Google AdWords New Ad Format Labeled "Ad"

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Google AdWords New Ad FormatSpotted by two of our readers, @adaircameron and @tecnonetblog, Google is showing a new ad format test for mobile AdWords ads.

This one is interesting because it shows the ad as a normal search results listing, i.e. no change in background color or format. But to differentiate the ad from the organic results, Google places a gold background rectangle with the word "Ad" in it.

Here is a picture from tecnonetblog:

Google AdWords New Ad Format

I am not sure if this will be going live to all mobile Google searchers or if this is just an early test.

Forum discussion on Twitter.

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09/13/2013 06:42 am

What difference would that make. Nothing i guess


09/16/2013 04:16 am

Exactly! of what use is separating organic results from ads using background colors?


11/01/2013 04:21 pm

Now that Google has rolled out this new format for all search ads this may very well change the way many women search.


11/17/2013 10:23 am

I have seen same Ad format even for desktop/laptop searches!

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