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Google & Facebook ShieldReginald Braithwaite went on a rant on his blog about how Google and Facebook don't do enough to work on serious issues, such as health issues like diabets.

He wrote in a very very strong tone:

Why the #@$% are the greatest minds of our generation toiling away in the Googleplex, harnessing the greatest computing resources in history, trying to figure out how to get Scott Hanselman to click on ads?

Why the #@$% are programers strategizing how to pivot Facebook into being a dating site?

Why the #@$% is everybody and his brother trying to remix the same five or six tired "social" ideas in the hope of being acqui-hired to toil in the bowels of Google or Facebook?

Now I can imagine that this could really bother an engineer at Google or Facebook. Heck, this can be incredibly insulting and it was.

Googler, moultano at HackerNews, defended both Google and Facebook's work in this area and shared his thoughts in a short snippet. He wrote:

Lots of people in the Googleplex, including my team, are working to make sure that when Scott Hanselman types [blood sugar monitoring] into Google he gets useful results. I'm working on this because I believe it to be the most important thing within range of my skills and experience.

People at Facebook are working to allow Scott Hanselman to be able to find friends of friends with diabetes to ask for advice.

Who is right?

Forum discussion at HackerNews.

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