Google's Cutts Goes Offline For A Month?!

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no internetIf there is a hell in this world, I'd imagine it would be a place without internet, no LTE, no email, no web, no blogging, etc. Now, it appears Google's Matt Cutts just went there for the past 30 days or so.

Late December, Matt said his next 30 day challenge would be to take a break from internet for a full week and then limit his time with emails, social networks, news sites and so forth for the whole month.

It seems he was successful. He has no blog posts, no Tweets, no Google+ posts and has not sent me an email the whole month.

I find it crazy but hey, I guess it was a challenge he needed to beat.

A few more days and I suspect Matt will be back online.

Folks are already asking about him and want him to spend more time with the webmaster community in 2013, not less.

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Chris Ainsworth

01/29/2013 01:36 pm

I'd like to take Google offline for 30 days and see how the world reacts to that!


01/29/2013 03:49 pm

Who are you trying to fool Barry Schillartz? Matt is taking these thirty days to find and punch the children of webmasters in the face. Anyone with a pair of eyes can see this!!1!


01/29/2013 03:51 pm

Except for the children of webmasters, they can't see anything now because Matt punched them in the face.

Gregory Smith

01/29/2013 04:01 pm

You should "try" to start adding more value to your posts. Short content won't rank well.

Gregory Smith

01/29/2013 04:02 pm

Right! Our kids won't have a damn chance ....

Gregory Smith

01/29/2013 04:02 pm

amen lol


01/29/2013 04:17 pm

Have you seen the fists on Matt? That man could punch your child directly in the face from twenty paces. Fists like a meteor on that guy.

Joe Youngblood

01/29/2013 04:41 pm

I did this but only survived on mobile internet and wifi. It was complete and utter helll, happy to have my home internet back.


01/30/2013 02:00 am

I suspect division heads in Google were heavily involved in behind the scene actions to prove to the FTC that Google is a good netizen. Now that the threat of FTC action has faded, many Google employees will be taking some time off to recover.

Karl J. Gephart

01/30/2013 02:10 am

Well, I think Matt needed a vacation. I was a little concerned about him after this dinosaur video he did! LOL!


01/30/2013 04:06 pm

I hope he comes back soon, this last google algoritm update made a mess.. His team cannot function normal when he is not around.. poor poor poor..

Jimmy Maddox

01/30/2013 04:18 pm

he's around just not tweeting and making youtube videos

Jimmy Maddox

01/30/2013 04:23 pm

he's taking off to go job hunting.... haha j/k

Igor N

01/30/2013 09:15 pm

Folks are already asking about him and want him to spend more time with the webmaster community in 2013, not less." Matt is the clown told to do what's best to fool gullible webmasters. Larry Page gives the revenue targets and Amit Singhal makes it happen by changing the algo and UI. Matt has zero power at Google, he sucks at programming (ask him) and has no other skills, minus the BS Barry etc buy.


02/11/2013 08:12 pm

uninstall it. LOLOLOL :D. You're right tho. imagine the uproar. :D

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