New: Google AdWords Shows Keyword That Triggered An Ad

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Google AdWords LogoGoogle has quietly launched a very important AdWords feature that lets advertiser learn the keyword the searcher queried in order to see that specific ad.

The added column lets you see the keyword that triggered your ad to show for a search. This column helps you see the keyword that matched someone's search and triggered your ad. You can use this information to improve your keyword list.

Here is what the column looks like:

Keyword Column

Googler, Jon Diorio, explained this new column gives you "finer-grained data on expansions."

To add it to your reports, On campaign tab, go to keywords . Under keywords details, choose "All". In the "columns" drop-down menu, click on "customize columns". Under "metrics" select "attribute", and click on "keyword."

Keyword Column

This seems incredibly useful to marketers.

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Gregg Banse

11/14/2012 01:46 pm

It's about time! Nice find Barry. Thanks.

Tim Barlow

11/14/2012 01:49 pm

And further adds to the "not provided" debate

Emma Puzylo

11/14/2012 02:03 pm

This extra column looks to only be for US accounts so far... has anyone seen this addition in the UK (Not counting the Search Query Reports that were already there) ?

Eric Scism

11/14/2012 02:41 pm

This is great. I love how they roll out changes and don't really publicize them... ugh... This is pretty sweet though, cuts down on digging through data to find the exact click work

Nick Craig

11/14/2012 03:10 pm

@twitter-77234401:disqus we've got this running on UK accounts....brilliant addition!

Cody Sharp

11/14/2012 03:48 pm

Not seeing this on our account yet (in the US).


11/14/2012 04:02 pm

Are you using the offline editor or the online account management?

Cody Sharp

11/14/2012 04:02 pm

The online version. I logged out and logged back in a few minutes ago but still not seeing it.


11/14/2012 04:33 pm

Yup, not seeing it either.


11/14/2012 05:10 pm

Nevermind, got it now. The instructions confused me.

The AdWords Guru

11/14/2012 06:24 pm

Thanks for the "Heads-Up" A great improvement. Less clicks to see the real search terms.

Michael Feiman

11/14/2012 08:40 pm

This is really useful, especially for any broad match keywords you use. Why Google makes these changes and doesn't announce them is beyond me. The same can be said for the recent addition of allowing users to filter out terms that have already been added (which was huge for negative keyword list building).

Michael Talburt

11/15/2012 09:27 am

Great job sir! The information is very helpful!


11/15/2012 10:33 pm

Weren't we already able to see the keywords which triggered ads via the keyword download tab?

Alicia Staz

11/16/2012 03:13 am

I think it is amazing that this specific info is available to Google's paid Adwords customers, but is a "privacy issue" with the "not provided" data out there. How do they seriously expect people to buy that?


11/19/2012 01:51 pm

Not available in the Netherlands for now

CarLease UK

04/11/2013 03:02 pm

Thanks for this article, it is useful functionality from Google!

John Carter

03/12/2014 05:10 am

Probably the biggest mistake people make when doing their own PPC advertising is choosing the wrong keywords just because they want to get traffic. A couple of things to know are 1) General keywords get lots of searches and traffic but are less qualified and less likely to buy. When you're paying for visitors, you want results, not just traffic. 2) The keywords that are being bid on must be extremely relevant to the product/services you are offering. If it was a retail store, would you want to pay for male motor bikers to walk into Victoria's secret? Nothing against bikers, it's just not the target market - and that's what happens when you bid on general, broad keywords. You get lots of untargeted visitors so your ROI doesn't work. If anybody wants help with this, call my buddy Simon here: 219-733-4687.


03/17/2014 10:55 am

Hi there I have tried to set this up but cannot find keyword in the custom columns. Is this functionality still available?

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