Bing Makes Facebook Data To Use, Personalized Bing Results By Facebook

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Bing & Facebook LikesIn October 2010, Bing got something Google couldn't get, a partnership with Facebook to access Facebook data and incorporate that data into Bing results. The deal was, Bing barely used that Facebook data. So then in February, Bing added more integration with Facebook but still did not fully use Facebook data to personalize the search results.

That has changed as of yesterday when Bing announced a whole new level of Facebook integration into their search results.

Bing search results can now be very tailored to your Facebook profile based on your friends and even the collective Facebook network (not your Facebook friends).

Here is a video from Bing Director Stefan Weitz on the changes:

The core changes include:

(1) Showing which of your friends liked the search results given by Bing via Facebook and Bing will promote the results that are liked by your friends to the front page of the Bing search results.

(2) Bing is also bringing forth very popular pages based on global Facebook 'Like' data and even showing anonymous messages from Facebook users on the Bing results under those results.

(3) Bing is also making it easier to go to Facebook after seeing a search result to have a "conversation" about that search query. They are doing so by expanding the Facebook Profile Search, within Travel Wish List , they are showing Friends who live there and making it easier to share results on Facebook.

Also, you can now Like things on Facebook via the Bing Toolbar.

For more details, see the Bing Blog.

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Nick Stamoulis

05/17/2011 02:05 pm

Bing and Facebook are determined to take on (and take down) Google. This is an incredible integration of social and search. No one can deny that social media doesn't have a huge impact on SEO. 

Mr. E States

05/17/2011 10:03 pm

 why would my friends know anything about what i want to search for. this is a nothing burger.

Anirban Das

05/18/2011 06:56 am

We know the Bing integrate the data from Facebook and used it for search result, but this time its more and more Facebook bound....hope Bing will show two different result's, one turn on Facebook account and another one will be turn off Facebook account result..other wise it could be reason of less  end user satisfaction..just like Google "social circle"  result was a bit annoying to some user's..


05/18/2011 07:56 am

It's odd how it took them this long before deciding on a high level of integration with FB data for personalized results. They probably weren't sure how to go about it. Personalized results via FB data should silence Google about results plagiarism. 

online coupons

05/18/2011 09:48 am

 Well its clear now that there is a rivalry between Google and facebook and i guess that is why Facebook prefer Bing instead of Google.

kevin piterson

05/18/2011 11:05 am

Very good information, Search Engine becomes more socially oriented. Bing have deal with Facebook.  Google is dealing with other social media sites.

Jason McDonald

05/18/2011 05:40 pm

Social Media is becoming a huge part of SEO.  This is an incredible integration. Some good competition with Google. We provide SEO training at that can help.

Get Ranked

05/18/2011 09:52 pm

Great so now I'm going to have to "like" every business that my friends own or work for so that I don't hurt their feelings thus making my search results irrelevant. Glad I don't use Bing.

Bingo Babe

05/19/2011 06:54 am

 I dont think search results need to be social. I think the "like graph" data is super valuable but i dont think its valuable for this reason. I dont think these changes will make the serps better.  Google wants the data to use as a ranking factor, not to stick which websites your friends have liked.

Bingo Babe

05/19/2011 06:55 am


Ian Harte

05/19/2011 10:37 am

So bings just going to use facebook for it's search results? 


05/19/2011 11:37 am

The only problem is nobody uses bing because: a) it's rubbish and only ever returns irrelevent or spam sites b) google does a better job at returning search results.

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05/19/2011 12:10 pm

Bing should merge with face book then it will able to compete Google.Face book is also trying to launching their search engine by Bing they can get better results.  

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