Google's 2010 Christmas Holiday Logo: 17 Portraits

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Today an hour ago, Google launched their holiday logo. Typically Google will launch the series on December 21st, but held off to launch it this morning as one logo with 17 logos within them. Here is a static image of the logo:

Google Holiday 2010

Here is a video of the logo:

As you can see, each image takes you to a special search query. The queries include St. Basil's Cathedral, Acropolis, Buche de Noel, pierogi, Great Wall of China, Mt. Fuji, Indian dance styles, Sahara desert, chili pepper, oud, Sydney Harbour, Venice gondolas, Nepal, Chilean vineyards, African kanga, Henna lamp, and Up on the housetop.

The Wall Street Journal has the story behind the logo reporting Google started working on it in June, with five designers and 250 hours of man hours. At first, the logo was suppose to be 17 different logos released over time throughout the days before the holiday. But Google decided to pull them all into one logo and make it interactive.

Christmas is just around the corner. Happy Holidays!

We will make sure to post the other search engine logos tomorrow morning.

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More logos from other search engines like Bing and Yahoo can be found here.

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12/23/2010 04:22 pm

Glad you managed to get the word "Christmas" in there......if you remember Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ on December 25...any year will do! That's it....all else is superfluous to requirement! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THOSE WHO REMEMBER.........and if you are shopping....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


12/23/2010 06:08 pm

Thanks for including "Nepal" on Logo...:)

12/24/2010 12:47 am

Wow, 250 hours. It's nice, but that's a lot of time...

Jurrell Kemp

12/24/2010 09:42 am

Maybe I need to put some more hours into my logo but I doubt if I get the same effect.


12/24/2010 09:46 pm

The humanists at Google are at it again.


12/26/2010 12:51 am

Google ignores the religion of over a billion people. Why?

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