Not Provided To Increase With Chrome 25 Going SSL

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Google Chrome SSLLike Firefox 14 and Mobile Safari, Google is taking Chrome - their popular web browser, the SSL route by securing searches done within Chrome's omnibox.

The default behavior of searches done within Chrome will become secure and done over SSL. This starts with version 25 of Chrome, which is currently a developer release. But when it hits production, all versions of Chrome will have searches done over SSL.

What does that mean? It means more and more searches will be hidden to marketers. The keyword referrer will be gone from those searches as well.

Clearly, more and more searches are going over SSL and at some point, some believe it may hit 100% of search queries reported in Google Analytics.

That being said marketers are not happy and this trends seems to have no end.

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01/21/2013 04:45 pm

It's going to be very soon that I disassociate myself with Google as much as possible and simply focusing on Google for SEO client needs. This is becoming too much. Too much hypocrisy

Ranu Jain Gupta

01/21/2013 06:30 pm

Heck!! Is it another attempt by Google to enhance the use of AdWords? It seems that in near future Google will not give any type of free traffic....It will just allow the paid search.


01/21/2013 09:50 pm

Google analytics are going to be even less useful going forward. Already there are far too many No Provided. Don´t they realize that the terms people use to find us are the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of Analytics.


01/22/2013 04:55 am

Now... It is the End of Google.... I have switched my career from Google SEO to Bing SEO.


01/22/2013 09:44 am

Why would you do that? Most searchers use Google. How would you explain your stance to a client? Do you think they would hire you if you told them?

IFC Markets

01/22/2013 10:48 am

As I see quite soon I'll change my browser. I dislike the limited features in Chrome, it seems the end of Chrome


01/22/2013 01:21 pm

Explain it honestly. " Dear client, I have to admit, that googlers are smarter than I am. I can't use my tricks any more to fool their algo. Means I can't get free traffic for your website. I believe Bing still has holes to be used. Probably my tricks will work there and I will be able to get a bit of free traffic. But don't expect to much for the obvious reason. Truly yours ) " Something like this.

Jim Christian

01/22/2013 02:45 pm

I'm going to start farming strawberries... There's a lot less "Not Provided" in the fields.


01/22/2013 07:28 pm

Amazing how Google will even kill one of it's best (non profit) assets (analytics) to get a competitive edge. Since Larry came back Google has just become a meaner place. Then Larry will go on and say in an interview that he doesn't like all the competition out there. Seriously Larry is just a knob!


01/23/2013 09:38 am

Hi yea, When logged into my google account I no longer see the http in the URL bar. All I see is the My question is. were a client to be logged into their google account. then go to the url bar to type in they get to see a 404. This is due to the httpS not been visible. Is there a way to redirect those to And by doing so would this effect my SEO. cheers K

Chris Simmance

01/23/2013 05:01 pm

Oh dear. I think that other filters in Analytics are going to have to be used and a lot of additional guesswork. I.e. traffic>Organic>Not Provided sorted by Landing Page. It gives a rough estimate of what keyword 'May' have brought in the traffic. Otherwise there is always the overly expensive Paid Google Analytics package. I think that in light of this though it will drive people to seek out more referral traffic using relevant sources as well as making a site as relevant to the user as possible rather than targeting Keywords for the site's sake.

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