Does The Google AdSense Scorecard Have Value?

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Google AdSense logoIn June, Google launched the AdSense score card and since then it has been taking up space on the front page after you log into your Google AdSense account.

It acts as a health check and optimization check list to improve your AdSense earnings. But some publishers have seen this as a waste of time and a distraction to fully optimizing your earnings with Google AdSense.

In fact, a WebmasterWorld thread has one publisher concerned about what he perceives as a "Health" report on the site. Where seasoned AdSense publishers tell him to "ignore it completely" because it is "not a 100% accurate." Even so, many say they "never pay attention to it."

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Glen Craig

08/05/2013 01:43 pm

It's not really useful since it doesn't seem to update at all. I had an issue with my server a little while back and as a result my scorecard says there are issues with pagespeed and crawler errors. Fair enough. But the issue has been fixed on my site for a while and the scores haven't changed.


08/05/2013 03:38 pm

It certainly needs some work to be useful. It tells me there are crawler errors on sites that I don't own and which are not on my authorized list. (I also get alerts telling me that my ads have shown up on sites I don't authorize like It doesn't seem to know if I have added the +1 button (I haven't). It only gives me a warning about it sometimes. The speed analysis is only for one page and not a very high earning page either. It would be much better to have speed analysis for at least a dozen pages, chosen for diversity (using different templates).


08/05/2013 03:41 pm

No value at all. I have over 50 sites in my adsense account and they vary greatly.. and I have no idea which site it's talking about on some of the recommendations. Others, are just pointless. Of course I could make more if I changed my 728X90 ad to a 300X300 ad, but that would require a total site re-design, so no thanks.


08/05/2013 03:58 pm

Deceptive and insincere information. Deceptive since using text and image ads very often lowers revenue. Insincere since they are only recommending Google+. If Google was sincere about using social networking to increase AdSense revenue, then they would also scan for Facebook, Twitter, and other social network links that people are actually using. It also does not check for addthis or sharethis, which include Google+ links.

Karl-Heinz Müller

08/05/2013 10:05 pm

No value at all. It randomly pops up some issues. Trying to verify such an issue? No chance. Examples: Not allowing image ads which was not true; crawler errors which was not verifiable at least webmaster tools and Adsense crawler report don't show any crawler issues; page speed issues which also was not true. So, I started to ignore them even when there is displayed such a disturbing red arrow.


08/06/2013 12:06 pm

image/flash ads is good way to decrease your revenue. Because only 1 ads, when 4 text ads people will see in normal way. Also image/flash ads is usually very low quality

Article Chase

12/09/2013 03:21 pm

LOL I clearly have the Google+ button at but the scorecard states one rating point. *facepalm*

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