Google AdWords Tests Off Pink Color

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Google AdWords ColorsTechno-Net informed me via Twitter that Google is testing yet another background color for the AdWords top ad spots.

This is not the first time they tried a purple or pink'ish color. In July 2010 they tested a pale purple color as a background image.

Currently, AdWords backgrounds are yellow, but here is what this off-pink color looks compared to the yellow.

Pale Pink:

Google AdWords Off Pink Color

Typical Yellow:

Adwords Yellow

For the previous color background choices either tested or tried by Google, see this post.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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05/28/2013 02:15 pm

How is this news, mine has been pink for a year, lol

Barry Schwartz

05/28/2013 02:15 pm

Sure it was.


05/28/2013 03:22 pm

These are way too subtle. I can barely tell the ads apart. I had to get a plugin to customize my CSS so that I could actually make them stand out better. (I suppose I could hide them as well.)


05/28/2013 03:56 pm

Ground breaking adwords news...

Theo Gulland

05/28/2013 04:11 pm

my monitor is terrible and I cant even see the pink... maybe they just want deceive even more?

Jim Christian

05/28/2013 05:51 pm

I'll leave it to you fine folks to pick this apart: Makes sense though. Aside from red being more difficult to see than yellow, Google wants you to react quicker to their ads, plain and simple. Next time you go in the cereal aisle look for the predominant color... red. Its by design, not coincidence.

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