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Bing NewsBeing accepted into Bing News is no easy task. But with Bing growing in market share, it is likely worth trying to get your news site included in Bing News.

Almost two years ago, we covered one way of requesting inclusion into Bing News. That method was basically sending them an email. I personally tried it and have not succeeded, but honestly, I haven't tried all that hard.

A couple of months, Jian from Microsoft, posted a thread at Bing Support explaining the process of requesting inclusion into Bing News. Here is that process:

To submit your site to Bing News, please open a Bing support ticket at

When contacting support, please let the team know that you would like to be included in Bing News and include the following information:

1. Provide an introduction, historical background, and credentials of the site.

2. Credible ranking of the site in its field, if any.

3. Name the locale (or audience scope) the site's stories cover for. Provide the state/city names + zip codes or describe the groups of users.

4. Provide statistics on the site.

5. Is the site mostly news related? Please explain.

6. Provide the URL of main news entry point as well as the entry points of major channels.

7. RSS link to the site.

8. Does the site comply with the technical requirements on the Webmaster Tool blog about "good" search engine optimization?

Hope this helps some good publishers out there!

Forum discussion at Bing Support.

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Nick Stamoulis

03/21/2011 03:07 pm

Thanks for posting this information. Hopefully disheartened website owners will find it and regain hope. As more and more readers turn online for their news information, being in Bing news can help online newspapers make sure their content is found. After all, newspaper content is some of the best information available on the web.


03/21/2011 04:06 pm

is Bing News request available for Italy?

partnership agreement

03/22/2011 09:32 am

Seems That Bing Wants to capitalize huge market of Search Engine, I think Bing News is quite wise step of Microsoft. Altough the site submission Procedure is quite Tough in my opinion..

Evan Jacobs

06/15/2011 06:20 pm

Tough? Try nonexistent. I've been trying to just contact Bing for 6+ months just to submit's application, but they are completely unresponsive.

Dardistan Times

08/26/2012 11:47 pm

I tried for Bing team promised to send the publication to news department for inclusion. They told me that the site will appear in news section in about 8 months but that did not happened until now (1 and half year later). I do not know I should start the process again or not.

Hidayat Mundana

04/21/2014 01:14 am

Woww, this paper published since 2011? Then I want to leave a trail course :)

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