Blekko Dazzles Search Results Design But Does That Improve Relevancy?

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Blekko LogoBlekko announced a major redesign yesterday - from their logo color schemes (dark red to light blue) to pretty much everything you see.

Blekko detailed the three core changes:

  • Blekko now exposes multiple search categories to help users navigate to high quality results more efficiently and with less queries
  • Blekko supports a responsive design that adjusts to tablet and desktop screen sizes
  • The site has been redesigned with a new aesthetic and navigational approach that we hope users find fun and engaging

Yes, it looks pretty, here is a vanity search for my name:

click for full size

But are the results any better?

The two sites that come up under the SEO category, I do not write for. If I dig deeper, yes, Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable do come up. But I do not write for the other two, heck, I never wrote for Search Engine Journal.

Blekko Results

A WebmasterWorld thread has similar complaints. They say the search results look pretty but the results themselves are well off the mark.

Moderator, martinibuster, said:

Searched for Webmaster Forum and the top results are pinterest, an iTunes app for V7N, a UK webmaster forum I've never heard of, a Google Support Forum, then a twitter directory. The bottom six are populated by WebmasterWorld, searchengineland, a single member profile from SEOMoz, bottoming out with highrankingsforum and searchenginewatch. Not useful.

What do you think?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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05/30/2013 01:49 pm

Nothing. You just confirmed, that it's too early to visit this SE. Nothing to think about )

Graham Ginsberg

05/30/2013 03:25 pm

BLEKKO.COM to the rescue - Who owns them anyway?


05/30/2013 06:48 pm

I just checked them out yesterday and typed in one of my keywords. Their search results are not very good. Also, I don't really get the category part. Is not having categories hurting Google? Was there ever a problem there by not having categories? I don't think so.


05/31/2013 12:01 am

I don't know how relevant other results are but in the SEO category they seem pretty relevant. I think it comes down to personal preference but for me they are relevant. First off SEJ is awesome when it comes to case studies. Barry, I don't think you would be a good fit for SEJ because you are a news writer and SEJ is more about case studies. SEW is also a respected site. SER I obviously like and visit this site the most. I like the way you present here Barry and I like how things get all down and dirty. SEL is ok and I visit it once in a while but for news I get it all here and Barry gets straight to the point.


05/31/2013 12:24 am

Well at least they are trying to bring something new to the table. I'm sure some said that it was pointless to rank sites based on links but Google proved those skeptics wrong. Blekko isn't as widespread as Google so a unique approach and categories might work well. Why try to beat Google at their own game?

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