Google Ads Everywhere: *Evil Laugh*

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Minority-Report-adsA few days ago, Google scared the world when the SEC report revealed Google that Google wants to place ads everywhere.

In fact, one of the items listed was placing ads in thermostats, and that created a whole big scare around their purchase of Nest. Google clarified they won't be putting ads in Nest, despite all the jokes from the industry that they would. But they won't.

But they will likely put ads in Google Glass, watches, cars, fridges and anywhere else their connected devices can reach.

Google said in the SEC filing they expect ads to go in more mobile devices and the definition of mobile device will expand. Google wrote:

We expect the definition of “mobile” to continue to evolve as more and more “smart” devices gain traction in the market. For example, a few years from now, we and other companies could be serving ads and other content on refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities.

As one WebmasterWorld member said, "Minority Report... here we come..."

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the alive network

05/23/2014 12:32 pm

I hope they make t-shirts display ads, I want to see Matt Cutts do a video about the evils of buying backlinks while his t-shit advertises Fiverr backlink gigs, priceless!!


05/23/2014 02:45 pm

Ads in your toilet, because that's where this is going. Think of all the people that just sit on the toilet for hours playing games.

Gareth Mailer

05/23/2014 03:12 pm

What's wrong with this? We all accept the approach: 'yes, we will give you ALL of our data, browsing habits and proclivities if you give us nice shiny things like Google +, YouTube and GMail to play with'. Yet, when it comes down to financing those services, we have an issue with it? Can any of us reasonably or genuinely say that if we were in Google's position that we wouldn't act in our own self-interest and make as much money as possible, also? They can place Ads wherever they like, as far as I'm concerned. I don't have to click them, I don't have to use their services. I think if anyone holds a contrary opinion, they can use any one of Blekko, Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo etc.

Michael Martinez

05/23/2014 03:19 pm

"Ads in your toilet, because that's where this is going..." Actually, that has already been tried (several times). I am sure it will be attempted again.


05/23/2014 04:03 pm

Yeah, I've seen it public places but at home's where the money's at. I'm tellin' ya. Just imagine paying for your new bathroom or kitchen by having ads all over the place. Making your morning cup of coffee? Why not try a new roast advertised on your coffee maker? It's great! Everyone will love it!


05/23/2014 05:08 pm

I see no problem with this. Google's Ad business makes premium services free and accessible to the masses. Gmail, Maps, Drive, Analytics, the list goes on for a long time. There will always be an ad-free option for those who want to pay. I think the market has proven that people are willing to trade invasion of their privacy with ads, for access to high-quality free services.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

05/24/2014 09:34 am

Maybe they could put ads in hearing aids and medical implants or even transmitters in birds. Then we could have the joy of Google without the pesky need to search for what we want. They know best.

F1 Steve

05/24/2014 11:32 am

>Google's position that we wouldn't act in our own self-interest and make as much money as possible

Gareth Mailer

05/25/2014 04:10 am

I don't think I'm arguing that there are more important things in life than money? Bit of an assumption on your part... The point is: blame the game, not the player. Some in our society seem so determined to do the latter. We all play by the same rules yet have an issue with them when they don't bend to suit our own narrow self-interest.

F1 Steve

05/25/2014 08:55 am

The assumption was your idea we would do all the same in googles shoes! No we wouldn't, 54 billion per year would be enough for most of us here and many would do more good with the money than invest in tax avoidance schemes, and the holy grail so he can live forever(larry,) and continue his whore mongering lifestyle! Of course many people will agree, 54 billion is not enough, most likely CEOs, lawyers and others with an undiagnosed mental syndrome where they lack empathy and compassion for others and are empty on the inside :)

Isha Chopra

05/26/2014 11:18 am

There should not be having any problem with this. Google has been very much successful in winning hearts of searchers, mail users & video watchers etc.

Don Cherry

05/30/2014 09:13 pm

I used to like Google, but they really have upped the evil in the last year and they keep taking fundamentals out of their products [inbox in gmail + text message program and dailer in kitkat now trying to be social network programs etc.] Dont mess with fundamenals Dont be evil... please thanks.

TheeDesign Studio

06/05/2014 02:19 pm

They really need better detection of fraudulent/miss clicks before this happens. I can see it now, oh you wanted ice from your fridge, I'm sorry you just clicked an ad and cost a company $10, and now you have to close this window before you get ice.

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