Google To Publishers: Use The Canonical Tag For Duplicate Article Consolidation

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Duplicate Content & SEODuplicate content is a fun topic in the SEO space because Google says don't worry about it because 30% of the web is duplicative. Google deals with it. But all good SEOs know, you don't want to have 5 pages all targeting the same keyword phrase because it is spreading you too thin.

In Google's Matt Cutts latest video, he talks about publishers who write several breaking stories on the same topic, that they can and maybe should use the canonical tag to clean it up and point the stories all to one main story when all is done and settled.

Listen to the video:

For publishers, that is really hard to do.

It is true, if you have the exact same story on multiple URLs, make sure your CMS handles the canonical tag for that. But if you have several writers covering the same story and it produces several similar stories on the same topic, that is hard to deal with. I guess it is best to have an editor consolidate the stories, but that is rare in the news publishing world.

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Search M.D.

01/09/2014 02:09 pm

I like the tee Matt! Would this apply to product pages that contain duplicate product descriptions since they vary in color or size?

Gracious Store

01/11/2014 04:18 am

Does this use of canonical url apply only to publishers, only? Does it apply to E commerce sites that may have many product pages with the same key words?

CarLease UK

01/20/2014 03:31 pm

Could this be an issue on our site, where there are by definition pages that are identical, eg within vehicle leasing details? My thoughts are to add a canonical tag to each page to ensure google sees each page as unique.

Spook SEO

02/02/2014 07:00 pm

Will this be another issue to deal with. I haven't look up on this yet but surely Ill be digging facts with this topic. ill conduct my own study and will be back. Thank you for bringing this up.

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