Google's AdSense Banning & Appeal Process Get Better

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Google AdSense logoGoogle announced they are making changes to the AdSense to the process they use to suspend and ban publishers, as well as the appeal process.

The changes include:

(1) Google will look at the age and tenure of the publisher and may only suspend instead of terminate the publisher while working with that publisher to fix the issue.

(2) A new and more detailed appeals form was created to make the appeal process easier.

(3) Google will provide more transparency with more details on invalid activity's causes via email and the AdSense console.

(4) They expanded their AdSense Academy.

(5) Google launched a new series of videos for this specific topic. Here is the first video:

It seems as if publishers are optimistic of these changes.

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Lyndon NA

12/07/2012 01:56 pm

Only two things can be said; 1) Good 2~) About time I cannot believe the way G have treated some of the longer term/established/reputed publishers over the years. Hopefully this will help prevent such things in the future.


12/07/2012 02:07 pm

What I want to know is will they be allowing previously banned publishers back into the scheme after so long for "another chance"? I was banned without good reason because they didn't bother to review my side of the story. I was accused of clicking my own links, but I never did this because it was against the rules and I knew it. What I think happened is that because I was browsing from the same IP the site was hosted on (I hosted on my broadband for a while) they thought I was clicking the links. I signed up a 2nd time under a new address and new site since it was completely unrelated to the first incident and was many years later. I was making a nice sum of £20 a day due to such high traffic to my site of 5 years. After 3 days I was tipped off by a member of my site that someone was clicking ads deliberately to try and get me banned. Under their own rules you must tell them if you suspect this is happening, so I did. The next day I was banned from adsense and was told I was "a risk to advertisers"... How was this my fault exactly? It can happen to anyone. I don't think it should be that easy for an outsider to get someone banned. Some people rely on that income to help run their business or indeed to pay for their rent, etc. Their system correctly identified the clicks as invalid and discounted them appropriately, yet they still banned me! They need to start listening to people and their side of the story. Is it any wonder the stories you hear result in people calling them fraudsters and scum when they don't listen?


12/07/2012 07:34 pm

I'm the last person to defend Google, but I wouldn't believe your explanation either.


12/09/2012 09:48 am

What the folks that have been ALREADY banned. Any way to RE-appeal? And be RE-considered?


12/09/2012 10:52 am



12/09/2012 07:00 pm

I got banned, then got reinstated, lost 7K USD in the process.


12/09/2012 09:45 pm

Are u bald under your little hat thing you wear mate?


12/10/2012 01:36 pm

Why wouldn't you believe it? I'm not one to lie about these things. The fact that I got banned for something like that makes me wonder what policies Google even have regarding these incidents.

Greg Childs

12/12/2012 05:16 am

That's all well and good for invalid activity issues, but I've been waiting 6 months for a response on reconsideration for a suspension due to a minor infraction (that was remedied the day of notification). We're a long-term publisher with big traffic numbers and quality, active content. Not having assigned Account Representatives for solid producers seems, to me, to be counter-intuitive.

Google Sucks

01/17/2013 05:53 pm

I've been with adsense since it started. They just banned my account, and did not give me a reason. I submitted a reconsideration request and they replied they were keeping my account banned and could not give me a reason. This is ridiculous, I will not use Google for anything any longer. I am now a Bing user.

Lacey Ricci

01/29/2013 02:16 pm

Sorry Barry, but doesn't look like anything has changed. My account just got banned even after appeal with no explanation after almost 3 years of good standing. Google AdSense program is SERIOUSLY FLAWED in this regard.

Louis Mingüey

03/22/2013 07:41 am

BULLSHIT. 100%. It is as bad if not worst.

Shazida Khatun

07/12/2013 12:56 pm

Purely bullshit announcement from Google as per information says that they have no changes on policy , just fooling ....

Knut Holt

08/04/2013 06:39 am

Why care about Google at all. It does not pay off. It is as simple as that.

Thomas Bodetti

08/27/2013 01:36 pm

The biggest problem with Google Ad-sense account banning or disabled accounts is that they have outsourced the process, they pay on a performance scale, if invalid activity is not detected then payments and revenue go down. What this means is that instead of a valid review process, what has happened is that when in doubt they disable and ban. This is a bad thing not only because along with the bad players, many good guys and good publishers are getting banned. "Throwing the baby out with the bathwater" So, now you have a situation where Google is completely out of the loop and has no idea this is even going on. You cant contact them, there are no phone numbers, all you can do is fill out a form and someone in another nation "who more than likely does not even read English well" reviews and denies your appeal. Why? Because they are afraid that if they make a mistake revenue will drop and they will get fired. The process is fixed but in the long run it is creating a generation that does not trust Google and for good reason. The truly sad thing here is that in a few more years, Google will begin to see this bad choice in public relations and negative review and appeal diaster process take its toll. The simple reason why this is true is that the younger generation will begin to move into business positions, this will effect the way that Google business customers choose to advertise. If a college student who was banned unfairly, later becomes the vice president of operations and that man or woman remembers how unfairly they were treated and trust me on this they will, then you have a situation where that company will choose to advertise anywhere else but on Google. This means that Google is being very stupid, will they wake up?

Angry Website Owner!

11/03/2013 02:32 pm

Please delete this hypocrital post! Google is a just an electronic bully! I got google adsense account approved and within 3 days got banned - I had not even had time to create or generate any Google code - It's a horrible victimising system. How can you ban one for invalid activity when I have not even began using your services! Best thing is to go find direct advertisement and know what you earn NOT waiting to get screwed by this goliath and I hope one day a david comes around to fall it! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don't say their system is now transparent! It's one sided, lopsided!


02/18/2014 08:34 am

Hi johan can you tell me what you write in the appeal form

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