close below this post. I do not have a religion. I HAVE AN INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP WITH MY LORD AND SAVIOR, MY FATHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT. Most of you let the government, Obama, the House, the Senate, and s-called intellectuals tell you there is no God. There is. If you have the guts, get on your knees and beg Him to show himself to you. Then read the Bible. Jesus said "knock and it be open, seek and ...." Do you know what that means? He will show Himself. Also, the Bible nowhere says TO BE TOLERANT OF OTHER RELIGIONS. If you ever read it in the last year you would remember what He did to some nations, including Jews, when they worshipped other gods. The biggest sin? Pride. People like Ben B. and Jamie D. Companies like J P Morhan and Google and MS. The homosexual, liar, adulterer etc shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. That is in the OT and NT. God does not speak to hear Hismself talk. I think there isa reason why He said it more than once. For Gays. The new Queen James Bible was the Bible rewritten to satisfy your sins. The book of Revelation must have been changed because the last paragragh Jesus said that if anybody adds to or takes away any words from this book..... You have just sealed your eternal fate if you buy into this crap.

Rese Widerspon

01/01/2013 07:56 pm

Hey, stupid faggot. Stop being a useless dipshit and "decoding" holiday doodles by a search engine company. Nobody gives a fuck about your conspiracy theories, for the simple reason that they are made of sub-scatological shit.

Really disappointed

01/02/2013 01:16 pm

Why not put a nice (at least) colourful picture that depicts a bit of the season, such as holly, candles, snow, (although we don't always have snow), a few woodland creatures for the kids? This way, the logo isn't so bland and dull. Your logo does bring down my Christmas spirit. It has to be the dullest logo I've seen. Where is your imagination?

Thoron Woodling

01/03/2013 07:34 pm

The "Christmas" holiday, also traditionally known as "Yule," is over. As the old rhyme says: Yule is come, and Yule is gone, And we have feasted well; So Jack must to his flail again, And Jenny to her wheel. Bickering does not promote peace in one's heart or goodwill with others. Good luck, folks at Google. It is very hard to please or accommodate some people.

Tiffany Ellis

01/08/2013 11:20 pm

Actually, you weren't created by your mom & dad. You were procreated. People can't actually "make" anything themselves; they have to do it out of things that are already there. We can manipulate what's here, but we can't actually make anything new. "There's nothing new under the sun." Just to clarify that your parents were neither wizards nor deities.


01/17/2013 02:11 pm

The Winter Solstice. Saturnalia. Or a million other holidays that traditionally occur mid winter to give the human race a psychological boost.


01/18/2013 03:28 pm

Winter Solstice - December 21st or December 22nd Saturnalia - December 17th-23rd So I ask again: What exactly is the "Holiday" you are celebrating on *December 25th*? I know what it says in my calendar, and what it says on the calendar in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Greece, etc. etc. etc.... What does it say on your calendar for December 25th? Bottom line: If you are claiming to be celebrating another holiday, you should be able to articulate what it is and when it occurs. Since you clearly cannot, I have to assume you are just being ornery.


12/24/2013 09:38 pm

Why can't Google say Merry Christmas on Christmas Day?? This is very insulting and offensive to many people who celebrate this holiday around the world! It would be better to say nothing at all.

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