Dilbert On Search Keyword Research

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A Dilbert cartoon from last week talks about the process of doing and delivering keyword research to your client or boss. It is kind of funny, here is the strip:

Dilbert On Search Keyword Research

The SEO Says:

I did A-B testing and found the search terms that bring the most people to our site.

The most effective search terms are "wingless skunk"," "junkyyard snack," and "planned injury."

Then Topper comes in to top him:

Well, Duh! You could have just asked me.

I assume most SEOs can relate?

That being said, Antony Jackson spotted this and posted it on Google+ asking "Is that meant to be Barry Schwartz or Bill Slawski?" Ha, I doubt it is any of us, but the best SEOs do have goatees.

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Alexander Hemedinger

03/18/2014 01:11 pm

I have a full beard, do I count? :)

Barry Schwartz

03/18/2014 01:11 pm

No! :-)

Alexander Hemedinger

03/18/2014 01:13 pm

Lol. Epic response. Going on Twitter now. ;)


03/18/2014 04:15 pm

I love when the Dilbert comics cover SEO! The only problem is that A/B Testing is not used to determine the keywords that bring the most people to the website. Google Analytics is. A/B Testing is used to test different versions of pages against each other to see how well they convert the visitor that has already landed on the page after they have long since passed the search query to the search engine. And just as I'm hitting send I realize that pretty much 99.9% of SEroundtable's audience already gets this, so I'll just show myself out...


03/18/2014 04:55 pm

Does this mean I should grow a goatee?

Alexander Hemedinger

03/18/2014 07:27 pm

Don't grow a full beard. ;)

Emma Bertouche

03/19/2014 11:41 am

"but the best SEOs do have goatees"... particularly the women.

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