Google Death Benefit: 10 Years Of 50% Pay To Family

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Google headstoneForbes has a story, which Google confirmed on Google+ of a new benefit that makes me go absolutely wow.

If a Google employee passes away while employed at Google, Google will continue to pay the family 50% of the Googlers salary for ten years!

Forbes wrote, "Should a U.S. Googler pass away while under the employ of the 14-year old search giant, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive a check for 50% of their salary every year for the next decade."

Are there eligibility requirements? It seems like if you start the job at Google tomorrow and die the next day, your family is still eligible.

More so, Google told Forbes surviving spouses will see all stocks vested immediately and any children will receive a $1,000 monthly payment from the company until they reach the age of 19 (or 23 if the child is a full-time student).

Google confirmed it saying:

Forbes talks to Laszlo Bock, our VP of People Operations, about the philosophy behind the perks we provide for our employees and one of the newest benefits, which support employees' families in the event of their death.

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Grim Reaper

08/10/2012 03:18 pm

Sounds dead good

Jim Christian

08/10/2012 03:29 pm

Might lead to more double cheezburgers and overweight employees :)


08/11/2012 02:18 am

Wow something the bean counters must have missed. It will go as soon as the accountants realize it is another expense they can get rid of and drive the share price up. The shareholders demand increases in the share price and they are insatiable.


08/13/2012 06:16 am

50% of the salary for ten years!? WOW, this sounds great!

Jawad Latif

08/13/2012 09:55 am

Awesome deal

Webstats Art

08/19/2012 03:44 am

What about google giving money to the people they financially crippled by disabling adsense accounts that have been running for years and helping families? I would never want to work for google even if they paid me twice what I am getting right now. if they offered me 50 X my current benefits, I might think about it but I would have to give up my personality and that what really cost a lot to me morally!

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