Last Day For Yahoo Site Explorer

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Yahoo Site Explorer DeadToday is the last day you will be able to use Yahoo Site Explorer.

Yahoo announced late on Friday that they are closing it down today, November 21st. They said:

With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo!. Site Explorer services will not be available from November 21, 2011.

This comes with no surprise. Yahoo notified everyone that it would happen this year but since today is the day, it is some what of a shocker that it has finally happened. It is basically the last nail in the coffin for Yahoo Search.

Site Explorer was launched in 2005 as one of Tim Mayer's babys at Yahoo. I personally am very sad to see it go, but I am sure it upsets Tim a bit more.

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Update: As of Tuesday, November 22nd, it is now closed and here is what the closure page looks like:

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11/21/2011 01:40 pm

:( booooooooooooooooooooooo

Scott Milsom

11/21/2011 02:16 pm

A sad day. I have been using this for years to find link opportunities.


11/21/2011 02:18 pm

I suggest taking a look at .. seems to be a free alternative to YSE


11/21/2011 02:36 pm

Nice tool but has a very limited index. They may benefit from that open source index running on amazon.

David Carley

11/21/2011 03:21 pm

Yahoo! site explorer is another one of those great web tools that we'll have to find a replacement for, because Google's link count is up and down like a Bride's nightie!


11/21/2011 04:37 pm

awww bye bye bye quick link check! ahoy to the majstic seo bouys!

ipad 2 keyboard

11/21/2011 07:47 pm

I was noticing lately Yahoo Site Explorer was not updating a lot anymore for my new backlinks. It was fantastic some time ago. Still, I am sad it is going..


11/22/2011 02:22 am

  I knew this was going to happen, but I am still sad to see it go. I think that they could have left it up and running. I am not a fan of bings tools, but I guess I will have to adjust to it.

Dan Whitehouse

11/22/2011 12:37 pm

Tools don't help. Gotta have mad skills. 

Rakhi Chowdhary

11/22/2011 02:02 pm

I would like to know that from now in Bing webmaster tool we will see traffic and complete detail from both major search engines, so will the result be shown separately that this was searched in Bing and this keyword was searched in Yahoo, visitors from Yahoo and number of visitors from Bing.


11/22/2011 02:35 pm

No surprise here. it was time for it to go anyway.


11/22/2011 05:08 pm

Yes sad day, but lets see what thy will do with bing, maybe now bing webmasters will be even better.


11/22/2011 05:46 pm

Majestic will make millions now!

David Eaves

11/22/2011 07:48 pm

Nightmare, SEOmoz's open site explorer isn't too bad but it needs to update more often, I like to be able to find out how many links my linkbaits get a few days after they are published.

Bill Nad

11/22/2011 09:47 pm

I just got the email from Majestic, yep they are the only real competition except for open site explorer. Should be interesting to see how this changes trends in search optimizing, as our keywords and apparent site influence as well as back link targets may change with the move to new metrics tools like Majestic

Sana Tariq

11/23/2011 06:34 am

its really bad news,, Yahoo Site explorere is one of the big name in market, please guide me about its alternatives 

Spark Infosys

11/23/2011 06:44 am

bad news

John Glover

11/23/2011 07:59 am

Was wondering if this closure could have anything with a majority of my backlinks disappearing.


11/23/2011 10:21 am

Does DA and PA Seomoz parameters have all it takes to replace YSE? Guys, I'll really appreciate your inputs!


11/23/2011 10:22 am

forgot the URL:

Morgan the bankruptcy lawyer

11/23/2011 01:44 pm

Any one know and other good sites to check back links

Tufail Shahzad

11/23/2011 07:18 pm

Barry can you suggest any other tool just like to Yahoo Site Explorer?

Dewaldt Huysamen

11/24/2011 09:55 am and type /domainlinks

Tufail Shahzad

11/24/2011 12:57 pm

Thank you, will check it out!

Thera Huang

11/28/2011 10:04 am

it pains me .....

Rachel Green

12/02/2011 10:49 am

i have an existing yahoo site explorer account with yahoo email but this is not working now.  I cant login with that email dress. Any solution to that??  do my existing account still considered with this new webmaster tool or do i have to create new account and  submit the sites again?? 

Site Explorer

01/15/2012 06:55 am

It seems there are more alternatives to YSE than many realized, and more are coming to the foreground by the week.  We took a look at a the major players here and have about 5 or so additional backlink tools and services yet to review. I think a feature matrix will help clear things up a little bit in terms of how the competition stacks up compared to the original tried and true Y! Site Explorer.

Zhou Yaya

04/01/2013 09:10 am

It is not a good day, but there are many tools can replace yahoo site explorer, can do that, and i think it is more better.

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