Blekko Boasts Faster Index While Still Catering To SEOs

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BlekkoBlekko announced an update to their index where they are aiming at not necessarily massively increasing the size of their index but rather increasing the speed in how they update the index they already have. They want a fresher and almost real-time index, very much like Google has.

The way Blekko pitched it was as an SEO tool. The title of their blog post was "Blekko Upgrades SEO Data." I mean, they are a search engine that people should use to search. But I guess this means that most of their users are SEOs using their SEO tools.

Since day one, when they launched, they tried to entice SEOs with their SEO tools. I believe it is also a strategy Bing is using on a limited basis. Does it work? I don't know.

In any event, Blekko does have some nice SEO tools that you can use.

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07/05/2012 03:20 pm

LOL they're still around? I mean, I don't know anyone that uses them to search for anything, SEO or not. It just seems like another search engine that's suffering a slow and painful death and keep grasping at straws isn't helping. What they need to do is create something new. It looks just like another boring engine and to be honest, with poor search quality. Why would I want to use an engine which ranks my sites lower than any other engine? I'm really puzzled why they are still around with no innovations besides, lol, a slashtag? Give me a break, doesn't that make you laugh, even a little?


07/06/2012 09:06 am

I agree it really has got poor search quality. If it became a real player in the search engine field it would be so easy to game. You basically either have to be a .gov .edu or similar or be linked to by .edu's and .gov's which is not that hard to do. They keep going on about how they have eradicated spam. Well that is because none of the spammers actually care about them.

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