Google Turns 15 Years Old

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Today is Google's birthday, they are now 15 years old. I am currently offline today, so I am not able to check out the Google Doodle (Google Logo) for the day but I have a strong feeling it will look like the cupcake and images used in the 15K race.

Petra Cross, Google's Google engineer and a photographer named this picture of a cupcake she had on September 24th, 3 days before the birthday, to celebrate Google's birthday:

Google's 15th Birthday Cupcakes

A few days before that, Google's Mike Pegg, a Product Marketing Manager, posted a picture of his Google 15 hat and runner sign for the Google Birthday 15K run. Here is that picture:

Google's 15th Birthday Race

The 15th birthday logo should be live on and also archived at

Update: here is the 15th birthday logo:

click for full size

History Of Google Birthday Logos:

Google's 14th Birthday Logo:

Google Birthday 14th Logo

Google's 13th Birthday Logo:

Google's 13th Birthday Logo

Google's 12th Birthday Logo:

Google's 12th Birthday Logo

Google's 11th Birthday Logo:

Google's 11th Birthday Logo

Google's 10th Birthday Logo:

Google's 10th Birthday Logo

Google's 9th Birthday Logo:

Google's 9th Birthday Logo

Google's 8th Birthday Logo:

Google's 8th Birthday Logo

Google's 7th Birthday Logo:

Google's 7th Birthday Logo

Google's 6th Birthday Logo:

Google's 6th Birthday Logo

Google's 5th Birthday Logo:

Google's 5th Birthday Logo

Google's 4th Birthday Logo:

For the past year birthday logos, see the 14th birthday, 13th birthday, 12th birthday, 11th birthday, the 10th also, 9th, 8th, the 7th and 6th. The 7th and 6th were celebrated on different days than the later ones, due to there being confusion on when Google's real birthday is.

Happy Birthday Google!

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Soni Sharma

09/27/2013 01:08 pm

Happy B'day Google...


09/27/2013 04:12 pm

it was good 13 years of google, but last 2 is something very very wrong is going on.


09/27/2013 05:58 pm

I couldn't care less about the Google's Birthday.


09/27/2013 07:22 pm

Thank you Google ! 15 years things have changed a bit but still i laugh all the way to my bank with your algorithm ! :)

Stephane Brault

09/27/2013 08:27 pm

They say the average business lifespan is 5 years. Oh well...

Craig Hamilton-Parker

09/27/2013 09:33 pm

Teenage angst for all.

Friv Jogos

09/28/2013 03:11 am

Congratulations on 15 years of google what hope can bring us better again.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

09/28/2013 09:59 am

Hoping that the launch of Hummingbird launched on 15th birthday will help my website.


09/28/2013 01:54 pm

No Craig, it will not.

Craig Hamilton-Parker

09/28/2013 04:11 pm

I like the theory of it - trying to find answers to questions, if I understand it properly. My site content sections iare basically answers to questions rather than keyword themed articles. I can live in hope I guess....


09/28/2013 04:45 pm

ethalon described problems with your website. Algo can't solve them. Even, if new algo will bring visitors, they will leave. If they leave, then website is bad - no more visitors from algo. Your website must be totally redone. Not to mention, that your niche is very limited in XXI century. Not a lot of people will return anyway. It was good in sixties, not now ) Anyway, there are a bunch of problems with your website, that algo can't solve.

Morgan Akchehirlian

09/28/2013 05:29 pm

I am expected Barry to be part of the Google gathering on their 15th birthday.Danny covered whole occasion quite nicely. HummingBird I think it all started one month back but still Google is not specific for this change.We all have to keep guessing.


09/28/2013 06:48 pm

Hummingbird was launched on Google's 15th birthday! I hope this may helps in getting over my website problems and may get good results....

Craig Hamilton-Parker

09/28/2013 08:06 pm

Yes I agree and am working on all the issues that Ethalon kindly highlighted.

Yo Mamma

09/30/2013 12:24 pm

Teenage suicide is on the rise. Maybe Google doesn't survive into old age

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