Bing Search Updating?

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bing updateIt is possible that there may be a Bing Search update happening now - although Bing updates are always much harder to track.

WebmasterWorld and HighRankings Forum both have webmasters noticing changes in rankings at Bing since the weekend.

One webmaster said:

Anyone else notice any huge fluctuations in the Bing index over the holiday weekend. Might be a bug, but seems that Bing dropped nearly their entire index for non-signed in/connected searches.

This is affecting all sites, local and national. For example, has 52 million pages indexed when signed into Bing with my FB account and 42, not 42 million, 42 total, when signed out. Same goes for Target, 1.2 million signed in, 40 signed out.

Noticed this on a variety of client sites based on wide fluctuations in rankings and tested across a variety of verticals and is the same. At the local level, it's even more drastic with many of the sites I tested completely de-indexed when signed out.

Granted, I know the index can vary, but something major seems to be happening, whether an update or a bug...and site rankings back this up across a variety of client and competitor sites that we track.

Another webmaster confirmed this person's findings but again, since webmasters are less likely to track Bing's referrer traffic, it is hard to confirm if there was an update. and SERP Metrics do track Bing fluctuations but honestly, the Bing reports always show huge volatility when I look at them on these charts.

Did you notice changes at Bing?

Last time we thought there may have been a Bing update was in June.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and HighRankings Forum.

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12/03/2013 02:17 pm

Am I the only one who finds that the Bing rankings fluctuate with little rhyme or reason? Not just dancing around the first few pages but wild fluctuations from page one, to page 30+, to page 1 for a few weeks, to page 4 for a couple days back to page 1... The referrals from Bing remain relatively stable month to month, so maybe this is the norm?

Shane K.

12/03/2013 02:57 pm

I have noticed this as well. Bing results fluctuate wildly. Also, for many searches, the results are filled with poor quality, spammy sites with exact match domains. Browsing through Bing results is like taking a time machine to Google circa 2007.


12/03/2013 04:13 pm

Bing does fluctuate A LOT, but the visitors they send outspend Google visitors by roughly a 2:1 margin. It would be nice to see more visitors coming from Bing, at the same quality level, and hopefully this potential update will accomplish just that.


12/03/2013 04:24 pm

That is interesting, I notice the exact opposite for who outspends who. Different markets, I am sure. I am curious, what's the average percentage of your traffic coming from Bing? I would ask what your niche is, but I know people tend to keep that close to the chest.


12/03/2013 06:33 pm

As long as I can think Bing does have this "Indexing-bug". It's actually been like that for so long that I stopped considering it a bug but rather just how Bing works.

Jeremy Waters

12/03/2013 08:23 pm

I checked my sites, and I don't see a big fluctuation between being signed in & not signed in. But there's a big difference between my bing index & google index. Is this just how it works as well?

Random Guy

12/03/2013 10:04 pm

Do people actually care about Bing? Was this a paid by bing post?

Boston SEO Manager

12/03/2013 10:18 pm

This has been happening to us over the past 6 months. Once day, we would get only 22 results for a query, then the next day 3.2 million for the same one. It doesn't matter if we are signed in or not, and it varies from computer to computer. It has made it impossible to track rankings for keywords on Bing. I have searched for this situation many times but have not seen anyone talking about it until now. It is very strange.

Boston SEO Manager

12/03/2013 10:20 pm

We are also noticing website being completely deindexed by Bing (no messages in Bing Webmaster Tools) only to show back up in Bing 3 days later.


12/03/2013 10:56 pm

90% of my customers lost Bing rankings nearly all of them. But goole still very strong.

Brian Jackson

12/04/2013 06:10 am

Saw the same thing... entire client sites were what appeared to be deindexed... but today they have all reappeared.. Phew :)

Brian Jackson

12/04/2013 06:23 am

When you have high traffic sites, even if Bing brings in only 5-10% of your traffic, that still could be an additional 1,500 visitors which maybe 5% convert into customers... Everything helps, especially free organic traffic.


12/04/2013 06:37 am

You must be kidding ) Bing is the rising star ) Even I, being addicted to Google SE, consider Bing as the backup source of information. I never used it before Panda. Now I'm on it almost daily. Bing team silently did good job. Sure more to go, but it's promising.

menachem rosenbaum

12/04/2013 07:04 am

I don't see a major difference between signed in to not signed in

Ajaz Mirza

12/04/2013 07:54 am

I see huge disparity in results checked from different IP addresses. I checked a search result from my PC (Chrome Incognito) and then again with proxy and a site which is ranked on 1st position on my PC is nowhere to be found when checked on proxy. Has anyone else noticed such patterns, none of the rank tracking software seem to be tracking Bing results perfectly.

Ajaz Mirza

12/04/2013 07:56 am

Try checking on a different IP address, I'm seeing a lot of changes in that manner.

Rick Gibbons

12/04/2013 11:08 am

The index has seemingly normalized for me this morning. Guessing that one or more of their data centers was experiencing a major bug and working off a very limited index.

ashutosh rajput

12/04/2013 12:19 pm

it will take time but after some year may Bing would star of Search.......

Patti Paz

12/04/2013 01:20 pm

Yea, we had a wide, and I mean wide, variances in our SERPS; however they appear to be coming back after only a few days. On a side note, does ANYONE ELSE think that Bing is at a gigantic turning point with Google and all its updates the past year or so. Does ANYONE think that all those updates have in fact improved the search results? NOT!! Bing should really hop on this opportunity and capitalize on Google's previous customers total and utter disgust with how they have abused the trust of everyone. Let's see of Bing is up to the task. I hope they are!!

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 01:22 pm

Yeah Mutt Cutts, stick with your slimy Google

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 01:24 pm

Every business has a time to fail. Happened when Gates left. With Google it happened when Silverstein left. Video of a speech Silverstein gave at the University of North Carolina in 2008, about Google’s origins

Stephane Brault

12/04/2013 01:48 pm

Yes it must be a Bing update. I've noticed a 0.00000021% fluctuation in our website's traffic.


12/04/2013 03:17 pm

I really hope you actually think I am Matt Cutts, or a paid shill, or a Google employee, or any other ridiculous notion like that. That would be very funny. I doubt you are delusional, so I imagine you think it's some kind of insult. But on topic: do you notice that Bing fluctuates its rankings wildly or have you noticed stability in those SERPs? Also, is your traffic from Bing remaining normal month-to-month in a way that might indicate that these fluctuations are on going and more or less constant?

Random Guy

12/04/2013 05:09 pm

Only Berry would know if I'm smart enough and of course he won't admit it. No hard feelings Berry, I almost read all your articles. Keep up the great job. Just let us know if it was paid.

Barry Schwartz

12/04/2013 05:11 pm

It was not paid. I have never accepted money to post a blog post here or anywhere.

Random Guy

12/04/2013 05:13 pm

Great respond, then I guess I should start caring for Bing too.

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 06:27 pm

Funny that you NEVER EVER find fault in Google but you're quick to criticize BING Think about it Mutt

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 06:28 pm

Ah but other favors are just as gratifying :-)

Barry Schwartz

12/04/2013 06:29 pm

Hey, I had to buy the Scroogled swag myself.

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 07:43 pm

I had to BING that


12/04/2013 07:56 pm

Wasn't a critique of Bing at all. Your knee-jerk reaction to everything blinds you from even attempting to understand what is being said and to what end. I do find faults with Google, but because I don't come out screaming nonsense and calling people names you seem to think I find them faultless. But this isn't about reaching some high water mark of annoyance at Google with you and some others here; it seems to be that I don't agree with you on the conclusions you draw and that is annoying to you. If the opinions one holds differ from your own, they must be a shill; they must have some ulterior motive. And to be honest, you are a bit of a joke. One needs only to look at your postings to see that you either are willfully ignorant of the changing landscape of search marketing and make noise instead of moving forward. It is an indication of frustration or ignorance, with most people in most situations (myself included) it is the former, with you I believe it is an act or the latter.


12/04/2013 08:02 pm

Oh and you never answered my question about the actual topic of this post: Do you notice that the rankings in Bing tend to fluctuate wildly and over very short time frames? Does your month-to-month traffic remain normal regardless of the ongoing fluctuation? Do you feel that the normality of the traffic despite the fluctuations indicate that this is normal operating procedure for Bing?

Yo Mamma

12/04/2013 08:09 pm

Snooze. You don't expect to have a respectful debate with someone that doesn't respect your opinion. If you were somewhat lucid, ud realize this


12/04/2013 08:34 pm

Debates with people who don't respect each others opinion are most real world debates. My sister and I don't agree about a lot of things, and the positions we hold may not be respected by each other, but we still have productive discussion and respect each other (the person isn't the position). You threw that out the window by responding to my post that had nothing to do with you or anything negative by throwing insults and accusations around. I hope this is just your "e-persona", and that you are actually a charming person in real life.


12/04/2013 09:15 pm

I think they are intentionally returning random ranks for scrappers through proxies. Logged in or incognito is fine, but through proxy is random and different every time.

Alex Polonsky

12/05/2013 12:53 am


Alex Polonsky

12/05/2013 12:55 am

Not signed in, I get 52,700,000 for an amazon site search.

Gracious Store

12/05/2013 04:12 am

Is Bing's page rank different from Google's page rank for the same website? If so how?


12/05/2013 12:57 pm

...because they are two different companies using two different algorithms and two different indexes.

Robert Mangutl

12/05/2013 03:34 pm

Huh.... addicted is a bit harsh unless you gone that far? :D


12/05/2013 03:38 pm

How would you call it, when I force myself not to use Google SE during the couple of days at least and I can't ?? ))

Robert Mangutl

12/09/2013 04:58 pm

I would call it Google disease :)

Jitendra Vaswani

12/10/2013 06:06 am

nobody care for bing :P

ahsan ali

12/14/2013 05:43 pm

say the same thing inter client side

Ainee Walker

01/16/2014 12:55 pm

Yes i have noticed that, because my site was on the second number of bing again photo recovery, now it is disappeared from its place, also there is decrease of bing traffic.

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