Googlers John Mueller & Matt Cutts Working On Christmas

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Working On ChristmasGooglers are known to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, they have been doing so for as long as I can remember.

I like to give kudos to some (not all) of the Googlers who spend the time to respond to webmaster and SEO questions on and during Christmas because they could easily be spending time with family and no one would complain.

John Mueller, aka JohnMu, replied to about a dozen threads between the 23rd and 26th of December. From wishing happy holidays to IP address questions and robots.txt issues. JohnMu is known to often be around helping webmasters on Christmas and New Years.

Matt Cutts made a rare appearance in the forums, he spends most of his time in other areas but came out on Christmas day to help webmasters. He posted in three different threads all on Christmas day.

Yes, there were other Googlers responding to questions in the other forums but I wanted to point out those answering SEO and webmaster questions.

Like I said, Googlers are known for working on the Christmas and New Years break. They did in 2010, New Years 2009 New Years 2008. Also Christmas 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006.

I won't be writing more stories here today - since it is a day off for most and the forums were pretty slow.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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David Amerland

12/27/2011 08:12 am

Googlers, generally, represent a work ethic which makes all netizens proud, particularly those of us who work online all year round.

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12/27/2011 08:57 am

 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is very important for everyone,not matter whether you have to work or not, save time to stay with you family.


12/27/2011 02:32 pm

Especially when they drive competitors to bankruptcy with illegal behavior and when they penalize you so their advertisers (brands) take the top spot. Or when they place so many ads that they take the first full page and make ads look like content for most people. Yeah, Googlers are so nice. The questions they answer are so dumb, they never help anyone.

David Amerland

12/27/2011 06:47 pm

I totally respect that you disagree here and my guess is that you have experienced adverse effects. Obviously the post is about a work ethic, one which I would hope even you would agree is admirable and in no way reflects upon the quality of the interaction. Google is a large company, its effects can be both good and bad depending upon perspective. The same can be said of the automotive industry (cars kill people). Thanks, at any rate, for taking the time to comment.


12/27/2011 11:09 pm

Cars kill people but not because car makers designed them on purpose to kill people more efficiently. Google is designed to illegally and immorally drive small sites out of business. Even Barry noticed it. Now stop replying unless you make sense.

David Amerland

12/27/2011 11:50 pm

You know, I think you just made the point for me: " Cars kill people but not because car makers designed them on purpose to kill people more efficiently." - Next time when you want to be taken seriously make sure you have your name and something logical to say. Quite frankly I am surprised you can read!

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