Google AdWords Account Audit

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Google AdWords Account AuditDid you know Google does AdWords audits on any AdWords management company they feel like?

According to the AdWords third-party policy, Google has the right to do these audits since April 2011. Google said:

Any third party who sells Google AdWords may be audited at Google’s discretion. Audits may be based on complaints that are received by Google or may be initiated by Google. Google may initiate audits beginning on April 1st, 2011, to give third parties sufficient time to prepare.

I like it! But it is a lot of work on the AdWords consultants side of things?

A WebmasterWorld thread has one AdWords consultant who was audited about 9 months ago. He said it was a very easy process where he had to "fill in an online form and attached a sample client report for them to review. " He had about 2-3 weeks to fill out the form to be in compliance with AdWords' terms. Then a couple weeks after filling out and submitting the form, Google responded that all was good and he was in compliance.

Have you been audited by Google for the campaigns you manage for third-party companies? Is it as bad as IRS audits?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/24/2012 03:30 pm

I've just been audited - simple 5 minute job, no muss no fuss.

Scott Thomas

05/24/2012 03:51 pm

We just got the audit notice this week. Very simple process.


05/24/2012 03:52 pm

We got one of the Audit announcement too.. with instructions Just a note many Adwords Advertisers will need to put a copy on your website of the third party partners text - And get ready to send samples of your standard reports (Pretty heavy handed) Put the link on the Footer of The Homepage your site. (


05/24/2012 03:59 pm

Nope, but I remember the days when Yahoo reps would go into search accounts and perform "optimizations" without notice. Typically they just added a bunch of irrelevant keywords. I'm glad that isn't the direction Google is going.


05/25/2012 08:50 pm

I think the main reason Google is doing this is because many third party vendors were (and continue to) inflate click charges & hiding the real cost per click from the customer. These scammers have made a boatload of cash ripping people off and harming the integrity plus reputation of paid search advertising in general. It will be interesting to see what happens when Google starts auditing IP addresses, matching payment info to account credit card holders, monitoring account access locations and documenting verbal confirmations from business owners. This will be the end of the 3rd parties that are currently getting around the rules.


05/31/2012 08:46 pm

What's everyone's favorite method for sending customer's automated reports with required data?

Rori Stumpf

07/18/2012 01:57 pm

We got an audit notice yesterday. It took 15 minutes to confirm compliance, fill out the form and send report samples. Hopefully that's all that is required. It is a minor inconvenience, but if it helps weed out shady operators, that's good.

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