Facebook IPO: Zuckerberg's $499,999 Salary Cut

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Facebook IPOAs expected, Facebook filed their IPO registration with the SEC.

The numbers are fascinating, and I was tweeting some of it. We posted some nice charts on the numbers and Danny did the S-1 review at Marketing Land.

  • 2011 $3.7 Billion In Revenue
  • 2011 $1 Billion In Net Income
  • 12% Of That Revenue Came From Zynga
  • Mark Zuckerberg salary for 2012 is $500,000 and for 2013 is $1.00
I am not going to go through all the numbers, there are tons of headlines on Techmeme that cover all of that. But Facebook did some up their user numbers in this nice graphic:

Facebook IPO Stats

So will you be buying into the IPO?

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02/02/2012 01:45 pm

A lot of people like to throw around the notion that "The thing with facebook is at some point something newer, slicker, better will come along, we hope, which will turn fb into the new MySpace" While we don't know that for sure, it seems like that is what people are pushing for, which is why Google+ got all the hype that it did. So do you buy in now? see how long the ride lasts?  It doesn't seem like a sure or safe bet in the long term.  In the short term however I am sure the stock will go through the roof. 

Victor Stanescu

02/03/2012 01:12 pm

These are some huge numbers!  But still Facebook will be a highly risky investment, I mean that for the average joe. Facebook will still make a lot of money, but for the special few ;) http://www.vectorash.ro/facebook-secrets-ipo/


02/06/2012 04:33 am

Buy in now and see the results but be caution? Many sites came and sold or drop slowly. Are you sure or safe in the long term but short term everyone work very hard for it. In the short term, I am sure but money in the stock. Big enjoyment.

Get Likes For Facebook

02/07/2012 02:53 pm

seem to be very long if we are talking about how much Facebook income. from day to day continued to increase and become greater business opportunities.

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