Shocking: Google To Tweak Content Farm Algorithm

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Google Collateral DamageWired reports Google's Amit Singhal as saying they will be tweaking and fine tuning the Google Farmer Update to make it as close to a 100% accurate as possible.

I am not sure why anyone is surprised by this. Google does their best to release updates they think impact only sites they want to impact. But nothing is perfect and Google knows that. Whenever Google does an update, Google tweaks the update after collecting data where the algorithms potentially went wrong and this is no different.

Amit said:

"We deeply care about the people who are generating high-quality content sites, which are the key to a healthy web ecosystem," Singhal said.

"Therefore any time a good site gets a lower ranking or falsely gets caught by our algorithm - and that does happen once in a while even though all of our testing shows this change was very accurate - we make a note of it and go back the next day to work harder to bring it closer to 100 percent."

"That's exactly what we are going to do, and our engineers are working as we speak building a new layer on top of this algorithm to make it even more accurate than it is," Singhal said.

As I said originally, "I suspect Google will continue to refine it based on feedback they get. Collateral damage is always part of this game."

So if you were hit by this, I'd suggest you let Google know by posting in the Google Webmaster Help forums. Google will use that data, amongst other examples, to tweak this content farm algorithm. Not only will it give Google more examples, it will give you some emotional support. As of right now, we have just under 200 responses to our were you impacted by the farmer update poll - so take the poll, so we can get more data.

Forum discussion at Sphinn & WebmasterWorld.

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03/02/2011 02:27 pm

So if you used to work for Wired, they can get your spammy farmy site back to the top of the search results by having them call Amit for you. Or if you are 'to big to fail' and are publicly listed then you don't have to worry because they don't want the SEC breathing down their neck. It's all starting to make sense now LOL

AJ Kohn

03/02/2011 05:43 pm

It's nice to see this but what else are they going to say when there's so much evidence that the Update took out as many good sites as bad. In fact, it's kind of interesting. This is the biggest update we've had in search since micro-blogging and social media became so ubiquitous. Back in the day, I'm not sure we'd have so much data, insight and shared stories to create a (fuzzy) picture of the impact. Google's working on tweaking it and that's good but I won't be holding my breath on the scope or speed of that effort. I'd also like to know more about this 'new' ex-Google panel being used to validate search quality. Is this really new? If so, how big is the panel? How were they recruited? Were they incentivized? Have they sampled out any potential bias? What type of queries were they asked to review? How many results per panel member? What kind of context were they given for this task?

Marc Peterson

03/02/2011 09:52 pm

It is very interesting to see all the big dogs that were drastically hurt by this update. Google's intent was to flush out all the content spammy but they ended up hurting very large online resources that are being punished for aggregating data and content. Consolidating content from various sources on the web is not always a bad thing in my opinion. Sites like and are in serious hot water from this update.


03/03/2011 05:57 am

Google is trying to get excuses for shattering content oriented websites .last updates is more than 200 big websites are in serious problem .

Sean Mae

03/03/2011 05:28 pm

Google is EVIL


03/06/2011 06:25 pm

Nice to know this is a "game" to Google because we, and many others like us, with 100% original content and a 100% eCommerce business, have had our lives financially destroyed by this with a 90-95% drop in business. We were a small shop (Dermapaw) dedicated to one product to help dogs and have been in business for almost 3 years and will now have to 'attempt' to find jobs. Thanks Google, I'm so glad you 'care'.

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