Google's New Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool

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Google AdWords Copy/PasteGoogle announced on Google+ a new AdWords tool for determining the attributions that lead to your conversion. The tool is named the Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool.

The Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool offers five models for assigning value to the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that lead to conversions. While most advertisers assign the last click to the conversion, that might not be a true value.

The attribution models included in the Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool are:

  • Last Click model Last click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the last-clicked keyword
  • First Click model icon First click: Gives all credit for the conversion to the first-clicked keyword
  • Linear model icon Linear: Distributes the credit for the conversion equally across all clicks on the path
  • Time Decay model icon Time decay: Gives more credit to clicks that happened closer in time to the conversion
  • Position Based model icon Position-based: Gives 40% of credit to both the first- and last-clicked keyword, with the remaining 20% spread out across the other clicks on the path


AdWords said on Google+:

Use this tool to examine five different attribution models in AdWords to better understand how different bids for undervalued keywords can help you reach customers earlier in the purchase journey, driving even more conversions.

We’re working hard on attribution-related features to help you better measure the value of your AdWords advertising. Stay tuned!

More details over here.

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Jerry Nordstrom

02/16/2014 02:03 am

This is so awesome, this kind of evaluation many PPC managers had to develop on their own. Google has once again created a report in Google Analytics that many PPC advertisers greatly appreciate. I attribute that to paying attention to social media.

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