Google Removed 350 Million Ads & Rejected 3 Million Publishers

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google-ad-integrity-logoGoogle announced on Friday their efforts to keep their ad network safe, in-line and trustworthy. They shared some pretty crazy stats on what that means for their ad network.

  • Removed 350 million bad ads in 2013
  • Disabled 270,000 advertisers in 2013
  • Blacklisted more than 200,000 total publisher pages
  • Disapproved 3,000,000 attempts to join AdSense
  • Disabled 250,000 publisher accounts

Google published this infographic to show their efforts in a friendly way:

click for full size

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Alexander Hemedinger

01/20/2014 02:11 pm

That's some really great stats! I am glad they continue to work on getting rid of the bad advertisements and people taking advantage of others using Google's advertising!


01/20/2014 02:47 pm

Makes my occasional ad disapproval for some minor oversight not feel so bad now.


01/20/2014 03:34 pm

Huge figures but that makes me think there must also be huge figures for those they didn't catch too.

CarLease UK

01/20/2014 03:34 pm

Got to agree with this policy, after all AdWords is no longer the poor relation in search, such a valuable asset should attract this type of critical analysis. It is easy to be relevant and accurate afterall.

David Beart

01/20/2014 05:11 pm

Though it is good to hear that Google “Disapproved 3,000,000 attempts to join AdSense”; it is disappointing that they continue to allow AdSense to be added to countless article marketing sites. Even more discouraging is many of these article marketing sites refuse to remove links/articles for webmasters or charge for article/link removal. It is well documented that Google likes/wants webmasters to fill their sites with original content; thus is makes no sense why they continue to support sites that are full of duplicate content.

Morgan Akchehirlian

01/20/2014 09:15 pm

Wow nice stats. I think mute ad is one of the indicator that Google use. No great help or specific answer from Google in past but it looks like Google is getting very specific. Stats, answers at webmaster forum and GWT search numbers.(All specific).

osman musa

01/21/2014 05:19 am

Adsense team and Matt Cutts team are 2 different entities that do their own thing. Countless people violate Matt Cutts team rules but you don't see Adsense banning them. A good example of this is Adsense telling me that something is wrong with my site, right after I was penalized by the team that handle web spam penalties etc. Adsense never said I am earning less now due to my penalty traffic loss.

Jitendra Vaswani

01/21/2014 05:26 am

Now it is tough to get adsense approval. Google now gone very strict in approving ads.

Soni Sharma

01/21/2014 08:15 am

I agree with this post. Google is very strict in Ads.

David Beart

01/21/2014 01:14 pm

And this is the route of the problem. Google could rid their directory of millions of sites if they quit handing out Adsense scripts out to garbage sites that break the rules laid out in GWT. Almost all the sites that we disavow for one reason or another are running Adsense.. thus if you turn of the stream of funds, many of these sites will disappear.

Egan Rao

01/23/2014 10:39 am

We are looking at one side here. A proper comparison should be measured against the total numbers of each category as mentioned.. e.g. 350 million ads over ??? total ads... and in comparison with 2012 2011 and so on.. Then, we can judge Google is a real advertiser's angel..


05/26/2014 04:06 pm

For a niche website, how can it grows traffic in a short time if it copies content from other website like

William MATAR

06/07/2014 07:09 pm

Thanks Google I love it

Marsha Mann

07/08/2014 02:33 pm

Yes I agree. I would like to hear from the other side.

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