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Duplicate Content & SEOThere is an outstanding post by Dr. Pete on SEOmoz named Duplicate Content in a Post-Panda World.

The article isn't really Panda specific, but it talks about duplicate content issues in 2011, which is the year of Panda.

Here is the outline, but make sure to check out the article:

I. What Is Duplicate Content?
II. Why Do Duplicates Matter?
(1) The Supplemental Index
(2) The Crawl "Budget"
(3) The Indexation "Cap"
(4) The Penalty Debate
(5) The Panda Update
III. Three Kinds of Duplicates
(1) True Duplicates
(2) Near Duplicates
(3) Cross-domain Duplicates
IV. Tools for Fixing Duplicates
(1) 404 (Not Found)
(2) 301 Redirect
(3) Robots.txt
(4) Meta Robots
(5) Rel=Canonical
(6) Google URL Removal
(7) Google Parameter Blocking
(8) Bing URL Removal
(9) Bing Parameter Blocking
(10) Rel=Prev & Rel=Next
(11) Syndication-Source
(12) Internal Linking
(13) Don't Do Anything
V. Examples of Duplicate Content
(1) "www" vs. Non-www
(2) Staging Servers
(3) Trailing Slashes ("/")
(4) Secure (https) Pages
(5) Home-page Duplicates
(6) Session IDs
(7) Affiliate Tracking
(8) Duplicate Paths
(9) Functional Parameters
(10) International Duplicates
(11) Search Sorts
(12) Search Filters
(13) Search Pagination
(14) Product Variations
(15) Geo-keyword Variations
(16) Other "Thin" Content
(17) Syndicated Content
(18) Scraped Content
(19) Cross-ccTLD Duplicates
VI. Which URL Is Canonical?
VII. Tools for Diagnosing Duplicates
(1) Google Webmaster Tools
(2) Google's Site: Command
(3) SEOmoz Campaign Manager
(4) Your Own Brain


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Extreme Videos

11/22/2011 03:45 pm

This looks fairly conclusive to me, we all know the significant damage duplicate content can do to our websites, although sometimes its simply impossible to have completely unique content throughout. I suppose its a case of time and dedication to your site.

multilingual seo

11/30/2011 10:56 am

After Google Panda update avoid from spammer only limited and original sites shown on top ten illegal sites don't update easily.    when next update will be launch what is the name of next search engine restriction may be irrelevant ignore for all times.


05/28/2012 10:09 am

After talking to a specialist from an affordable SEO company, I have finally realized the importance of original content in SEO. If you want to be invincible despite these Google updates, you have to maintain an original content all the time.

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