Google Advisor: AdWords Comparison Ads

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Google AdvisorLast week, Google launched a new service named Google Advisor.

The tool lets you compare rates for mortgages, credit cards, CDs, or checking and savings accounts. The data comes from several places including the controversial AdWords comparison ads program. The AdWords blog said that comparison ads are still limited to only a select number of hand picked advertisers. Google added:

Today, we're excited to announce the launch of Google Advisor, our new user-friendly interface for comparison offers, including AdWords Comparison Ads. Google Advisor is a consumer destination site that helps to guide users through various financial decisions by making it even easier to find and compare relevant offers from qualified financial institutions.

Google Advisor contains offers that come from our Comparison Ads advertisers as well as other sources across the web. By aggregating the most relevant offers and making it easy for users to filter and compare them side-by-side, Google Advisor aims to make financial research faster and easier.

This comes a few months after Google acquired, which they banned days later.

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Craig Desmarais

05/23/2011 01:13 pm

I will be using this for sure since I am looking for a duplex and want to make sure I have the best deal possible!


05/24/2011 12:25 pm

Comparison only in US? how about other countries?

Barry Schwartz

05/24/2011 12:29 pm

only US for now.

Paul Morris

05/29/2011 04:57 pm

read my article at where i discuss the 'fact' that Google is trying to take over the world and after moving into other major market sectors e.g. travel via its ITA purchase means it will one day own the world and then make us pay through the nose to use it. Google will pretend to treat everyone equally however secretly flounce the SERPS by inflating the rankings of their own services and banning any competitor who even brushed past a paid link. They will have to be careful and ensure they do not bite the hand(s) that feed as the likes of Money Supermarket,  Go Compare, Compare the Market and Confused will not be happy. Each spend £10’s million per year on PPC and have spent £10’s millions on brand/ offline advertising making them household names hence they are in powerful positions. 

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