Google Issuing Warnings For Blocking AdSense Ads

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Google AdSense logoGoogle has time and time again warned publishers that blocking ads will result in lower ad income. That is nothing new.

But now when some publishers are blocking ads, Google is issuing a warning in the AdSense account telling them they are making a grave mistake.

The warning says, "You have rejected ad requests, which will result in lost revenue."

A publisher posted the warning in a WebmasterWorld thread saying:

When you click on the details link - it says "Rejected ad requests"

Ad unit "UNIT NAME" has been shown on "Incorrect sites", and the site is: ""

This user is really not sure why he received this message and he is worried.

Is this a bug or a real warning?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/18/2012 02:47 pm

I think that this has to be a bug because telling someone 'WILL RESULT' is much different than telling them 'MAY RESULT'. I don't think Google would use this type of language because there is no way to predict the financial outcome. Even if they have done comparisons, they still cannot know 100% that blocking certain ads WILL result in lost revenue. Nonetheless, the website content belongs to the owner and they should be able to choose the ads that they want to be associated with their pages, and content. There are NUMEROUS ads that are inappropriate for certain topics of a website. When Google was basing ads served on content, we didn't seem to have so many issues. I think there is an issue with too many webpages vs not enough ads to go around. Google also encourages site owners to advertise through Adsense. But not everyone has a product to sell; they rely on ads for income to support their work.

Jesse Rees

07/18/2012 03:49 pm

Why would you stop advertising for people on adwords unless you had data proving you didn't get clicks? Without knowing the CTR I would never turn down an advertiser. Jesse Rees

Kevin Gerding

07/18/2012 08:26 pm

Jesse, if they were your competitors you probably would. :) Well, I do at least. I'm not a big fan of Adsense because they include too many generic filler ads (bulk buys) from Amazon, eBay, etc. Those get blocked because they are of limited value to my visitors.


07/19/2012 01:11 am

Jesse I am both and adsense publisher and an adwords advertsiser and I can tell you, there are ads you want to to block. We advertsisers are not always looking for clicks. If you have a catchy/flashy ad that tells the story without someone actually having to click on the ad then your adverising spend goes right down with just as good or better return. This is an old advertisers trick. Microsoft are masters of this method, look at their ads.


07/19/2012 12:56 pm

Stopped using adsense long time ago....not really worth the money or the headache....

Chankey Pathak

08/28/2012 07:16 am

I'm using document.location for the solution as Google suggested.


09/03/2012 10:39 am

+1 Hell lot of restrictions so called their policies ... After stop using adsense , i am fully concentrating on site design and performance..

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